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Learn to activate your body's 
ability to heal itself

Our slogan is: "Education Instead Of Medication"



2-week kickstart are introduction programs that are tailored specially for you to understand the roots of your health problems and take the first practical step toward their reversal and recovery. This 2-week program will help you effectively kickstart your metabolic healing journey through energy optimization:
Stop Chronic Fatigue: 2-Week Theory & Practice Bootcamp - Reverse the root causes of energy deficiency. Get back to normal energy and sleep.


Well-established integrative programs to restore and maintain health without drugs and medical procedures. Get support on your journey to health in an inspiring community with clear step-by-step daily recommendations. These comprehensive programs are build by levels/modules of 3-month length - from Level1 to Level4:
Metabolic Health program can help you stop and reverse lifestyle diseases. Intake is continuous, so you can start right away, already this Sunday - no application needed.
- Intensive Oncology program - Beat Brain Tumors was initially targeted for brain tumors and is now extended to leukaemia, breast cancer and other cancer types. Intake exclusively through application and interview.


If you need to clarify your personal path for reversal of your symptoms, strong metabolic health and energy surplus, you can get help right away - book your 1:1 personal session with Misha Sakharoff.

Mikhail Litvak


“To change your fate, you need to exit the script.
Change yourself, then the script will change.”



The Sakharoff Protocol is a practical way to learn to connect the dots of all the main pillars of health. The protocol helps activating the synergetic effect of health through simple daily routines.  On this page, you can discover our Metabolic Health program that can help stop and reverse lifestyle diseases.

Misha Sakharoff 

Integrative Health Engineer,
Sakharoff Integrative Health, Denmark

"My vision with my health protocol is to give everyone a real chance to empower themselves with an integrative approach to rediscover the natural healing powers of their body. I want to show the path from symptom medicine to non-invasive metabolic therapy of causes - rather than constantly finding new genetic avenues to advance the current medical business model based on the creation of new highly invasive chemicals.

My goal is to initiate a paradigm shift towards Education instead of Medication. Let's go back to the old model of medicine. Here, doctors and other health professionals were rewarded for their success in keeping their patients healthy - instead of paying to try to cure them when they got sick. Let's take full responsibility for our health back into our own hands. I can show you how and support you walking the talk together along with you on your path."

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The Sakharoff Protocol is aimed at activating the body's innate capacity to heal itself. As a result, even the most aggressive cancers or diseases considered as incurable can be halted and reversed. This Intensive Program is focused on helping you to beat brain tumors and other cancers with daily support and nudging.

Katrine Flindt MD

Katrine Flindt MD

Medical Director of IOM Clinic,
a functional medical clinic in Denmark

"The aggressive brain tumours are considered almost impossible to cure. Very few patients survive. Even the best neurosurgeons and oncological teams have low survival rates. The Sakharoff Protocol is an attempt to change the paradigm. Misha Sakharoff and his team introduce a whole new range of interventions, that have never been used in such a comprehensive setting - and which are simultaneously totally non-toxic.

I see Sakharoff Protocol as the first attempt to integrate interdependencies of cellular and mitochondrial metabolism with lifestyle, behaviour and training routines. The fact that this bootcamp provides its participants with daily practical assistance through 26 weeks gives hope that it will be possible to actually stop and reverse proliferation of the aggressive high-grade tumours like GBM and DIPG. I'm following this bootcamp closely."

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