SHIP Teacher certificate program
with Misha Sakharoff

Learn to connect the dots of fitness and health 

In the modern world fitness and health are antagonistic. The conventional approach of “Citius, altius, fortius” is pushing people beyond the threshold of sensitivity. This is very dangerous because sensitivity triggers protective reactions through proprioception and nociception. The word nociception is derived from Latin verb "nocēre", which means "to harm". The principle “Primum non nocere” meaning “first do not harm” is normally used as an oath by medical doctors. This principle can apparently be used by all human beings, including professional and recreational athletes, to remind about connecting fitness with health through optimisation of movement patterns.

The SHIP protocol has already shown tremendous results in resurrection of health and reversal of chronic disease, with cases from CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) to the most aggressive brain tumours*.

The SHIP Teacher certificate program gives you as a health or/and fitness professional a profound theoretical understanding and practical skill to connect the two very different domains together.


How is this certification different?

This program integrates all the dots of human physiology in one training domain.

Through years of training myself and others I have formulated a universal protocol for health and resilience (UPHR) that integrates several basic areas of human health into one structured process of training and lifestyle change. The idea behind my Sakharoff Protocol is to visualize and map the connection between the cellular and the human environment in order to open up for measurable effects on health and resilience through training and lifestyle change.

This certification will make you understand the interdependencies of human health and resilience. You will be able to make difference for your clients in both domains - connecting physiological health with physical fitness.

Sakharoff Protocol - How It Works

My protocol proposes that the basic areas of cellular microenvironment of the body can be optimized through the regimen of structured training and lifestyle change.  In this regimen the five basic areas of practical training (human macroenvironment) are structured to fit five basic areas of cellular health (cellular microenvironment, ECM). The figure below presents a mapping of dependencies in the connection between the human and the cellular environment.

These 5 main areas of practical training create a strong synergetic effect when combined together into one structured process and can be divided into two groups, as follows:

GROUP 1 - Optimization of Energy Intake (RED LINE)

Energy acquisition from the environment can be optimized through fields of breathing and nutrition. Energy intake can be subdivided into two main areas of practical training and lifestyle change as follows:

- Nutrition

Effective transition to therapeutic nutrition through cancer-fighting and immune-boosting nutritional regimen. This dietary regimen will shift brain cells to full range fat burning and independency from glucose. That will drastically lower body glucose under the levels that stop chronic inflammation - which correlates with cancer proliferation and metastatic activity.

At the same time this regimen will ensure full elimination of all possible foods that can trigger autoimmunity and inflammation.

Optimization of nutrition has a direct effect on digestion of nutrients through the digestive system and absorption by the cell.

The progress is measured through clearly defined measurement targets metabolic markers in the SHIP app.

- Breathing

Optimization of cellular oxygenation with Buteyko breathing normalization technique (BBT). It slowly normalizes cell metabolism and stop inflammation through optimization of breathing patterns. It activates the body’s natural production of hormones and chemical substances. Same chemicals used by the pharmaceutical industry in the production of modern medicinal drugs.

Optimization of breathing has a direct effect on mitochondrial respiration. Tools used in Sakharoff Protocol to optimize automatic breathing patterns combine BBT with breathing devices.

The progress is measured through clearly defined measurement targets metabolic markers. Control Pause (CP) is one of the novel metabolic markers, that reflects the normality of the regulation of gas balance in the lungs, as well as the blood and body pH and thus reflects the level of disease. The CP can be measured with a stopwatch as a timing of involuntary reflexive muscle contractions - as a reaction to an unforced breath-holding. The founder of Buteyko Breathing optimization Technique (BBT) Dr. Konstantin Buteyko stated that the measurement target of 60 seconds correlates with normal health where the cell environment that is uninhabitable for cancer cells - while making the normal cells thrive. People diagnosed with lifestyle disease and cancer often have a CP of 5-10 seconds.

On my program many of my clients have reached CP levels much higher than 60 seconds corresponding to normal health. I can teach you to get the CP levels up to 180 seconds, corresponding to the highest 5th level of super health, according to Buteyko table of health.

Buteyko table of health zones

GROUP 2 - Optimization of Energy Distribution and The 3 Areas of Resilience (BLUE TRIANGLE)

Energy distribution and utilization by the body can be optimized through training of allostatic resilience to minimize energy loss—the difference between acquired and utilized energy. The effectiveness and allostatic resilience can be viewed as the ratio of Q (energy output) to W (energy input), called performance coefficient (CoP).

NPMA in general can optimize energy utilization and CoP through structured training and lifestyle change, thus minimizing energy loss and increasing systemic efficiency. Energy distribution can be subdivided into three main areas (Allostatic resilience triangle) of practical training and lifestyle change.

