Healing GBM Brain Tumor And Leukaemia – GeneticVS. Metabolic Approach – Misha Sakharoff
Misha Sakharoff
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Healing GBM Brain Tumor And Leukaemia – GeneticVS. Metabolic Approach

Why extending the life expectancy with 1 or 2 years doesn’t make sense at all?


I want to talk about what the conventional medicine and what’s the metabolic approaches are doing related to pushing or pulling people towards – or away from the ‘point of no return’.
My hypothesis is that the conventional medicine is trying to prolong the life expectancy for brain tumors but it does on behalf of the quality of life and your possibility to have good health.

What the metabolic approaches are doing, is normalizing the metabolism in order to pull you away from the ‘point of no return’ as fast as possible. Metabolic approaches don’t care for the limited concept of ‘life expectancy’ containing few years with strongly reduced quality of life.

Non-pharmacological metabolic approach cares for reversing the cancer through normalizing the environment for the cells involved, promoting health and longevity. Extending the life expectancy with one or two years is not our business, we want to give you the WHOLE life back – together with HEALTH – together with LONGEVITY and together with the ability to plan for your FUTURE LONG-TERM.

What the medicines do? Keppra which is anti-seizure medicine makes it impossible for people to take over the responsibility for their health because of the many many side effects. Statins that are now refurbished to stop brain tumor cells from spreading have a very very little documented effect shown by the scientific studies, but what they also do is disrupting the lipid metabolism for the brain cells pushing you closer and closer towards a ‘point of no return’.

Joining my free webinar replay you’ll understand why I want you to stop being triggered by the words LIFE EXPECTANCY in the genetic cancer studies – and understand that this term does not make any sense – when and if we make the paradigm shift towards NPMA – Non-Pharmacological Metabolic Approaches to restoration of health and longevity.


On my webinar you will watch an interview with one of my clients that reversed CLL Leukemia – WITHOUT surgery, radiation or chemo. His story is interesting because he is still doing all the exercise – and his nutritional regimen is just as strict as it was in the initial period of healing.

And he enjoys his life!

We started 4 years ago. And now he is in the best shape and health in his life – and still putting data in his online measuring sheet every day.

Why? Because when you experienced getting YOUR WHOLE LIFE BACK – you don’t want to gamble with it.
I will explain how his 4 year’s measurements mirror his process of cancer reversal.

medicine-free healing CLL leukemia with Sakharoff Protocol
BEAT BRAIN TUMOR Intensive Bootcamp
I will also tell you about our bootcamp where we now have families from US, Canada, England, Scotland, Denmark and Belgium. I will tell you how we work in two groups – one for adults and their families and one for families with children, that are diagnosed with different tumors as GBM, DIPG, AA, MB. Everybody cooperates through our closed Facebook community group. We have a truly great vibe working together at our BEAT GBM/ BEAT DIPG Intensive Bootcamp.

Watch the replay of this LIVE webinar session:


After you have registered for a replay, I will send you invitations to my weekly online webinars.
I am looking forward to meet you LIVE online and answer your questions.
I also look forward to inspire you to take responsibility for your health in your own hands!

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