September 2016 – Misha Sakharoff
Misha Sakharoff
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Integrative week no.4 – Connecting Mental and Nutrition

This week is our integrative week nr.4 where we are connecting Mental and Nutrition. We have 4 strong tools to connect these areas and overcome 5 main challenges. It is important that you follow the correct

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Gut Health and Normal Elimination

Today we are talking about gut health and normal elimination, which is the most scientific word I could find instead of pooping. The normal functioning of our body depends on gut health and the quality

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WELD week no.1 – Depression

This week is our first WELD week that stands for Week of Education about Lifestyle Disease. We start with Depression. We all know somebody in our near environment that could benefit from this knowledge.

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The Power of Nose breathing

Today we are talking about nose breathing. It makes very big difference both for mental health, physical resilience – and for strong immunity. Now you’re gonna find out exactly why! 1. INTRODUCTION: Let’s

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