Resilience in general affects ability to return to high utility state following perturbations. It is hypothesized that resilience in humans can be enhanced through training of its three parts—mental, physical, and immune. In Sakharoff Protocol this is called “allostatic resilience triangle”.

- Mental resilience
In the human environment, mental resilience is a part of allostatic resilience that reflects the ability of the body to withstand psychological stressors and adapt to life tasks, maintaining normal hormonal balance and neuroendocrine signaling. To optimize mental resilience, Sakharoff Protocol uses training of relaxation patterns through progressive active relaxation in combination with training of 1-pointed attention.

In the cellular environment, this resilience corresponds to the ability by the cell environment (ECM - ExtraCellular Matrix) to maintain proper signaling function by the cell.

- Physical resilience

In the human environment, physical resilience is a part of allostatic resilience that reflects the ability of the body to withstand, adapt, and recover from physical load and stressors. To optimize physical resilience, Sakharoff Protocol uses multipurpose training inspired by Dharma-Marga and Tibetan yoga, forefoot walking, jogging, bodyweight exercise, rebounder bouncing, as well as kettlebell and clubbell training. 

In the cellular environment, it is hypothesized that this resilience corresponds to the ability by the cellular environment (ECM) to maintain proper structural and adhesive support function by the cell mediated through the interstitial matrix and connective tissue.

- Immune resilience

Building up the vital immune system through structured daily exercise, activating the cascading effect of venous and lymphatic valve/ pump functions, starting from the plantar venous lymph pump in the feet and all the way upwards to the heart.

Paying special attention to sleep optimisation for eliminating toxins from your body by cleansing/detoxing, restoring, and protecting the body cells on a daily basis, including the three pathways of cellular autophagy.

In the human environment, immune resilience is a part of allostatic resilience that reflects the ability of the body to withstand, adapt, and recover from opportunistic organisms and pathogens as bacteria, viruses, fungi, or protozoa. Among techniques used in Sakharoff Protocol to optimize immune resilience are forefoot walking/ jogging, 3D multipurpose exercise to promote in-movement lymph drain, as well as different types of cold exposure.

In the cellular environment, this resilience corresponds to the ability by the ECM to maintain proper flow, viscosity, and composition of extracellular fluid (ECF) as well as blood and plasma.

Talking about athletic resilience

I will introduce you to many novel concepts in the field of athletic resilience and teach you how to implement them step by step into everyday life. The are based on my 5-Stage Rocket protocol.

5SR is a novel concept of a protocol to assess human movement patterns for multifactorial optimization of allostatic resilience and reversal of metabolic syndrome.

5SR protocol connects aspects of movement with optimisation of breathing patterns to achieve long term positive effects for health. 

The 5 SR protocol is connecting fitness with health by mapping interdependencies between 3 kinds of resilience - physical, mental and immune as described in my Sakharoff Protocol.

The 5SR protocol consists of five stages, that are connecting and showing interdependencies of physical and immune resilience together with mental resilience.

Breathing is the fundamental and strategic part of the protocol, as it connects the mental, physical and immune aspects of human resilience in the center of the human body. The main starting premise is that normal breathing is impossible without proper body structure and relaxation of antagonist muscles in movement. 

We are evaluating the following 5 stages from the upper to lower body:

Stage 1 - Structure

Stage 2 - Relaxation

Stage 3 - Breathing

Stage 4 - Focus

Stage 5 - Acceptance

We will look at many aspects of movement, among them:

  • Handling of head weight - a single most strategic accumulated mass in your body
  • Role of eyesight direction - eg. parallel to the ground, ”watching at the mountains”
  • Role of hip adjustment - adjusting the proper angle through “tucking/ untucking the tail” 
  • How to enable shaking guts to increase lymphatic flow
  • Uninhibited barefoot proprioception and ancle stability, with barefoot or minimal shoes
  • Improved thermoregulation with the possibility for wearing sandals down to -10C  
  • How changing to forefoot loading releases abdominal diaphragm antagonists
  • How to reset tension of antagonist muscle groups in movement
  • How to maintain lowest possible level of air hunger under pressure
  • How prolonged multiple-phase exhale promoting parasympathetic, vagus trigger
  • Fewer unforced errors in movement, forced by sympathetic dominance, increasing tension
  • How to allow for always staying in the aerobic zone → Glycogen sparing
  • How to deal with forgetting to breathe while doing an exercise, reversal of concentration apnea
  • How to simplify ketogenic adaptation, never more hitting the wall of hypoglycemia
  • How to allow staying in the Zone for longer time with less need for 2nd chances - because the 1st ones are already at an optimum level
  • How to defocus from 1-point to the environment and the opponent
  • How to detach from the goal, eyes not necessarily following the object of interest
  • How maintaining sensing mode, helps against aggression and brutality, promotes precision and listening to the game
  • How to implement into the sports activities the concept of active meditation and stillness in action from the Samurai legacy
  • How to learn radical acceptance, failing successfully
  • How to understand and accept that faults are not unforced, they are organic products of tension in movement. All the faults are mostly forced by tension caused by conscious control

