How to beat Leukemia naturally with Buteyko & Keto – Misha Sakharoff
Misha Sakharoff
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How to beat Leukemia naturally with Buteyko & Keto

Buteyko breathing and Ketogenic nutrition for natural cancer healing - Chronic Lymphatic Leukemia, CLL


Buteyko breathing normalisation and Ketogenic nutrition for Chronic Lymphatic Leukemia CLL – Andreas, 56 yo.

Orange ribbon is used to bring awareness about Leukemia. This is a group of cancers that usually begin in the bone marrow and result in high numbers of abnormal white blood cells. There are many risk factors but the exact cause of leukemia is unknown. Standard medical treatment involves normally some combination of chemotherapy, radiation therapy, targeted therapy, and bone marrow transplant.

In this article I want to share with you the latest results of work with one of my clients with CLL/ chronic lymphatic leukaemia. This case is interesting and inspiring because my client from the moment of diagnosis said “no” to chemo and radiation. He chose to work exclusively with my intensive cancer protocol (Sakharoff Protocol), which is­ 100 % medicine­-free.

We got through the whole program to reach strong synergetic effect of multifunctional therapy. We were combining several therapies in one process of self-healing. Buteyko breathing normalisation, ketogenic nutrition, intermittent fasting, caloric restriction, physical exercise and training of hara – inner focus, that has a strong positive effect on physiological stress response.

The process of natural cancer healing

We had a support agreement with one weekly 1-1 live session at the fixed time slot where I taught techniques and assigned weekly tasks and directions. Besides that we had daily personal contact during the week with follow-up/ support by telephone and via the personal secured intraNET. I followed, reviewed and commented the results of his daily training. My client had access to my teaching materials incl. video and PDF to ensure optimal support for his recovery process. This way we established a personal life style change process with strong continuity.

After the first 6 months of work we are satisfied with the preliminary results!

Daily work on natural cancer healing

My client’s daily work with Sakharoff Protocol during 6 months included fully measurable multi-purpose training and life changes. The strong synergetic effect had therapeutical strength – optimising and merging 5 basic areas:

1 – Buteyko breathing
2 – Ketogenic IF/CR nutrition

3 – Mental resilience
4 – Physical resilience
5 – Immune resilience

Measuring progress

Strict Ketogenic IF/CR nutrition based on daily measured macronutrient breakdown of all meals. 75% daily caloric restriction (related to BMRxPAL). Our nutritional team­work resulted in stable, very low blood glucose lower than 4 mmol/l and over 4 mmol/l blood ketones. Strong therapeutic ketosis as defined by Prof. Dr. Thomas Seyfried.

Connecting nutritional work with lots of structured daily movement (>2 hrs elliptical cross-­trainer, biking, light jogging, all with reduced breathing) brought this client’s body fat percentage down from 25 to 7 with 20 kg weight loss.

My multipurpose body-­work protocol 3D Circular Joint Motion. It is inspired by old Indian martial art and health system Dharma Marga that is recreated in Russia from the old Indian writings found in the archives of Moscow University of Oriental Studies. 3D Circular Joint Motion connects Dharma Marga with mobility training for synovial joint health from the american trainer Scott Sonnon. Other built-­in components are in-­motion lymph drain with Hara 1­-pointed attention and active relaxation.

­ Mental training built-­in all the movement with 1­-pointed attention in hara­ point, inspired by the samurai and the internal martial arts (Aikido, Systema).

Gradual life change with sleep hacking ­ resulted over time in 4.30 hours natural sleep, waking up at 4.30AM every night.

Daily support

To ensure daily training, I programmed an online tool for all of my clients. It makes a big difference by establishing my client and I as members of the same team for daily reporting and supervision, through secured online data access. Among the tool’s 20 interfaces documenting the healing process are the following:
1. Daily breathing and exercise log (picture below)
2. Daily nutrition log
3. Daily blood tests and nutrition analysis
4. Weekly average CP gain report


Breathing normalisation – Buteyko for natural cancer healing

Breathing optimisation (read more below) including several training protocols, as Buteyko, Frolov, Elevation Training mask all helped the breakthrough. The result is average weekly morning CP rise from 10 to stunning 110 sec ­ in only 6 months!

The control pause/CP and the maximum pause/MP measured in seconds are central measurements in Buteyko breathing normalisation. CP and MP are correlated to CO2 % in the alveoli – and thus to the level of cellular oxygenation (Bohr’s law of respiration).

This interdependence is defined in the Buteyko Table of Health consisting of 12 zones. Zones are ranging from 5th degree of disease (3.5 % aCO2 – alveolar carbon dioxide), to normal health (6.5 % aCO2) and up to 5th degree of super health (7.5 % aCO2).

Training raises the CP/MP levels and reverse the disease by normalising cellular oxygenation. Here are the results of 6 months of intense training, judge yourself:

The initial values: CP 10 sec/MP 25 sec
– ca. 4.0 % aCO2 – 4th level of DISEASE

Values after 6 months: CP 110 sec/MP 140 sec
– ca. 7.2 % aCO2 – 2nd level of SUPER ENDURANCE !

The average weekly morning CP rose from 10 to stunning 110 seconds ­ in only 6 months!
Dr. Buteyko established that when the person reach CP 60 and higher – it reverses cancer. Because CP 60 and higher corresponds to normal and optimised tissue oxygenation on the cellular level that forces cancer cells to revert to normal state or die. The theory of cancer that Otto Warburg was awarded a Nobel Prize in Medicine for.

Now my client has stayed with CP over 60 sec for over 21 weeks in a row – a strong therapeutic healing zone.

Leukemia prognosis

One of the prognostic factors for CLL is a rapid lymphocyte doubling time ­in less than 12 months.

In this medicine-­free case the lymphocyte ­count did not double – but instead went down and is now almost normal again. All this without any kind of drugs, kemo or radiation!

In other words, my client transformed from a lightly obese cancer client to very fit athletic client that reversed cancer in 6 months – 100% medicine­-free. He combined every day training with full­-time job as classical musician.

What is my client saying?

“All daily measurements are plotted automatically in the graphs. This helps to build up the awareness of the recovery process. As Misha’s client I can see that his method actually works, because I can see the daily progress.

The exercises are not easy, and the life changes are big. But the part of Misha’s support is to teach the real process with small daily steps. So it doesn’t feel overwhelming, It feels somehow natural.

I have never been in so good shape before in my life!”


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