Possibilities working with Misha Sakharoff – Misha Sakharoff

Are you eager to connect the dots of your personal health?

Possibilities working with Misha Sakharoff

There are a few different possibilities for working with me. All of them require full engagement and different degrees of activity and interaction with me. And some of them require some real dedication and a strong decision to invest in your life.

1. Personal session - 400 USD for 1.5 hour
It might be a good place to start if you want to clarify your personal path towards metabolic health with our SHIP program and make a plan.
I can answer your questions about health, life change strategies and your personal issues. During the session we can scheme a plan for your health development together.
BOOK SESSION: https://sakharoff.com/book-session/ 

2. SHIP Metabolic Program - 180 USD monthly, paid quarterly (540 USD per 3 months)
A comprehensive program to restore and maintain health without drugs and medical procedures. The SHIP Integrative Health program activates the human body's innate self-healing mechanisms. The program gives you a real chance to learn a systemic approach to your health and to apply it in your daily life. Includes:
- Weekly online group sessions in SHIP Metabolic group (Tuesday).
EMBARK ON THE PROGRAM: https://sakharoff.com/ship-en/ (English) (Russian)

3. Intensive BBT program - 770 USD monthly 
The emphasis lies on dealing with various types of brain cancer in children and adults - but also leukaemia, breast cancer and other types of cancer. I sometimes take people with other serious challenges than oncology. Includes:
- Two weekly online group sessions in a small Intensive BBT group (Monday-Wednesday)
- Weekly online group sessions in SHIP Metabolic group (Tuesday).

- Enrolment through application only!
APPLY HERE: https://sakharoff.com/brain-tumors/ 

4. Personal mentoring
- Enrolment through interview only!
BOOK A CALL HERE: https://sakharoff.com/personal_mentoring/

- all the payments are automatic, monthly or quarterly for 1 year
- certification in SHIP protocol possible after 12 months on each program - depending on your work and your results on the program.

Do you still have doubts?

I believe that we need to design a new identity for ourselves - in order to heal and/get a better life experience. I'm sure that it's absolutely possible to start this process, regardless of the situation.

If we always do what we always did - we will always get what we always got. 

Are you seriously considering working with me - but still have some doubts that need clarification?

Then book a 15-min free non-binding clarifying conversation ⤵️