This program will help yourself and your clients to:

  • Eliminate chronic lifestyle diseases and improve your health
  • Avoid the diseases associated with aging and enjoy an active, long life filled with energy
  • Achieve professional efficiency without stress and learn to enjoy your work life
  • Engage in a well-established integrative system with clear step-by-step recommendations
  • Get support on your journey to health in an inspiring community
  • Help your loved ones in the fight against illness or inspire them to transition to a healthy lifestyle by personal example
  • Improve the quality of your life

What is the program based on?

The SHIP Integrative Health program is based on the activation of the innate mechanisms of the human body for self-healing and gives you a real chance to learn a systematic approach to your health and turn on the natural healing powers of your body.

How is this program structured?

The program LEVELS

Level 1 / Awareness
Level 2 / Progres
Level 3 / Integration
Level 4 / Mastery

The SHIP program is based on slow learning theory. At each LEVEL, we go through the same MODULES, plunging deeper and deeper into the topic.

Every LEVEL contains six MODULES:

I have always dreamed of building a health program based on slow learning theory. Therefore, at each level from 1 to 4, we will go through the same topics, but each time on a deeper and deeper level.

Module 1: Breathing

First of all, on the program, we learn to breathe correctly using the Buteyko method - the method of Volitional Elimination of Deep Breathing (VEDB).

The method of breathing exercises, correcting breathing in the direction of its decrease due to muscle relaxation, allows you to successfully fight diseases such as bronchial asthma, allergies, high blood pressure and many others.

One hundred years of scientific research has confirmed the value of increasing our CO2 tolerance along with other benefits of optimal gas balance in the lungs. This promotes optimal oxygenation of cells.

Paradoxical as it may seem to conventional wisdom, we need to learn to breathe less in order to get more oxygen to our cells. Buteyko method can achieve it by reprogramming the automatic breathing patterns.

We are moving towards this healthier state by practicing the Buteyko breathing method. Thus, a new way of life is established that promotes natural resistance to internal and external stressors.

Module 2: Nutrition

The program involves the transition to ketogenic nutrition. You learn how to work with its various levels and choose the most suitable one for you:
- Ketogenic nutrition with different levels of carbohydrates
- Carnivore nutrition
- Essential Ketogenic Nutrition (EKN)

Taking into account the lessons of human evolution, confirmed by modern science, the nutritional regimen includes all the main macro- and micronutrients - and nothing more. Essential Ketogenic Nutrition reduces chronic inflammation throughout the body and normalizes the permeability of all body membranes.

The cellular environment becomes unsuitable for pathogens and at the same time maintains healthy cells. This reverses the progression of the disease over time. Fasting regimes are also an important part of the Program.

Module 3: Mental resilience

Without increasing mental stability, long-term stable changes in metabolic health are impossible.

All aspects of human life contribute to our health. We are built to deal with the acute stress of life. When this natural response is disrupted, we are faced with chronic stress, the defense against which is not part of our physiology. Over time, this leads to chronic illness.

The process of changing a situation involves learning to observe oneself and the implementation of various ways of perceiving and responding to the environment. Over time, each activity begins with relaxed concentration.

The system of psychophysiological mental training used in the program is based on knowledge and practices from the books of samurai written several hundred years ago, and more modern martial techniques: Ki-Aikido, Taiji, I-Liq Chuan, as well as the System.

The mental training system was originally developed by Misha Sakharoff for stress management in dealing with aggressive grade 3 and 4 brain tumors.

Module 4: Immune resilience

All physical movement is closely connected to the immune response of our body. The mind tries to assess any threat and respond to the many stressors we face.

Acute stress reactions are normal after which the body recovers quickly. However, if stress becomes chronic, it has a detrimental effect on immunity.

We need to return to the relaxation response to effectively combat internal stressors such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites, and cancer. Special exercises on the program help maintain the balance of the parasympathetic response by activating and strengthening the immune system.

Module 5: Physical resilience

Everyone knows about the health benefits of exercise. We are learning to use moderate movement used to stabilize bone structure, strengthen body balance and improve mobility. It improves the joints and cartilage of the body and restores lymphatic flow. This is very important for the proper restoration of the natural detoxification process.

These exercises are inspired by the ancient Indian health system Dharma Marga. All physical exercise is done from the Hara point, the focal point of "one-pointed attention."

