I am 35 years old, have asthma and PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome).
Besides, I’m love running and have run 5 marathons so far.

I learned the breathing techniques that Misha teaches eight years ago, and have practiced them ever since, also during sports. It has meant that I live without asthma attacks and can push myself to the maximum without the need for medicine.

Up until my last race, I switched to ketogenic nutrition and thus spent 3 weeks in ketosis before  starting at Copenhagen Marathon 2017. I have not loaded myself with carbohydrates in the days up to the race, had no sugar gels in my bag……..

This was by far my most authentic race and the race I’m most proud of. And I look forward to my next race in ½ years, where I will be further advanced in the ketogenic adaptation.

Nana Sefeld Dalby,  MSc in Food Innovation and Health


I was operated in August. From that time until November 14 I had some heart failure periods, which lasted for a whole day. When I have atrial fibrillation, I can clearly feel a murmur in my body. It’s not that it’s painful, but it’s physical discomfort, it’s like your body bubbles, like the blood bubbles in your body. And I’m very sensitive about it, for example, I can feel if my blood pressure has risen.

But via the breathing techniques that I use now, I can reduce my blood pressure. I can reduce my heart rate. I can reduce my high blood pressure by 10 to 20 units. It is measured in my blood pressure device. And when my heart is as sensible as it is, it makes a significant difference in my life….

It has meant a lot to me that I have changed my lifestyle. I have started eating differently and thus in five months I have lost 8 kilos.

It’s actually really easy to follow at the keto cure, where you can eat all the fat that you have always been told you can’t eat.

In addition to lifestyle change with the diet, Misha’s course has helped me to completely change my breath. This has led me to control and the realisation that I can do something for my health….

I have also been able to change my sleep apnea by using breathing techniques. I have returned my sleep apnea device, a CPAP machine, to the hospital. Via a smartphone app that measures the sounds during my sleep continuously, I can see that I sleep fine now without sleep apnea.

I’m now 19 weeks in the process and I’m very excited about the way the course works, because it’s all repeated and picked up and seen in perspective – how to help yourself….

Per Larsen,  Retired headmaster



I was diagnosed with cancer in 2015, March, and I was treated throughout March and April. I thought it was more sophisticated than basically, smashing up the body, and hoping that it would repair itself without the cancer cells. I lost 26 kilos and I was so exhausted and so weak that I couldn’t contemplate doing anything….

It is a joy to work with Misha because he knows where I’m at. And when I ask a question, say, I’ll acknowledge here, he usually have it or, if not, he will find out. So we have some really interesting discussions about health and pick up on subjects that is normally not connected to what we are doing. But that is the bless about it – he really goes very very deep down and find out how it’s all connected. Because the problem in the system right now is that, most people are terribly specialised. Having somebody to connect the dots is not normal.

Elizabeth Thrane-Carlsen,  Therapist



I was drawn to working with Misha because I liked the fact that he worked with a multidisciplinary approach – in particular diet and breathing – and with apparent openness to both. I had found on my own practice that diet had helped breathing and vice versa.

He talked seriously with me as to whether I had the dedication and that this path would take a lot of hard work. Was I really ready?nI did think about this for a number of weeks before deciding yes. I was prepared to give it everything.

I came to Misha with fairly severe asthma, having fallen back into daily drug usage. I’d been taking steroids for years by this point and had been unable to exercise freely since four or five years old. I was also slightly obese, up maybe five nights out of seven with crippling back pain (medicating myself with wine and codeine) and had a long standing anxiety disorder (OCD) together with the inevitable depression that associates such a thing. So overall in pretty bad shape.

I found Misha to be a very caring, knowledgable and attentive practitioner. I think it’s because of the work he has evidently done on his own health, you can feel this shine through. So it both holds you to account for the work you must do, and offers inspiration as to what you might be able to achieve should you apply yourself.

