Book a 1:1 session with Misha Sakharoff – Misha Sakharoff

Book a 1:1 session with Misha Sakharoff

1.5 hour personal session with Misha.

This session can help you clarify your personal path towards the reversal of your current symptoms - the strong metabolic health and the energy surplus. 

The agenda and the outcome of our 1:1 session will be following:

- I will answer your questions about your health, life change strategies and your personal issues
- I will give you a deep sparring of your personal health challenges - applied to your unique life environment
- I will scheme a blueprint of the actionable steps towards the full personal health overhaul - both short and long-term
- I will follow up with a mail containing a session recording and the things that you can start implementing in your life right after the session
- All the other aspects of your interest (please think about it before our session)
- 2 weeks support of your lifestyle change process is included - on WhatsApp or another messaging service of your choice.

I'm looking forward to meeting you - and helping you to kickstart your full personal medicine-free health overhaul 🙏