This is done in order to unleash the greatest healing potential, inspired by the legacy of the samurai's internal fighting techniques.

Module 6: Art of the process

How can we make sure that our daily practice brings us more and more strength every day?

As a rule, we plan goals for ourselves, strive for some specific, measurable result, clearly defining the timing of its achievement. This is the usual path for most people.

The concept of “endpoint fallacy” plays a huge role here. This literally means that our natural joy arises only when we achieve the ultimate goal.

The path to the goal is usually dominated by ... fear and stress. Because we know in advance what we need to achieve and do (point by point), and this inevitably causes stress. This is the pattern of our path, if it is focused only on the goal. Moreover, this joy is short-lived.

We reach the goal, and literally in a few hours or in a few days we already have a new goal, and we again follow the path of fear and the path of stress. This is how our whole life can pass.

If we go the other way - the way of achieving the process - it will bring us constant inspiration and joy of learning. There is no stress or fear. We avoid violent dominance over ourselves by allowing the stream of Life to flow through us.

In doing so, we learn much more from the process itself, taking in all the impulses that come from the environment and realizing their value.

We are open to all possibilities, and we avoid rigid (rigid) thinking. During this time, we constantly practice radical acceptance, trust in ourselves, and learn to listen to our intuition. We increase our sensitivity, listen to our body, ourselves, and after this comes the ability to listen and understand deeper than other people, which deepens our relationship with others and with the world.

In this module, you will also learn about the “radical acceptance” philosophy needed to work “for the long term”.

The person behind the program

Misha Sakharoff

An engineer by training, for the last 10 years Misha has been working as a coach, applying his systemic way of thinking in the field of integrative health. 5 years ago, he created the Metabolic Health Program, which during this time about 600 people have passed.

“Together with my team I create daily support programs that teach people to take full responsibility for their health: help change lifestyles, give structure and effectiveness to daily practices, and lead to sustainable recovery from chronic diseases (including cancer).”

How not to fall off the wagon?

On the Program, we provide you with daily support:
Every morning, except Saturday, at 5:00 AM in your time zone, new work materials are unlocked in the SHIP Web App. You receive the main material for the topic of the week on Sunday morning, so starting the work week on Monday you are already starting to practice the new material.

This is how my program was made - a smart process, no excuses - this time it should work! We move in small steps every day except Saturday.

At least twice a week, we conduct live broadcasts - Q&A and SHIP Circles on ZOOM for meeting participants and a live exchange of experience. It is currently on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

Sunday: The week's topic is introduced

On Sunday morning you receive the theme of the week in the form of a video package. The video package on the topic of the week consists of three videos -
1. Introduction (why it matters)
2. Physiology (what physiology says)
3. Practice (how to implement).

Each video is provided with detailed text transcription, as well as pictures. So you can individually choose the method of assimilation of new information that suits you best - audio, video or text.

Monday: Sharing experience

Monday morning, you receive a Sharing Experience text from Eric Clark about the topic of the current week. Eric Clark, a 72-year-old Canadian from White Lake, Ontario, has reversed his CLL leukemia with the Sakharoff Protocol and shares his work experience with you.

His articles are tied to all the topics of our program and will help you more effectively apply the training material in your daily life, avoid mistakes in training and, ultimately, stay on track.

Tuesday: Live Q&A

On Tuesday morning you will receive an invitation to the weekly Q&A session on the CROWDCAST platform. You have the opportunity to ask me questions in our closed group during the week.

All questions asked during the week are entered by our administrators in the Questions - Answers session. The questions that I have already answered in previous sessions will be answered in the Knowledge Base of our application. I answer all those questions that have not been asked at the moment.

If you do not have time to join us live for the weekly Q&A session, then all the recordings of our sessions are uploaded to a YouTube playlist - and you can listen to them already the same day.

Wednesday: Mental training

On Wednesday morning you will receive audio files with mental training. The basis of my system of psychophysiological mental training lies in the books of samurai written several hundred years ago, as well as in more modern internal martial techniques such as Ki-Aikido, Taiji, I-Liq Chuan, as well as the System.

Without increasing mental stability, long-term sustainable changes in metabolic health are impossible. This system was originally developed by me for stress management in aggressive grade 3 and 4 brain tumors.

Thursday: SHIP Circle meeting

On Thursday morning you will receive an invitation to the weekly SHIP Circle session, which has become an integral part of our program on the ZOOM platform. The SHIP Circle sessions enable us to communicate more informally. We see each other, we discuss various important topics, get to know each other - and we laugh together :-)

If you do not have time to join us live, then all the recordings of our SHIP Circle sessions are uploaded to the YouTube playlist - and you can listen to them the same day.

