Personal mentoring partnership with Misha Sakharoff – Misha Sakharoff

Right now I have an opening for in-depth mentoring work with 1 client - it could be you.

Connecting the dots of change in 

Personal health, Business and Life

Personal mentoring partnership with Misha Sakharoff

You want to ensure good things happen in your health. You understand the idea that connecting the dots leads to a synergistic effect. You want to increase your physical, mental and immune resilience. 


Your health is very strongly connected to your business performance through the energy that is actually available for your work. Connecting the dots of physical, mental and immune resilience will synergistically increase the amount of this available energy. In Danish we have a special word for this "Overskud" /-owerskóoth/ which can directly translated and understood as Energy Surplus. If you don't have "overskud", then your energy is constantly drained. Certainly not good for business, if you ask me.

You get direct access to my experience so you can reach your goal much faster. I will help you adapt to the new reality and when you fall off the wagon I will help you to get back faster. We will be walking side by side during the week, which will ease lifestyle changes. Mentoring partnership with me will help both in your health, in your business - and in your life. It will help you to connect the dots of change in those three areas. With this degree of focus, top-performance could become a joyful matter of course. This focus will set you free. And isn't it what life is about?

Why me?

Engineer of both education, trade and mind, I stopped my telecom engineering career in 2009. As a health coach, I started applying my systemic way of thinking to the field of integrative health. In 2016 I created my Metabolic Health Program, which during this time about around 2000 people have passed in three languages (2022).

Most of my clients during the last 10 years have been professionals. Why? I think because understand what having 100% responsibility really means. They understand both the challenges and the implications of it. They feel that I know it because I walked the same path of change that they feel serious need to kick-start and endure - being fully supported on the journey. 

Why you?

You are ready to make the difference.
Your dedication is of paramount importance for our success. It's crucial not to wait, but to start right away when you are inspired.
Postponing the decision to work is not a good idea.
It would be falling into the self-deception trap.

As my german-speaking grandmother Sophie used to say "Morgen, morgen, nur nicht heute, sagen alle faulen leute" - "Later, later, not today, all the lazy people say."

If we want to achieve serious results we need to do some serious work.
I can help you kickstart your process of connecting the dots of change in Health, Business and Life together.

In terms of personal health my clients understand my message, because I helped myself recovering from a whole bouquet of serious diseases - and then succeeded in implementing this experience into helping the others.

In terms of business development I have walked the professional path of project management and business-development career in Telecom and then used this experience in building my own team and my programs in the three domains - very different both in terms of  language, culture and social behaviour.

In terms of life science, the awareness we are building on our programs is working on several levels - connecting the dots of mental,  physical and immune resilience - that makes life complete. And that's what my biggest experience is.

Probably, you already aware of the fact, that the whole world opens for you the moment you take the full 100% responsibility. If you feel that there is something left to be desired on the area of health and life-science I can help you filling the gap. I can back you up 100% in this process, helping you to connect the dots of change in Personal health, Business and Life - making the journey easier and more enjoyable.

And now I want to ask you a couple of questions.

How would it feel if you could:
- Stay satiated throughout the day, enjoying one meal a day - naturally, without stress and no use of willpower?

- Wake up early, totally replenished with energy after 4-5 hours sleep - naturally, without stress and no use of willpower?

- Maintain full presence, exerting your full potential even in stressed situations - remaining inside of your inner dojo?
- Master integrative recovery on all levels, both mental, physical and immune - with the tools being always at hand inside your body?

If you are serious about those topics and feel inspired to discuss the possibilities, you can book an intro conversation with me.
Let's see if we are a match for a personal mentoring partnership.

Misha Sakharoff
Integrative Health Engineer

What is included:

  • Daily 30+ min private 1:1 sessions (at your need) on WhatsApp/ ZOOM
  • Messaging after your need on the platform of your choice.
  • Full accountability with me through access to the SHIP-app
  • 1-year access to my SHIP metabolic health program

Cost for 1:1 mentoring:

5,000 USD monthly
13.500 USD pr. 3 months (10% OFF)

Personal mentoring partnership with Misha Sakharoff

Through my mentoring I will help you not to fail long term.


Do you have questions you want to discuss?

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