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Webinar 9 – December 2, 2018 – Why changing eating patterns OR breathing patterns is not enough to create a sustainable change? Why do we need to connect the dots?

Anabolic vs catabolic, cytoblastic vs cytoclastic – the normal balance between the processes of cellular division and cellular death are crucial in order to understand and to reverse cancer. The imbalances that lead to formation of cancer tumors and to cancer cell proliferation are not ONLY caused by what we put in our mouth. I think it’s a fallacy to think that way.

Chronic imbalance between cellular division and cellular death and chronically low cell oxygenation are two different pictures of the same impaired cell metabolism.

Normalising eating patterns according to our evolutionary roots is absolutely crucial – but it’s not enough for many people to reverse AND prevent secondary cancers. We need to ensure stable lifestyle change in different areas of our life – where the biggest problem is compliance with the protocols that heal. How do we do that?Medical industry uses genetic research to develop drugs approaching single genetic pathways – particular to each kind of tumor.—new/6

Webinar 8 – November 26, 2018 – How did we evolve as humans – as carnivores or vegetarians? Can eating meat help reverse cancer?

There is so much misunderstanding about our human evolutionary roots. And there is a lot of evidence showing that cancers and autoimmune diseases are related to the chronic disfunction of the gastro-intestinal system. WHY? 

Let’s talk about the connection between our human roots, our DNA and our health. Today I’m interviewing Miki Ben-Dor, Paleo-anthropologist. PhD. Postdoc at Tel Aviv University. Researching the causal relation between Paleolithic nutrition and human evolution.—new/5

Webinar 7 – November 18, 2018 – Medical industry uses genetic research to develop drugs approaching single genetic pathways – particular to each kind of tumor.

Can the latest genetic research be used to understand how Non-Pharmacological Metabolic Approaches work? Let’s talk exogenous s endogenous healing. In other words, approaching the symptoms through pills (exogenous) vs approaching the causes through the body’s own cell environment (endogenous).—new/4

Webinar 6 – November 11, 2018 – Why extending the life expectancy with 1 or 2 years doesn’t make sense at all? Genetic research vs. metabolic approaches to healing brain cancer



November 4, 2018 – We are talking about the role of the family, which is crucial when we want to reverse cancer – working without drugs, but with metabolic approach.



Articles for the Buteyko Breathing Educators Association:

Improving Sleep Quality - Integrative Approach for Lifestyle Disease

All of this work connecting the small dots of interdependencies are of very big importance when you work with serious illnesses such as cancer. Normally, cancer has been accumulated into a concentrated community of cells during 15/20 years before the outbreak. So we are dealing with very stable conditions and dependencies that are hard to change unless done gradually and consistently over time.
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Using Sakharoff Protocol for Lymphatic Cancer - Case review

I want to share the latest results of work with one of my clients with CLL/ chronic lymphatic leukaemia. This case is interesting and inspiring for us because this client said “no” to chemo and radiation. He chose to work exclusively with my intensive cancer protocol – 100 % medicine-free. Here is a short overview of our team-work over the past 6 months:
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Article written for Danish breathing therapist Lotte Paarup:

Breathing and Cancer - Learn to see the Dependencies (Åndedrættet og kræft – lær at se sammenhænge)

Vi er så heldige nu at kunne tage hul på emnet åndedræt og kræft. Det er et meget vigtigt emne, da kræft jo desværre berører mange af os. Her kan du læse uddrag af e-bogen Vejrtrækning og kræft – lær at se sammenhænge, skrevet af Misha Sakharoff.

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Article written in Danish newspapers:

Therapist Will Train The Disease Away (Terapeut vil træne sygdom væk)

ENGLISH: Misha Sakharoff from Nødebo has built an online course of 50 weeks which should help the trainee to remove stress, asthma and diabetes. Health can be improved with a integrated effort by combining nutrition, breathing, mental training, physical movement and immunity, writes Frederiksborg County newspaper.

The first results are positive, although the first students only halfway through the course. A woman is recovering from her cancer illness and a football player has with the help of mental training had removed his asthma.

Sakharoff calls this integrative health. It is about looking at the whole picture in order to heal the whole person. Systematic personal training in the long run can do more for the health than medicine, supplements and surgery – combined. The course integrates the teaching of physiology of the body with psychophysiological mental training, supported lifestyle change and constant personal follow-up.

DANISH: Misha Sakharoff fra Nødebo har opbygget et online-kursus på 50 uger, som skal hjælpe brugeren med at fjerne stress, astma og sukkersyge. Helbredet kan forbedres med en samlet indsats ved at kombinere ernæring, vejrtrækning, mentaltræning, fysisk bevægelse og immunforsvar. Det skriver Frederiksborg Amts Avis.

De første resultater er positive, selv om de første kursister kun er godt halvvejs i forløbet. En kvinde er på vej ud af sin cancer-sygdom og en fodboldspiller har ved hjælp af mentaltræning fået fjernet sin astma.

Sakharoff kalder det for integrativt helbred. Det handler om at se på helheden, når en person skal helbredes. Systematisk personlig træning på længere sigt kan gøre mere for helbredstilstanden end både medicin, kosttilskud og operative indgreb – tilsammen. Kurset integrerer undervisning i kroppens fysiologi med psykofysiologisk mentaltræning, støttet livsstilsforandring samt konstant personlig opfølgning.

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In these podcasts I’m interviewed on different internet media sites, blogs and podcasts:

Combining Ketogenic diet with Buteyko Breathing for Cancer

I’m featured at Jimmy Moore’s @livinlowcarbman blog. The 30-min interview is called “Misha Sakharoff is Combining Ketogenic With Buteyko Breathing For Cancer”. Jimmy is one of the world’s most influential authors and bloggers on Low Carb High Fat (LCHF) and Ketogenic diet.
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Misha Sakharoff Combines Ketogenic With Buteyko Breathing For Cancer. Inteviewed by Jimmy Moore on “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show.”



Athletic performance - Nutrition

Are you interested in improving athletic performance? Listen to this podcast where I’m interviewed by John Galloway from a British cycling team Velocast CC and Sean Lally from Cycle Systems Academy. We are talking about Buteyko breathing, Ketogenic diet, multipurpose exercise and their role in optimisation of physical, immune and mental resilience for athletes. We are talking about:

  • Nutrition – is the aim here to stay fat-fuelled up to lactate threshold?
  • Nutrition – Before a 300 km cycling race, carbs are good?
  • Optimised breathing – what is the strongest advice to start with?

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We chat to Misha Sakharoff of about Buteyko breathing, ketogenic diet and mental training. Visit the CycleSystems Academy website


Athletic performance - Breathing

I answer questions from Tim Ramsden from Black Cat Cycle Coaching. Tim is ABCC (Association of British Cycling Coaches) Coach and First Class honours degree in Physical Education. We are talking about:

  • Sudden Athlete Death syndrome
  • Breathing retraining devices
  • Beetroot juice for resilience?
  • Difference between fitness and health’
  • Middle aged and older athletes
  • Do men and women have different health indicators to look out for when working with fitness?

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Sean follows up with Misha Sakharoff of with some listener questions. They're joined by Tim Ramsden of BlackCat Coaching. The Skype gods were not kind but it's a fascinating conversation. Visit the CycleSystems Academy website


Video interviews

In these videos I’m interviewed on natural cancer healing by health blogger and researcher Steve Pickering.


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