Friday: Learning quiz

On Friday morning, on even weeks, you receive a test - a learning quiz on the topics of the last module. All tests are done in multiple choice form. These are not time tests - the time taken to answer does not matter. All questions are structured so as to make you think - it is important for me that you consolidate the passed material! It is very important for me that you understand that it is necessary to return to the covered material from time to time. Repetition is truly the mother of learning! Each time you revisit the material you have covered, you will definitely pay attention to something new that has previously escaped your attention. This is normal. You just need to be sure to repeat the material. I hope the test will push you to this.

On odd weeks, you receive audio files with mental training or videos of the School of Gentle Kitchen.

All the training takes place online

In the SHIP web app specially developed for the program, which works on all platforms - Windows, Mac, Android, both on computers, tablets and phones.

SHIP app sections:

Course material

The materials of the main course consist of video lessons. Each lesson contains 3 parts:
- Introduction (why)
- Physiology (what)
- Practice (how)

Video tutorials are accompanied by detailed text transcripts and pictures. You can choose the method of assimilation of new information that suits you best - audio, video or text.

Knowledge Base

The knowledge base contains over 400 videos and is expanded every week with weekly Q&A sessions.

The search system includes both keywords and a three-level system of categories, as well as favorites bookmarks.

Аctive meditations

Active guided meditations will give you an understanding of Progressive Active Relaxation (PAR) and its relationship with a decrease in minute ventilation.

We learn several types of meditation:

Morning active meditation
Gives an understanding of Progressive Active Relaxation and its relationship with a decrease in minute ventilation of the lungs. This understanding is necessary for the subsequent application of this practice throughout the day for any kind of movement and physical activity. This meditation will add strength and energy to you for everything that the day will bring you.

Evening active meditation
Each night can give us a wonderful sleep and comfortable rest, so that we can start tomorrow with renewed vigor and a new charge of energy! My active meditation will help you with this and will give you an understanding of Progressive Active Relaxation and its connection with a decrease in minute ventilation. Practicing every day will improve your sleep and the ability of your cells to regenerate during the night.

Meditation in motion (upcoming)
The practice of meditations in motion is carried out during the day when walking and other physical activity - for the practice of active relaxation in motion and as a practical training for stress resistance. We focus on relaxation, one point and the structure of the body, check the angle of opening of the eyes, relax the jaw, observe the position of the tongue.


You enter the values of your evening and morning measurements of breathing according to Buteyko, the content of glucose and ketones in blood and urine, metabolic data on the lipid panel (the application itself calculates the degrees of atherogenicity and reflects them on graphs) and 7 main indicators of inflammation (leptin, homocysteine, etc.)

The app automatically plots both daily and weekly trends of your metabolic health recovery. Using these charts, we will together monitor how your body's recovery process is progressing, and we will be able to adjust it just for you.

School of Gentle Cooking

Practical development of the ketogenic nutrition system.

Videos in which Misha prepares simple, healthy and tasty dishes in his kitchen.

“My main desire here is to inspire you to prepare simple meals that satisfy our needs both psychologically and physiologically. I use only those nutrients that are necessary for our DNA and genetic predisposition as Homo Sapiens Sapiens. ”

Immunity '21

All that information that cannot be found in official media sources.

About the usefulness of vaccinations, civil liberties, history lessons, side effects, original interviews with leading immunologists, virologists and doctors.


“I feel very comfortable being on the program, I feel support from Misha physically - almost literally. When there are moments that something doesn't work out or doesn't happen so quickly, Misha is right there, and his words, his confidence inspire and help to move on. "



“In my practice, in my work, I see that it is very difficult for people to take responsibility for their own health. I think this is a choice that everyone has to make for themselves. It is not easy, but with this program the chances will be much higher. ”



“It's hard to change old habits. So if you need solid support in the form of soft and consistent steps, then Misha does it perfectly. It's kind of like having a caring, loving parent who is willing to hold your hand for as long as you need to until you gain your own experience.”


Are you a health professional
eager to connect the dots?

Our SHIP Teacher certificate program
is starting August 1 2021!

As a trainee in the Teacher certificate program you will train with all the normal program participants. Walking the talk is a prerequisite for becoming a good teacher. You need to make things happen for yourself first - before you can teach others.

Besides all the material and training the normal program, as a teacher trainee you will get the following during the 12 months:

  • Unique trainee material based on my research 
  • Live trainee sessions with Q&A every second week. The meeting times should fit all and will be announced later depending on the time zones of the enrolled participants. 
  • Learning to assess trends of health through SHIP app measurements and health graphs 
  • Closed support group on Telegram with inspiring community of fitness and health professionals 
  • Professional promotion of you as a SHIP Teacher trainee on SAKHAROFF.COM

As a SHIP Teacher after the 12 month certificate program you will get the following:

  • Professional promotion of you as a certified SHIP Teacher on SAKHAROFF.COM
  • And many other aspects that we will define during the process.. 

