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Testimonial – My Most Authentic Marathon!

Testimonial - My Most Authentic Marathon!I am 35 years old, have asthma and PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome).
Besides, I love running and have run 5 marathons so far.

I learned the breathing techniques that Misha is teaching, eight years ago, and have practiced them ever since, also during sports. It has meant that I live without asthma attacks and can push myself to the maximum without the need for medicine.

Up until my last race, I had switched to ketogenic nutrition and thus spent 3 weeks in ketosis before starting at Copenhagen Marathon 2017. I have not loaded myself with carbohydrates in the days up to the race, had no sugar gels in my bag. And honestly I felt a bit alone and naked in the starting area. It was only me and the distance. I felt like it was the first time I had to run without a “support wheel”.

The start went well and I ran without thinking about time. I used Misha’s relaxation techniques and 1-pointed attention, which gave me presence in the moment, rather than focusing on the goal. It was a warm day with high sun, so I already experienced salt deficiency after 10 km. I did not take the salt along, and I noticed how I could not keep on the fluid. Then after 20 km I took a small piece of banana at a marathon water station, and that helped. Out at 32 km, where people usually hit the wall and my fellow runners started to get in trouble. I lowered the pace a bit, but after 35 km, it resolved itself and I could finish the marathon without problems and with lots of energy surplus.

I scored approximately 20 minutes slower than I could have if I continued on carbohydrate diet. However, the full benefit of the combination of reduced breathing and ketogenic diet was shown in the restitution. I was amazed, for the next day I could hardly feel it in my legs! I cycled at work and rushed up and down from the 4th floor without any problems. I usually fight just to get up from a chair. The inflammation was very low this time and the healing was strong and fast.

This was by far my most authentic race and the race I’m most proud of. And I look forward to my next race in half a year, where I will be further advanced in the ketogenic adaptation.

Nana Sefeld Dalby, MSc in Food Innovation and Health

Picture on top: LEFT 41 km and RIGHT just before the finish line
Picture below: 41 km

Testimonial - My Most Authentic Marathon! Nana Sefeld Dalby, MSc in Food Innovation and Health

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My burning interest in human physiology is rooted in far-different areas of expertise such as martial arts, music and long professional career. My core competency lies in the combination of physiological knowledge regarding stress mechanisms and their close relationship with respiration, muscular tension and body balance.

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