August 2016 – Misha Sakharoff
Misha Sakharoff
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Week 20: Restore Eye Health

Last week was our Third Integrative week. We were connecting Mental and Physical aspects together. There were lots of interdependencies there helping us towards higher resilience against stress. This

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Integrative week no.3 – Connecting Mental & Physical

This week is our Third Integrative week. And we are connecting Mental and Physical aspects together. There’s a lot of interdependencies there that can help us to higher resilience against stress. It

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Cholesterol Myths & Facts

Today we talk about Cholesterol myths, misconceptions – and Cholesterol Facts. There’s a lot of misunderstandings about it that really need clarification! It is important that you follow the

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Keto Practical

This week is about Practical Keto. We call it Ketogenic Lifestyle Without a Divorce 😉 It is important that you follow the correct order – there is an important detail that cannot be skipped! 1.

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Keto Myths & Misconceptions

Today we talk about Keto Myths & Misconceptions. It can be an uneasy task to slowly implement a new life style. This change takes time and you can encounter lots of a hardships, because we break

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