Join the SHIP Teacher certificate program!

FULL PAYMENT (12 months)
Full payment for the program - 10.000 USD.

Instalment plan for 2 payments - 5.200 USD

Instalment plan for 4 payments - 2.700 USD

Instalment terms:

The cost of the program by instalments is higher, because the company bears risks in case of non-compliance with the agreement + additional burden on the service department + control and connection of individual paid program modules.

SHIP Teacher certificate program
with Misha Sakharoff

Learn to connect the dots of fitness and health

Practitioner results after 3-4 months

(Level 1) on the program:



At the beginning of the program:

“I got more on the program than I expected. Misha really knows the process very well, he really connects all the points into a single whole: breathing, nutrition, movement, mental training and acceptance of the whole process.

What really stands out about his approach is his enthusiasm, his knowledge, and how he makes sure you don't get out of the way. In my practice, in my work, I see that it is very difficult for us to take responsibility for our own health. I think this is a choice that everyone should make. It is not easy, but with this program the chances will be much higher. ”

After 4 months on the program:

“Personally, I have always had bowel problems for as long as I can remember. It sounds paradoxical, but they were gone already three months after the start of the program.

What really stands out about his approach is his enthusiasm, his knowledge, and how he makes sure you don't get out of the way. Each day of the week on the program is dedicated to certain activities and topics, and it really works. Information is presented in a full spectrum for maximum assimilation - in the form of audio, text, video recordings, quizzes, email support, Q&A sessions.

Misha's vision of the whole picture and very clear, simple explanations fascinated me. I still have a lot to learn. I have many plans for the coming months. Rather, I need to take a lot of information that is completely new to me and tie it all together. This is a really deep learning process. Much remains to be learned both about health itself and about the process as a whole. "



At the beginning of the program:

“My state of health was not good, but I did not have any serious illnesses either. However, I constantly felt a lack of energy. As if all the time he lived half-heartedly, feeling not quite healthy. I had many different symptoms of imbalance, as well as some kind of autoimmune problem associated with the appearance and growth of small scales all over the head and even on the face. Over time, my condition worsened. However, the main thing that worried me was the low level of energy and the lack of the proper concentration of psychic energy and clarity of mind.

The biggest thing that prevented me from making significant progress in my health is the inability to wake up early in the morning. This has always been a problem for me. I often wake up my wake up time. When this happens, I always have bad dreams and hyperventilate.

When I found out about Misha's work, I was very impressed. I saw pictures with my own eyes in which people were getting better. They slowed down or even reversed their cancer, their tumors. What really impressed me was the spreadsheet he showed. On a daily basis, people entered a number of measurable health indicators: control pause, pulse, ketone levels, and some others. This analysis was holistic and comprehensive. ”

After 3 months on the program:

“What helped me. First of all, switching to a ketogenic diet. Ultimately, eating the carnivore system had the most noticeable effect on my health and gave me a lot of energy.

It was hard at first. But when I went through a week of adaptation, my sleep became much more stable, my energy became much more stable. And I just felt better in a short time.

What I love about Misha's program is that he gives you information - and then he gives it to you again. And then, a little later, he again gives it to you - but in a different way. Thus, he constantly, but carefully pushes you to the practical implementation of this information. It doesn't even push, but rather inspires to act. And this is very important because radical lifestyle changes take a long time. It's hard to change old habits. So if you need solid support in the form of soft and consistent steps, then Misha does it perfectly. It's kind of like having a caring, loving parent who is willing to hold your hand for as long as you need to until you gain your own experience.

In my opinion, in a short time I have become much closer to my healthy state, and this is what I noticed quite specifically. ”



At the beginning of the program:

“I have been on the intensive program for four months now. I am currently in my fifth year of battling cancer, a third-degree brain tumor (anaplastic astrocytoma). I joined the program 4 months ago because I wanted to do more for my health. Do more than traditional chemotherapy and radiation, which I took last year. I wanted to do my best in my situation. This is how I found Misha. "

After 3 months on the program:

“The program is well thought out. It is comprehensive and comprehensive. It connects everything from nutrition, exercise, to breathing exercises. We have daily Q&A sessions. We have the support of the group. You are not alone, and this is the best that can be - at least for me. It feels like sitting in the passenger seat - next to the driver. No need to think about what will happen next.

