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Join me at a conference, workshop, meet-up or other event near where you live.
Let me inspire you to connect the dots of good health!


October 30, Wednesday – Sakharoff practitioner meet-up (IN RUSSIAN), Haifa, Israel.
Для всех тех кто в Израиле, я провожу маленький семинар в Хайфе. Надеюсь видеть всех заинтересованных в нашей программе.
Отвечу на все вопросы и проведу маленький практический тренинг!
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Оплата символическая, мне нужно знать точно сколько придет, так как количество мест в клинике ограничено:
Адрес и карта: School for Functional Orthodontics, Sderot Ben Gurion 63, Kiryat Bialik, Israel –

October 10, Thursday – Sakharoff practitioner meet-up + PLUS GUESTS, New York, USA.
Meet-up / walk & talk in Central Park, we meet near Summit Rock here –
There are two meet-ups this day – both at 8 am and at 3 pm.
These meet-ups are for those of who want to experience forefoot jogging and forefoot walking and learn how to connect walking and jogging with optimal breathing in a unique and enjoyable way. I want to meet my local practitioners live, so this event is free <3
Please send me a message on Facebook Messenger if you want to attend.

October 6, Sunday – Sakharoff practitioner meet-up, Toronto, Canada.
Walk and talk meeting at Riverdale Park East at 8 am.
Please be there exactly at time. We meed at Rooster Coffee House, 479 Broadview Ave, Toronto –
I want to meet my practitioners live, so this event is free <3
Please send me a message on Facebook Messenger if you want to attend.

October 3-5 – Buteyko conference, Toronto, Canada
Key-note presentation ‘The Five Stage Rocket’ for addressing allostatic resilience and metabolic syndrome. Leading a movement workshop.

March 5-7 – 1st Carnivore Conference – Boulder, Colorado, US

March 8-9 – Low Carb Denver 2019 conference, Denver, Colorado, US


November 1st – Beat Brain Tumor Intensive Bootcamp started / ONGOING.

October 1st – Beat GBM Intensive Bootcamp started

September 12-14 – Children with Cancer UK International Conference, London, UKPresentation  ‘Non-Pharmacological Metabolic Approaches’–

November 15-22 – Tel-Aviv, Haifa, Beer-Sheba, Israel – MEATing Israel Carnivores community and biodynamical farms in Galilee – Miki Ben-Dor PhD, Tel-Aviv university interviews – “Man the Fat Hunter”

May 24 – Copenhagen, Denmark – Seminar Neurodegeneration and Alzheimers Disease


Rest of the year – online courses only.

February 23-27 – Low Carb Breckenridge 2017, Colorado, USPresentation ‘Connecting the Dots of Nutrition and Breathing


Dec 21-22 – Haifa, Israel – 2-day practical self-healing workshop “Breathing and diet for self-healing of Cancer, Diabetes and Neurodegenerative diseases”

July 18 – Moscow, Russia – 1-day workshop for endocrinologists

July 13 – Moscow, Russia – 1-day workshop for cardiologists

June 21-22 – Haifa, Israel – 2-day workshop “One point of attention – One point of resilience”

May-Jun – Hillerød, Denmark – 8-weeks course “Fysiological Breathing Optimisation for Runners”

Mar-Apr – Copenhagen, Denmark – 8-weeks course “Ki-Kaizen – Self-healing with optimised breathing, diet and inner focus”

February 3 – Gothenburg, Sweden – presentation at World Breathing Day 2016

Feb-Apr – Copenhagen, Denmark – 10-weeks Buteyko course

Jan-Feb – Copenhagen, Denmark – 4 weeks course Ki-energy and sex