Certified Sakharoff Protocol Trainers

Dr Rowshan Yazdani MD

Dr. Rowshan Yazdani, MD

melbourne, australia

Dr Yazdani is a medical doctor from Australia. He is currently working in family medicine and emergency medicine. He is passionate about improving health through changes in diet, physical, mental, and breathing exercise and biomechanics and looking after patients through the lifespan. Having had profound health improvements himself through the Sakharoff Protocol, he continues to develop his skills in this area to assist his patients. He believes good health contributes to a well lived life, and is excited about helping his patient’s live their best lives by leveraging the simple (but not always easy) methods outlined in the Sakharoff protocol. In June 2022 he became a certified Sakharoff Protocol trainer.

Mail: Med.yazdani@gmail.com

Ossip Frolov certified SHIP trainer, Copenhagen, Denmark

Ossip Frolov

copenhagen, denmark

Ossip Frolov is 50 years old. His first inspiration in the field of personal development came from the age of 10 when he started intensive training an ancient Indian health system Dharma Marga with the yoga master. Aged 20 he started studying NLP with his mother, an NLP master trainer. He is an experienced Systemic Family Constellation practitioner. In 2010 he led a Dharma Marga workshop in Copenhagen where he inspired Misha to formulate the 3D Circular Joint Motion, a multiple purpose exercise. Ossip have studied SHIP and trained with Misha since 2015. In March 2022 he became a certified Sakharoff Protocol trainer.

Phone: +45 2811 1741    
Mail: frolov@sakharoff.com

Dr. Joseph Shidiac, DDS

beirut, Lebanon 

Dr. Joseph Shidiac DDS is a dentist with a postgraduate in Prosthodontics and Implantology focusing his study on human craniofacial growth. After treating hundreds of patients, dr. Shidiac noticed that after traditional orthodontic treatment the majority of patients came with breathing problems and many other health issues.

Trained and certified by dr. John Mew in London School of Facial Orthotropics, dr. Shidiac in 2013 stopped sending children for traditional orthodontic treatment and started to focus in " airway-centric" and "face-focused dentistry" with a concentration on paediatric prevention and adult treatment of sleep apnea and breathing sleep disorders. His approach is to treat the entire body and not just the teeth. He is trained and certified in oro-facial myology by Sandra Coulson from the School of Behavioral Health Science, Colorado USA.

From 2019 Joseph was trained by Misha Sakharoff in integrative health engineering and Buteyko breathing therapy on the SHIP program and inspired many students on the program with his integrative knowledge. In May 2022 he became a certified Sakharoff Protocol trainer . 

Dr. Shidiac is one of the first and few practitioners in the world practicing adult orthotropics. Trained on system science, he was able to understand and explain how the body is a system of systems and how those systems are interconnected and why a dentist is talking in his clinic about breathing, posture and faces more than about teeth. 

Phone:  +961 39 99 069  +961 76 699 069 Mail: joseph.shidiac@gmail.com

SHIP Teacher certificate program
with Misha Sakharoff

Connecting the dots of fitness and health 

In the modern world fitness and health are antagonistic. The conventional approach of “Citius, altius, fortius” is pushing people beyond the threshold of sensitivity. This is very dangerous because sensitivity triggers protective reactions through proprioception and nociception. The word nociception is derived from Latin verb "nocēre", which means "to harm". The principle “Primum non nocere” meaning “first do not harm” is normally used as an oath by medical doctors. This principle can apparently be used by all human beings, including professional and recreational athletes, to remind about connecting fitness with health through optimisation of movement patterns.

Through years of training myself and others I have formulated a universal protocol for health and resilience (UPHR) that integrates several basic areas of human health into one structured process of training and lifestyle change. The idea behind my Sakharoff Protocol is to visualize and map the connection between the cellular and the human environment in order to open up for measurable effects on health and resilience through training and lifestyle change. I described UPHR in this 2019 Elsevier article:
Buteyko Breathing Technique and Ketogenic Diet as Potential Hormetins in Nonpharmacological Metabolic Approaches to Health and Longevity

This protocol has evolved into The SHIP protocol (Sakharoff Health Integrative Protocol), that has already shown tremendous results in resurrection of health and reversal of chronic disease, with cases ranging from CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) to the most aggressive brain tumours as GBM (Glioblastoma), as described in this 2021 Frontiers article:
Ketogenic Metabolic Therapy, Without Chemo or Radiation, for the Long-Term Management of IDH1-Mutant Glioblastoma: An 80-Month Follow-Up Case Report

The SHIP Teacher certificate program gives you as a health or/and fitness professional a profound theoretical understanding and practical skill to connect the two very different domains together.

How is this certification different?

SHIP program certification integrates all the dots of human physiology in one training domain.

Through years of training himself and others Misha Sakharoff has formulated a universal protocol for health and resilience (UPHR) that integrates several basic areas of human health into one structured process of training and lifestyle change.

Certified SHIP Trainers will make you understand the interdependencies of human health and resilience and help you reach your visions in practice. Certified SHIP Trainers are able to make difference for you in both domains - connecting physiological health with physical fitness. Why? Because the prerequisite for being a SHIP Teacher is both a year-long process of theoretical training but also practical implementation to recover your own health - and only then gaining an experience in helping others.

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