Julia Lally,  Director

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I’m a dentist MD, 53 years old. I suffer from the Type 1 Diabetes (juvenile Diabetes) from the age of 13. I inject insulin 4 times a day.

I met Misha Sakharoff through a friend of mine, doctor Michael Gorbonos. We started working together and Misha presented for me his program for life style change. The program included breathing exercise inspired from Buteyko system, ketogenic diet and physical exercise. He also introduced me to intermittent fasting.

We worked together for 4 months and the results were amazing. I lost weight, though not on purpose – 15 kilos. I’ve became totally balanced with my diabetes issue. Before I used to take medicine for blood pressure and now I stopped since my blood pressure is in order, even a bit low. My pulse dropped with 15 points. I feel lots of energy and I work 14 hours a day, I train 1,5 hour a day.

I feel great and I’m recommending Misha to everyone. I already recommended him to many of my friends. Some of them unfortunately are cancer patients that approached Misha. I believe that he is an amazing man and he follows the program very strictly. It takes time and effort but the results are definitely worth it. Thank you and I’m recommending Misha from all my heart!”

Dr. Igal Balan,  MD

Video testimonial in Hebrew. Read more about his story.


My name is Sean, I live in Devon in England, and I have been on Misha’s 50-week programme for sports performance for 4 months now. So, the programme is reasonably developed and has been a very fascinating procedure so far. I’m a keen amateur cyclist and am very interested in health, very interested in diet, and my wife, Julia, actually is a Buteyko Breathing practitioner. So I came across Misha’s work because he was, as we saw it, at the cutting edge. He is working with Buteyko Breathing, but also looking at diet and overall lifestyle. Many Buteyko practitioners don’t do that – they are very single-focused…

Now the Buteyko breathing was fascinating because, as a cyclist, especially, you notice when you are out of breath. You notice when you lose control of your breathing – on hills especially. So, when I started to do the Buteyko, I started to feel less breathless. I started to feel that I could nose breathe, even on the hardest climbs. After a few weeks what was fascinating is  I felt stronger – as if I’d been up the gym, as if I’d been literally doing strength work…

Misha’s work is fascinating because he talks about the synergy between different elements of well-being, whether it’s your mental state, your breathing, your diet – and I was able to bring it together in that event, which was quite a big challenge, you know, the way I went about it, I challenged myself tremendously.

Sean Lally,  Director



I’m 52 years old. At the time when I joined one of Misha’s workshop I had a bouquet of conditions like sleep apnea, extreme tiredness, fatty liver grade 3, high triglycerides. Plus I have extracted gall bladder.

After 6 months work with Misha my digestion is normalised, I have normal triglycerides, well controlled sugar levels. Fatty liver is almost fully normalised now. Apnea and snoring are completely gone, I feel completely rested after my night sleep.

For me these techniques are more than a revelation – to regain control over myself and my body. It’s nice to see how my body is changed, and even more – it’s incredible, I feel much more energetic! I never experienced something like that, and I will keep on doing my training.”

Nahum Rozen,  Engineer, Sr. Manager

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My name is Christian Hermann and I am a Medical Doctor. What I think has been exciting and especially exciting for me with my medical background is that Misha is really good at explaining physiological function in a way that allows you to focus and concentrate on it. And that is funny, because he can, with his non-medical background, illustrate the physiological mechanisms that do not fall through, but support the work that we do. The importance of breathing comes to mind. The importance of relaxation and grounding.

To be able to put things in connection with each other, where they can be used, in the right context as it is called, in my opinion it is tremendously rewarding. And, considering I use half of my working life coaching and teaching at the university, I can see that how good he is at using his own examples. He is really good at using his own examples. On a busy everyday – focus and tell what a particular mechanism is and how it functions. In this way we go hand in hand and move forward. He is unique in doing this – purely educational. I must give him that!”

Christian Hermann,  MD. PhD

Testimonial in Danish.


