How to reset the biological clock and stay sexy – Misha Sakharoff
Misha Sakharoff
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How to reset the biological clock and stay sexy

Why do we have a need to be attractive and sexy?

Because ever since birth, we have needed to be loved and this feeling carries on into adult life. Yet, to be loved, you have to be able to find another. This “other” will find you attractive and likewise you will find attractive.

The majority of us are in good health. We have looks that are attractive to another on attaining adulthood. Despite lack of experience and confidence. Nature has done this on purpose and connected the dots for you. Nature has made you healthy so that procreation is easy. The resulting offspring are healthy. Nature ensures that physical attractiveness exists. This is so that the strongest genes create the basis for the next generation.

Notice that I said that lack of experience and confidence are a possible barrier. Nature overcompensates in the physical and biological areas to take care of this. We feel that we are at peak and almost immortal. Illness seems a long way off. We can excel at sports, drink and eat what we like and are at a peak.

Living longer – with lifestyle disease

In nature, (think: bees) the male of the species dies after mating. Some male spiders even get eaten by the female! Humans have got beyond that. We have cheated nature to a degree by living longer than we should. As the years go by though, can we say that we are as attractive as we were at the peak?

If we are not careful, we will degenerate into overweight, lethargic beings. Plagued with so called lifestyle diseases. True, we can live a long time, but often with co-morbidity. This means suffering from more than one lifestyle disease. These conditions make it hard to enjoy close relationships. This in turn makes us unattractive.

Live fast, die slow – biological clock ticking?

So there is nothing to do – “live fast, die slow” – or?

Yes, there is something to do and that is keep on performing the reset of the biological clock.

We all strive to keep our attractiveness. We go to the fitness club. Work out, jog, go on “yo-yo” diets, put make up on and even have plastic surgery. All in a desperate attempt to slow down your biological clock ticking. We all know what to do, but we don’t know how to achieve the plain impossible.

Until now.

How to stay sexy and reset the biological clock!

How to reset the biological clock

There is a way to reset the biological clock and the Sakharoff Protocol is the way to do it. How? By combining protocols which address these areas. Your energy intake and distribution, your movement, your mindfulness, your stress management. Plus, suppressing systemic inflammation (the real killer). The Sakharoff Protocol will help you reset your biological clock ticking and also your emotional and sensual centers.

What is it you have to do?  You have to start on the 50-week course for lifestyle change. 50-weeks!!!! Why?  Danish research has shown that you can train the body and mind to adjust to a new condition by breaking a habit. You just have to work at it for one year. For example, you lose weight. You have to keep the weight at the new level for one year and then your weight will stabilize at the new level. This is true for everything, so we lead you in small steps known as “Kaizen” in Japanese. We support and nudge you to success over 50 weeks of videos, podcasts, exercises and fora.

It will not result in a new “What you are” or “Who you are” but “THAT you are”. A person who has transcended the identity of money status. A person who has transcended age status. An integral person – complete, satisfied.

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