*** Szymon works on a special program for oncology - 
learn more.



At the beginning of the program:

“My name is Arend, and I have been a specialist in Buteyko breathing exercises since 2010. In 2007, I suffered from extremely high blood pressure: my readings often reached 250/150 levels, which was life-threatening. I also suffered from blockages in the arteries in my heart. Both diseases were reversed by the Buteyko breathing method. ”

After 3 months on the program:

“In my opinion, Misha's non-pharmacological integrative metabolic health program is an innovative and breakthrough treatment for cancer. Being a Buteyko specialist myself, I am very grateful to him for giving me the opportunity to enroll in the program to get all the information and knowledge about his metabolic health program.

What I really appreciate in his course is that Misha positively trains all members of the group. In a metaphorical sense, he holds a mirror in front of us. And in this mirror we see ourselves with our flaws - and we can really change ourselves for the better. "



At the beginning of the program:

“Now I am studying in the program" Metabolic health, energy and personal development "with Misha, about three months have passed. I first encountered chronic fatigue twenty-one years ago. At that time there was no medical information on how to help me, no one met with this then in practice. Often, when doctors say that “you have this for life,” it doesn't make you feel better. But I found the Buteyko method, and it helped me a lot. His breathing method helped me regain control of the situation and add more energy to my daily life. This was really reassuring for me, as I was in a very debilitating state and was in the dark if I could handle it. "

After 3 months on the program:

“I think he is an example of a saying:“ If someone says it’s impossible, please make way for those people who prove otherwise. ” He is one of those people who move forward no matter what. When he finally did an English course on metabolic health this year, I was already waiting in line there on the tentative list and was ready.

In the program, from the very beginning, he has provided tremendous support to all of us. We hear live broadcasts six times a week, some are interactive, some are Q&A, some are videos, and various audio recordings in the app. We hear it many times during the week, often in rather short meetings, 20 minutes or less. The Q&A sessions and other types of meetings last longer. This is just fantastic information, as I said, broader and deeper than anything I have tried before.

And a very soulful online community that is also deeply supportive. In the group, everyone is committed to restoring health by natural methods, everyone shares their experience. Many people share their stories or discoveries in order to share them with others. It is very interesting.

The process is brilliant and I am so glad that it will last a whole year. I am very interested in how I will change over this year. I feel like I am on the verge of a strong transformation. "



At the beginning of the program:

“After starting my practice as a lawyer, I realized that I needed a much higher level of energy as I had to work hard. Often I was very tired, so I wanted to return to my former energy level, not only on the physical, but also on the mental level.

Eventually, at some point in my life, I decided: if I don't take my health seriously, I won't be able to take my practice to a very serious level. If I remain alone with myself, this may never happen, because I had to be a coach to myself, and this is not an easy task. I realized that I needed to find someone to help me reach the next level. And Misha was exactly the guy to whom I could entrust this business. "

After 3 months on the program:

“I decided to start this 12 month program. It was a group of very pleasant and dynamic people, many of them practitioners and teachers. With different professions, from different countries. We share our experiences by meeting in the SHIP Circle sessions of the program. This is happening on Zoom, so we gradually get to know each other. So, step by step, I explored various biohacking tools. In short, it is a process of optimizing breathing, and this process has a great impact on us, both physically and mentally. And that helped me a lot. "



At the beginning of the program:

“In 2017, I contracted pneumonia, which did not go unnoticed. After that, in April-May 2018, I was diagnosed with post-viral, chronic fatigue. One of the many verdicts for this diagnosis was the conclusion that there is no medical cure for this condition in the world. There is also a lot of disagreement about what to do about it. In fact, complete chaos.

So I decided to take matters into my own hands and began trying a whole series of alternative therapies that were more or less proven or worked in clinical trials. As part of this process, I have tried everything from functional medicine to mental practices to the carnivore diet.

I tried to practice the method of Professor Buteyko, and even got the first positive results, but after a while the result came to naught, and I again came back to the fact that there was no trace of health.

I found Misha because I was searching on Google for information on chronic fatigue, and I accidentally discovered the Buteyko method on Misha's website. At that moment he did not have a program where one could work with him. I was aware of and inspired by the results and tried some elements that I could read on the site. However, my practice at that time was short-lived in order to get the clear and lasting results that I wanted to achieve. As soon as the opportunity to register for the program appeared, it was not a question for me, I knew that I wanted to work with this person. I knew about all the real cases, how he helped people recover from inoperable cancer. And I have also worked with some of his colleagues who are very respectful of him and his results.

The program was very easy to get started. Everything step by step. There is a lot, a lot of support, both in terms of answering questions and with motivational content. This is an amazing group of contributors with a lot of knowledge and resources. Every week there is a SHIP Circle for participants, there are also Q&A broadcasts, which are very supportive. "

After 4 months on the program:

“My weight returned to the level it was at the age of 20 and stabilized.