One of the biggest eye-openers for me was that breathing can make such a big change… 5 years ago, I experienced something while running a marathon in Berlin. I ran it and completed it, but my time was really bad – and I was injured. Since then, I have been unable to run. I began to breathe using Misha’s method. Shortly after, actually, a week after I began to breathe in a different way, I was able to run again – and since then have not had problems..

I have always had problems with my heart, I get a tightness after a lot of motion. It does not affect me anymore – I do not feel bothered by it when I run. What I have learned has opened my eyes to how important correct breathing is – not only theoretically but in practice… I have now tried it on my own body and experience that I am more relaxed, my heart functioning optimally now. For the first time in 5 years, my knee has been able to ”take me on a little journey”. I can really recommend Misha.

You can experience a relatively quick effect if you adopt the system.. Misha knows his theory and is good at explaining ”why” one has to do things a certain way and what that means for the body..”

Thomas Thor,  Trainer, B.Sc. Sport Psychology

Testimonial in Danish.


I learned how I can take things in my own hands. Doing breathing exercises, changing the diet, working with my mental and physical strengths. I could recover. I had lifeline with Misha with all the information and support that I needed. I worked hard saving my life. Today I can tell that this worked! I feel full recovery, and I feel life in my hands. All the things and techniques that I learned will not be packed away. They will be used in the future. They will remain my lifestyle.”

Raimundas, 43 Business Development Manager

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One year ago I had never heard of the Sakharoff Lifesaver course. I was 61 and believed in the inevitable decline in my health. I heard about Misha in connection with a friend’s cancer treatment and figured that by adopting this protocol I could improve my health. I was amazed by the results! I lost 15 kg and am now at the weight I was in my early 20’s. I am no longer using medication for acid reflux problems – something I have had my entire adult life. I have more vitality. My blood pressure is normal. My resting heart beat is in the mid-40s. I am not claiming it has turned the clock back, but it feels that way.

It is hard to attribute this improvement to one thing, so I believe it is the combination of all aspects. Understanding the physiology helps tremendously and I know that I only have to ask to get the information I require and the references to the latest research. Changing your lifestyle can be a lonely journey without support and encouragement!”

Steve Pickering,  Business Consultant

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All daily measurements are plotted automatically in the graphs. This helps to build up the awareness of the recovery process. As Misha’s client I can see that his method actually works, because I can see the daily progress. The exercises are not easy, and the life changes are big. But the part of Misha’s support is to teach the real process with small daily steps. So it doesn’t feel overwhelming, It feels somehow natural. “

Anders, 56 Classical Musician

Read more about his work with CLL (Chronic Lymphatic Leukemia)


I’m 55 years old. I had the pleasure of joining Misha’s course in breathing methods, physiological understanding of the human body, and healthy cost routines. As a normal, slightly overweight middelaged man, I started the ten week course in quite a bad shape and a resting pulse well above 62.

Misha’s thorough insights of the physiological facts of the body and the connection between breathing and a healthier body and mind, was a true eye-opener for me. After ten weeks and no overwhelming efforts from my side, I reduced my resting pulse to 52, my control pause improved from start twenties til mid thirties. Which resulted in dramatical reduction of my regular headaches and to increase of my energy level. All in all, I have simply improved the quality of my life through Misha’s insights, methods and positivity.”

Klaus Jacobsen,  Business Strategist


“I have CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrom)/ ME (Myalgic Encephalomyalitis) since the age of 17. I have tried antibiotics, probiotics, different supplements and diets with little effect. One of the things that has stabilised my condition is working with pacing (adjusting activity to the amount of energy available). To avoid exhaustion I was down to very few hours of activity weekly. During the last 10 months of work with Misha my energy has slowly increased, to where I can now do 15-30 min. daily walking and breathing exercises without becoming exhausted. My parents support has been essential for me to be on the diet Misha suggested, and taking care of daily chores, so I could use my energy on the exercises. My teamwork with Misha through his Sakharoff Protocol gives me hope of coming closer to living a normal life again.”

Aske, 25 Jazz Musician

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