Ki-Kaizen self-healing workshop in Israel, June 21-22nd 2015 – “One Point of Attention – One Point of Resilience” – Misha Sakharoff

Ki-Kaizen self-healing workshop in Israel, June 21-22nd 2015 – “One Point of Attention – One Point of Resilience”

Ki-Kaizen – supporting Self-healing through Breathing, Diet and Inner Focus

“How did you manage to be in perfect health at your 114 year birthday? One of the oldest citizens in the world Lu Zijian answered the interviewer. “This is simple. It is training. Every day. The last 100 years.”

Every day. These simple words bear deep meaning here. And we should understand them just as precise as they sound. Because right here lies at true gem.

Slow Education – Deeper Learning, because Real Learning takes Time..

Have you ever dreamt to restore your health and resilience? By taking tiny simple steps – every single day?

The road to change goes through personal development. For most of us it happens up in the head and in the heart. Too often we forget that the root of our perception of the world lies inside our body. And from there it affects both our thoughts and feelings.

Is it possible to access thoughts, feelings and senses altogether through a single point? And if this point was somewhere in our own body? Wouldn’t it be smart to train to access it at each time of the day?

And if we could optimise our health and our relationships through the same point? Together with our mental, physical and immune resilience? Wouldn’t it be nice to accept our surroundings beyond the eternal need for recognition? And learn to tackle everyday stress?

The ideas of Radical Acceptance and One-Pointed-Attention are interdependent in Samurai tradition. Beautiful concepts of Living Silence, Stillness in Action all refer to One-Pointed-Attention.

This single central point called Hara connects to all body’s energy systems. This connection is possible through physiology of breathing.

The Biggest Change Possible is the Inner Change – Rooted Deep in your Physiology

– Are you passionate about energy work, but always wondered how its connects to physiology?

– Do you have health challenge as: asthma, high blood pressure, chronic fatigue? Or sleep disorders, bronchitis, anxiety, depression or maybe cancer? Full list here

– Do you want to improve your quality of life without medicine. And say goodbye to stress and chronic disease by self-healing?

– Do you want stop experience panting and shortness of breath? And enjoy your life and your sport even more through self-healing?

– Are you among the 10% of the population seeking Big Change in their lives?

If you answered YES to one of the questions, then this workshop is for YOU.

Two-day workshop will kick-start self-healing process based on a vast array of physiological discoveries. These discoveries brought the involved scientists Nobel prizes in physiology during the last century.

“Ki-Kaizen 1 – Foundation” – Course Structure

1. Two-day workshop: June 21-22nd, both days 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Address: School for Functional Orthodontics, Ben Gurion 63/8, Kiryat Bialik, Israel
These two days give you knowledge essential for the following 10 weeks of training.

2. Ten weeks follow-up online training with daily support:

“How did you manage to be in perfect health at your 114 year birthday? One of the oldest citizens in the world Lu Zijian answered the interviewer. “This is simple. It is training. Every day. The last 100 years.


– Personal support through secured Intranet site.

– Audio file supporting your personal process with daily inspiration.

This audio will help establishing stable process and overcome the struggle of daily procrastination. Procrastination is the main cause to stop following the chosen path of personal development. Does it sound easy to listen to small 3-minutes audio files everyday? Yes it actually is. It can promote stable recovery process from the vast array of ill-health conditions. And it actually did for many of my clients.


– Video clarifying the guidelines of the coming week’s training process.


– Google hangout sessions

limited to 12 seats only (open as long as seats are available)

Registration fee: 790 $

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“Ki-Kaizen 2 – Extension” course.

After you finish this course you will be eligible to an Extension course. Only if you are happy with the results of your 10 weeks of training and choose to proceed. The price for the will be the same as the the first Foundation course.

“Ki-Kaizen 2 – Extension” course will have the same structure that you already familiar with. Two-days workshop with following 10 weeks of daily training supported with audio and video.

The Course Program

Inspiration for “Sakharoff resilience and health recovery protocol” came from different places. It combines breath physiology with Buteyko  Breath Optimization technique. It enhances Psycho-Physiological Stress Management techniques from Samurai and Aikido with Ketogenic Diet. Using Ki-Kaizen process with Simplicity of Small Steps we create strong and viable results. ME and my clients. YOU and me.

Two-day workshop will kick-start self-healing process based on a vast array of physiological discoveries.
These discoveries brought the involved scientists Nobel prizes in physiology during the last century.

I believe that close support of my clients is the most important part of my work. This close cooperation helped many elite athletes, performing artists, business people towards top performance. I have large experience supporting self-healing process for ill-health individuals people with big challenges. Challenges that range from asthma to a terminal brain tumor.

The course will give you a lot of useful physiological knowledge. During the workshop you will learn specific exercises towards significant improvement of your health.

Our body is strong. I believe that it is possible to help our body to restore its strong natural balance. The strong Physiological Equilibrium.

To achieve lasting results it is important to understand and accept the following fact. The depth of our process will require progressive lifestyle change. Gradual change of small daily habits. Only this way the change will be strong and everlasting.

I will help you to connect all 5 areas listed below in one strong flow. Kaizen process philosophy is to take one small step at a time. This way will keep you going strong – always on track. Change takes time. We work for 10 weeks with 5 areas interconnected with each other.

