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Stability, Centering and Balance

Today we are talking Stability, Centering and Balance. What is the difference? Aspects we are going to touch are: recovery/homeostasis, triggering vagus nerve and parasympathetic

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Lymphatic System – Training

We can not do nothing about toxins and opportunistic organisms in the environment, but we can improve natural detoxification and immunity in our own body. This week we are talking about daily

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Diminished breathing exercise

Today we talk about a very strong exercise that we can combine with our daily activities both at work and at home. This is called diminished breathing exercise. It has a very strong therapeutic effect

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Integrative week no.1 – Connecting Mental & Breathing

Today we are integrating everything we worked with in the last weeks. We are integrating different aspects of Sakharoff Lifesaver protocol into 10 unique pairs. Today the pair no.1, from now

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How to help the heart by minimising its load in critical situation?

This week is about the particular exercise or manoeuvre with big potential – to save your or another persons life. We talk about the connection between breathing and heart beat. How to help the heart

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Can we use night time to recover and rejuvenate on the cellular level?

When we work with ketogenic nutrition our sleeping habits get better – and we start using the night to recover and not to just sleeping. This week we go in depth into different aspects of sleeping.

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Ketogenic nutrition – New lifestyle against disease

Today we start working with ketogenic nutrition. We don’t call it diet. It’s a life change. When you become adapted to it it doesn’t feel like a struggle. This way of eating is truly

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How to measure the overall state of health – Control Pause

Today we talk about measuring the body’s overall state of health – Control Pause. When you learn it,  you will always be able to see the progress on your way to normalising your breathing

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Systemic inflammation

This week’s teaching is all about systemic inflammation. What does it mean and how can we use the knowledge about it to connect with both physical, mental and immune resilience? How is the systemic inflammation

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One-pointed attention

Today’s teaching is all about 1-pointed attention or Hara. How can we train it in everyday life to achieve hight levels of mental and physical resilience and protect ourselves from stress: It is

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