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Beat cancer

I help my cancer clients beat cancer and return to normal life. My measure for success is your long-term recovery.

Whether we deal with brain tumors or blood cancers — it is a systemic disease! Tumors or abnormal cells are symptoms of a biochemical imbalance in the body, and that imbalance can be corrected with a well-designed, individualized metabolic program. Building up a non-toxic, biologically sound program, focusing on the whole body and not just the tumor, we can provide all the materials and conditions necessary to reverse and beat cancer, restoring normal health.

It’s a different concept of cancer and chronic degenerative conditions than one promoted by conventional medicine. There is no magic bullet, no miracle drug or botanical ingredient, that heals. You have to take responsibility for your healing process and I will support you by giving you tools and providing you with daily support.

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My own “Sakharoff Resilience and Health Recovery Protocol” is a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach reestablishing the body’s normal metabolic and immune function and supporting your self-healing with following tools:

1. Buteyko Breathing Normalisation

This method is based on Buteyko method created by Russian physiologist MD, PhD, Konstantin Buteyko. By optimizing your breathing patterns we activate your body’s natural production of hormones instead of suppressing it by using the same chemical substances produced by the pharmaceutical industry in form of medicinal drugs. That normalises your metabolism stopping chronic inflammation. By optimising oxygenation on the cell level we radically change the environment of cancer cells. We can reverse and beat cancer by not allowing cancer cells to survive. By optimizing your automatical breathing patterns 24/7 we slowly raise the whole body oxygen levels – also in the oxygen-deprived tissues where your cancer used to thrive. I teach you wide range of exercises that saved lives of thousands of people and provide support for your daily training.

Are there breathing exercises that can optimize your automatic breathing patterns – even when you are not aware of your breathing? Exercises that can improve oxygenation of all your body cells 24/7?

The answer is YES! Buteyko technique was created by Russian physiologist  MD, PhD, Konstantin Buteyko. It has shown significant results working with drug free treatment of wast array of modern chronic lifestyle diseases.

Read more about the Breathing retraining for advanced cancer – Scientific research and Pilot Trials.

2. Ketogenic diet

Personalised diet based on the latest scientific research om therapeutic ketosis, we will be tailoring specially for your particular condition and your taste preferences.

There are lots of different ways to eat – and hundreds of different types of diet. But none of them change the fact that the main source of energy for all our cells is sugar – or glucose. At least it is what we learn from the mainstream medical society and the media…

But the modern scientific research reveals the downside of our addiction to sugar. Sugar (glucose) is also the main source of inflammation. Sugar (glucose) is the preferred energy source for cancer cells and candida fungus.

Ketogenic Diet makes you independent of glucose, which can normalize body metabolism, stop chronic inflammation and radically change the cancer cell environment – and thus reverse and beat cancer. I give you knowledge for an easy start with Keto and provide daily support to continue and thrive on this life-giving diet.

Read more about the Scientific research and trials with ketogenic diet for management of advanced cancer.

3. Mental resilience tools – Multiple Purpose Exercise

To work with thoughts and feelings is the traditional way of developing Mental Strength and Stress Resilience. Using the head to change thought patterns and using the heart to work with emotions and traumas. But Albert Einstein said: “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them”…

Can we develop Mental Strength and Stress Resilience working via senses and physical body – instead of traditional work with thoughts and feelings? Instead of solving the stress related problems the same place were they originated? Can we work with thoughts and emotions through the senses in the lower belly – instead of the head and the heart?

The answer is YES! We combine the ancient knowledge of Samurai and modern Aikido with the latest physiological stress research on integration of breathing and structured movement. We train to maintain One-Pointed-Attention, focusing in center of the body Hara – creating the strongest Body-Mind synergy. Combining active open eye meditation and active relaxation in movement. Training these techniques during all your daily activities. Samurai called it Stillness in Action or Living Silence.

4. Physical resilience tools  – Multiple Purpose Exercise

Physical exercise is for building up the muscle. That’s what we hear from the conventional physical trainers. But is it possible to rethink physical exercise, so it at the same time builds up the mental and immune strength and resilience?

The answer is YES! Physical exercise can be optimized to benefit all important parts of the mind-body coherence. The exercises can stabilize the bone structure, strengthen the body balance, improve mobility – to gain the mental strength. The same exercise can revamp the body’s joints and cartilage and restore the lymphatic flow – to gain immunity.

3D Circular Joint Motion is a Multiple Purpose Exercise, inspired by an ancient Indian health system Dharma Marga. All physical exercises performed from Hara – One-Pointed-Attention. To promote greatest healing potential – inspired by Samurai legacy.

5. Immune resilience tools – Multiple Purpose Exercise

Our body has two main general defense systems, also called responses. Fight-Flight-Freeze or Stress Response is directed against external stressors / external enemies. While Relaxation Response targets inner stressors / internal enemies as viruses, bacteries, fungi and parasites.

Relaxation Response triggers your inner mechanisms activating the immune system. Training One-Pointed-Attention keeps you in Relaxation Response throughout the day. Which strengthens your immune system on daily basis establishing stable self-healing process.

Multiple Purpose Exercise

Multiple Purpose Exercise is a part of my multidisciplinary approach that trims your immune system by:
– Improved oxygenation at the cellular level through optimization of automatic breathing patterns 24/7
– Restoration of lymphatic flow through physical exercise
– Maintaining the physiological relaxation response throughout the day
– Building up a basic understanding and physiological fundament for Epi-genetic feedback – as a top level in healing synergy

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