I did a complete blood count three months later on the program:

- All my indicators of the state of the liver decreased by half - to the norm. Before that, my doctor and I had been fighting them for two years - without much change.

My testosterone was previously low for my gender and age group. This is the indicator that greatly affects the level of total energy. And he also bounced back.

My control pause, which is a marker of the Buteyko breathing method and at the same time a general marker of the state of health, has doubled during this time. And this is after during the year before the program, despite the daily independent practice of breathing according to Buteyko, I remained at the same level of the control pause. It's incredible - but it really is.

I began to withstand much more active load without side symptoms. This means that instead of focusing on maintaining the same level, now I can begin to increase activity, increase physical activity and begin the rehabilitation process.

Another result is sleep. And this result is very important. Before I could wake up more tired than before going to bed. I had this condition for at least two - two and a half years. And sleep was one of the first moments that returned to normal with the beginning of the program. And now, when I sleep, I actually recover and feel a little better when I get up than when I go to bed the night before. If there is a critical aspect of lifestyle that is critical to me, it is definitely improving the quality of sleep.

Now I can manage my life, and I would not even have thought a few months ago that this is possible. "



At the beginning of the program:

“From the very beginning of my course with Misha, I noticed quite profound changes in my health. The first thing that passed was mild abdominal pains, with which I used to wake up every morning. They have completely disappeared. Secondly, before I could not wear clothes with a rough texture, which annoyed me incredibly. Now I can wear any clothes that I like. I would never have thought that such dysfunctions would be able to return to a healthy track so quickly.

Another thing I noticed is that now I get up much earlier in the morning and much easier. ”

After 3 months on the program:

“Information is presented in a full spectrum for maximum assimilation - in the form of audio, text, video recordings, quizzes, email support, Q&A sessions. He does a morning Facebook live every morning, and we even run a few sessions once a week with our entire group.

In my practice, in my work, I see that it is very difficult for people to take responsibility for their own health. It is not easy, but with this program the chances will be much higher.

What helped me. First, switching to a ketogenic diet. Ultimately, eating carnivore had the most noticeable effect on my health and gave me a lot of energy. It was hard at first. There was a week when everything went wrong. But once I went through this adaptation phase, my sleep became much more stable, my energy became much more stable. And I just felt better, my body felt better. In my opinion, in a short time I have become much closer to my healthy state.

The program is well thought out. It is comprehensive and comprehensive. It connects everything from nutrition, exercise, to breathing exercises. What really stands out about Mishas approach is his enthusiasm, his knowledge, and the way he makes sure you stay in the process.

Each day of the week on the program is dedicated to certain activities and topics, and it really works.

We have daily Q&A sessions. We have group support. You are not alone, and this is the best that can be - at least for me. "



At the beginning of the program:
“At the beginning of the course there was obesity, 25 years of hypertension, took statins, varicose veins, endless severe pains in the spine, joints and bones were exhausting, could not sleep, could not get out of bed in the morning, was in a state of continuous chronic stress.”

After 5 months on the program:
“I lost my extra weight (9 kg), I stopped taking pills for hypertension, I refused to take statins. The pains in the joints, in the spine are gone. I'm now enjoying my sleep.

Now I have done an ultrasound. There were no complaints from the doctor who did the examination of the blood vessels of the legs. She was very surprised where my varicose veins had gone.

The doctor who looked at the internal organs said that he had not yet seen the structure of the liver and pancreas change so much and so fast - my fatty liver disease was gone. "



At the beginning of the program:
“Feeling of losing yourself. There was no energy, there was no cheerfulness and no health. "

After 4 months on the program:
“For me, the process during this time is enormous: I stopped falling off the wagon from the planned nutrition plan, 5 kg lost right away, and I continue shedding kilos further.

The energy has increased many times . I wake up by myself now at 5 am and until the evening there is no fog in my head, no apathy. This has never happened before. My doubts are diminishing, and my confidence is growing.

During the program, you feel a lot of involvement and support from the team. In general, the atmosphere is very pleasant: the concept of simplicity, lack of fuss, show-off - philosophy of joy and contentment instead. And this is good. It brings you back to yourself. "



At the beginning of the program:
*** “In 2017, I had undergone a surgery of a malignant brain tumor. Then radiation therapy, chemotherapy, but the classical treatment did not give results, it was only prolonging life. "

After 4 months on the program:
"As regards the main disease, I have no progression, not even a slight decrease in the tumor.

But there are more noticeable improvements, for example, in the work of the gastrointestinal tract, with which there were problems. Some objective indicators: all inflammatory markers have greatly decreased in the tests.

Vigor appeared, physical activity is easier to transfer. I have become much more vigorous and resilient. I will continue. "

*** Anton works on a special program for oncology - learn more.

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