1. Buteyko breathing optimization

Are there breathing exercises that can optimize your breathing all hours of the day ? Exercises that can optimize your automatic breathing patterns? Even when you are not aware of your breathing? Can you improve oxygenation of all your body cells 24/7?

The answer is YES!

Learn Buteyko technique created by Russian physiologist  MD, PhD, Konstantin Buteyko. It is about drug free treatment and prevention of chronic diseases.  It is about normalization of the metabolism and energy through optimization of breathing patterns.

This method is deep because of its strong base in human physiology. It has shown significant results working with wast array of modern chronic lifestyle diseases.

It activates the body’s natural production of hormones/ chemical substances. Same chemicals used by the pharmaceutical industry in the production of modern medicinal drugs. It can help you strengthen your heart, lungs. It can help you on the way to greater endurance and improved night’s sleep.

Full list of hyperventilation conditions and diseases by Buteyko method

Here you can find full list hyperventilation diseases, reversible by the Buteyko Method:

2. Ketogenic diet

There are lots of different ways to eat – and hundreds of different types of diet. But none of them change the fact that the main source of energy for all our cells is sugar, or glucose. At least it is what we know in our society from the mainstream medical society and the media.

But the modern scientific research reveals the downside of our addiction to sugar. Sugar (glucose) is the main source of inflammation. Sugar (glucose) is the preferred energy source for cancer cells and candida fungus.

Is it possible to switch the body’s cells switch to thrive on other than glucose? Will it enable us to become healthy from the inside?

The answer is YES!

Learn about the physiology and the research behind the Ketogenic Diet. Hear about the experience on the normalization of the body’s metabolism. Learn about the treatment of chronic inflammation, epilepsy, obesity, diabetes, cancer.  The workshop will give you knowledge to an easy start with Keto. The course will give you support to continue and thrive.

Let us be healthy from the inside!

3. Mental resilence

This single central point called Hara connects to all body’s energy systems. This connection is possible through physiology of breathing.

The head is the traditional area for work with Mental Strength and Stress Resilience.

We use our head to change our thought patterns. We use our heart to work with emotions and traumas.

But Albert Einstein said once something useful. “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them”.

Can we strengthen our Mental Strength and Stress Resilience via our physical body? Instead of solving the stress related problems the same place were they originated? Can we work with thoughts and emotions through the lower belly?

Learn to create the strongest Body-Mind synergy by Hara-centering and active relaxation.

We combine the ancient knowledge of Samurai with modern Aikido. We learn from the latest physiological stress research on optimization of breathing. We train to maintain One-Pointed-Attention, focusing in center of the body Hara. We learn to combine physical and mental activity moving with open eyes. We train to use Active Meditation techniques during all your daily  activities. Samurai called it Stillness in Action.

4. Physical resilience

Physical exercise optimized to benefit all important parts of the mind-body coherence. The exercises stabilize the bone structure, strengthen the body balance and improve mobility. They revamp the body’s joints and cartilage – and restore of the lymphatic flow.

3D Circular Joint Motion is a Multiple Purpose Exercise. Inspired by an ancient Indian health system Dharma Marga.

All physical exercises performed from Hara – One-Pointed-Attention.  To promote greatest healing potential – inspired by Samurai legacy.

5. Immune resilience

Our body has two main general defense systems, also called responses.

Fight-Flight-Freeze or Stress Response is directed against external stressors / external enemies. While Relaxation Response targets inner stressors / internal enemies as viruses, bacteries, fungi and parasites. Relaxation Response triggers your inner mechanisms activating the immune system. Training One-Pointed-Attention keeps you in Relaxation Response throughout the day. Which strengthens your immune system on daily basis establishing stable self-healing process.

Trim your immune system with a multidisciplinary approach that involves:
1. Improved oxygenation at the cellular level through optimization of automatic breathing patterns 24/7
2. Restoration of lymphatic flow through physical exercise
3. Maintaining relaxation response
4. Epi-genetic feedback – as top in healing synergy

About The Educator

My name is Misha Sakharoff, Engineering, M.Sc. with ardent interest in human physiology, martial arts, performance optimization and self-healing.

When I realized the possibility to do all the energy work from one point, I asked myself. Is it possible to:

– Optimise performance and self-healing by connecting the old traditions with modern science and physiology? Doing it in a clear and understandable way?

– Create self-healing synergy combining modern science with Samurai legacy? Combine physiological research on breathing and nutrition with martial arts tradition?

– Fight chronic diseases by gently bringing all body systems in balance – equilibrium?

– Strengthen mental, physical and immune resilience from the same single healing point?

That inspired me to create my method, integrating different techniques for strong healing synergy. “Sakharoff resilience and health recovery protocol” serves as basis for this course.

My Focus Areas:

– multidisciplinary approach to breathing physiology in combination with ketogenic nutrition and active relaxation techniques
– pulmonary, cardiovascular, cancers and brain tumours, ME/CFS, eczema, depression, stress, anxiety, voice therapy
– mental and physical resilience for sport and artist performance

My Background:

Msc in engineering, converted engineering career to educational-inspirational work for 6 years ago:

BBEA certified Buteyko breathing instructor:

Peak performance trainer over 6.000 hrs of consulting/ coaching experience:

Tennis resilience breathing instructor:

Public speaker, influencer, blogger:

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