Sakharoff Integrative Health offers non pharmacological metabolic solutions for a wide array of health conditions. The Sakharoff Protocol is aimed at activating the body's innate capacity to heal itself. As a result, even the most aggressive cancers or diseases considered as incurable can be halted and reversed.
The first Intensive Program is focused on beating aggressive brain tumors. Other Intensive Programs dealing with other types of cancers or various autoimmune or neurodegenerative conditions will follow in due time.

Beat Brain Tumor
Intensive Program

Katrine Flindt MD

Katrine Flindt MD

Medical Director of IOM Clinic, a functional medical clinic in Denmark

The aggressive brain tumors are considered almost impossible to cure. Very few patients survive. Even the best neurosurgeons and oncological teams have low survival rates. The Sakharoff Protocol is an attempt to change the paradigm. Misha Sakharoff and his team introduce a whole new range of interventions, that have never been used in such a comprehensive setting - and which are simultaneously totally non-toxic.

I see Sakharoff Protocol as the first attempt to integrate interdependencies of cellular and mitochondrial metabolism with lifestyle, behaviour and training routines. The fact that this bootcamp provides its participants with daily practical assistance through 26 weeks gives hope that it will be possible to actually stop and reverse proliferation of the agressive high-grade tumors like GBM and DIPG. I will follow this bootcamp closely.