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Misha Sakharoff
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Why do the medical oncological professionals continue to promote and protect the practice of chemotherapy?


Because that’s the best, they actually can offer. The medical oncological professionals are not taught any other ways to treat cancer that the invasive therapies – chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. Despite the fact that non-invasive treatments exist and these are relatively well researched by the medical profession.


The premise of invasive therapies is that cancer is a genetic disease which can only be treated with therapies targeted at specific genetic pathways more or less unique for every kind of cancer.

Chemotherapy is an integral part of the existing medical system. And as a medical oncological professional you are obliged to play by the rules. If you don’t want to play by the rules and refuse to prescribe chemotherapy in the hospital setting you will be fired – or maybe even taken away the medical license and the ability to practice for professional misconduct.

Firstly we need to understand that there are many ways to answer this question. The whole problem can be seen from different angles of the medical industry, the state system, medical professionals and the patient.


  1. Chemo often causes new cancers. Many commonly used chemotherapy drugs are known as probable carcinogens. Yes, read that right, it means they (also) cause cancer. Many people who have used chemo for treatment get a new secondary cancer. Combing chemo with radiation therapy multiplies the risk.The most common cancers linked to chemotherapy drugs are AML (acute myelogenous leukemia) and MDS (myelodysplastic syndrome).
  2. Chemo also kills healthy cells. Chemo doesn’t just kill cancer cells, it also kills healthy cells, leading to considerable collateral damage.
  3. Chemo kills your immune system. We all have cancer cell populations. But the immune system, when it’s healthy and vigorous, kills those cancer cells before they form into tumours and metastasize.
    Cancer occurs when the immune system isn’t robust enough to kill those cancer cells. So common sense would tell us that we need to make the immune system healthier and stronger – not weaker.
    Unfortunately, destroying it is exactly what chemotherapy does, – and your immune system is what naturally heals your body.
  4. Chemo has low effectiveness. This paper estimated only 2% effectiveness of chemotherapy looking at 5-year survival rates in treating adult cancers.Quote: “As the 5-year relative survival rate for cancer is now over 60%, it is clear that cytotoxic chemotherapy only makes a minor contribution to cancer survival.”
  5. Chemo has a very high cost. Also when related to effectiveness. The average treatment costs for a cancer patient undergoing conventional chemotherapy is $20,000 for three to four months of care.Multiply this by the total number of cancer patients in the developed world, and you’ll quickly see why this exceptionally profitable, multi-billion dollar cash cow is never questioned or reevaluated regarding its safety and effectiveness.


  1. Many doctors tend to be conservative and use the knowledge they already know. Unfortunately, they don’t have enough time to research all the new tendencies in the medical research, neither they have time to implement it.
  2. They also have to stick to the established instruments to help their patients – pills and conventional therapies, most of which are invasive – not metabolic.
  3. Even well researched and thus less controversial fields as preventative, lifestyle-change and nutritional therapies are becoming mainstream at a very slow pace and with much effort from the “non-mainstream” community of health professionals.
  4. Implementation of metabolic therapies takes time and lots of follow-ups to educate and nudge each patient’s process. It’s simply not possible in the current established medical system unless you are an independent integrative MD.


  1. Conventional cancer therapies are huge zillion-dollar ventures. Their basis is preventative genetic medicine, gene therapy, and so on. They are either not at all profitable (former) or prohibitively expensive (latter) or worse yet, controversial.
  2. In the existing medical model, there is no money to extract from metabolic therapies, yet, because I believe it is possible to establish new business models for the industry to support non-invasive treatments. It must be based on the metabolic theory of cancer healing, on education and daily support.The genetic theory of cancer has prevailed over the last 50 years. This genetic theory has defined all the research on finding how to target the exact genes – instead of targeting the metabolism and the environment of the cell as the primary cause of cancer, which has shown to be totally ineffective. At the same time, chemotherapy is one the largest cash cows ever for the industry.

The biggest paradox of the times?


  1. Simply because the big pharma is the biggest tax payer.
  2. But many governments start thinking – because their economies become more and more overburdened by the rapidly growing health expenditures connected with the conventional big pharma products and therapies.There is a need for a real viable alternative model based on education and support. A one where both the doctors and the industry are welcomed – and can still be major players. But with different tasks, products and function.How to implement it in the real world?
    I have an idea: Health Paradox and Paradigm


  1. The population is ignorant. Excuse my French. It’s certainly possible to do with that, but it requires education from one side and openness and readiness from the other. Which is virtually impossible because fear drives people from the moment they get a cancer diagnosis. Only a few have intelligence and the guts/balls to go against the strong current of conventional thinking and one-sided industry propaganda promoting pills and other products. It makes chemo, radiation and surgery the only viable option for those people.
  2. The existing education model is not integrative enough to cover all the aspects of our physiology. The basis of the current model is professionals telling the population that their area is the strongest one. It’s not enough to establish a real strong healing process. For that, we need the synergetic effect of multifunctional training in multiple fields of health – at the same time. The integrative education, based on long-term intensive courses with both teaching and weekly nudging and process building did not exist. Until now.
  3. Education is very limited and of very differing quality. Alternative medicine is often defined by the broad spectrum of techniques ranging from the use of healing stones and reading the aura to herbs and acupuncture. Some of the methods are more scientifically proven than others.
  4. The basis of many of the therapies are interventions made by another person – hence the word patient. Why? Because it is patiently waiting? All the strongest metabolic therapies are based on the ill-health individual him-/herself working on a daily basis.On the other side, there is no healer. Only an educator, coach and philosopher – for teaching, daily support and inspiration.
  5. All the cancer foundations refuse to work with unconventional metabolic therapies, simply because they will lose their support from the medical companies and the government. They also lack the knowledge to be able to explain and promote the unconventional non-invasive metabolic therapies to their members.


Yes, there are strong alternatives that are both real and workable!

Whether we deal with brain tumours or blood cancers — it is a systemic disease! Tumours or abnormal cells are symptoms of a biochemical imbalance in the body, and that imbalance can be corrected with a well-designed, individualised metabolic program. Building up a non-toxic, biologically sound program, focusing on the whole body and not just the tumour, we can provide all the materials and conditions necessary to reverse and beat cancer, restoring normal health.

It’s a different concept of cancer and chronic degenerative conditions than one promoted by conventional medicine. There is no magic bullet, no miracle drug or botanical ingredient, that heals. You have to take responsibility for your healing process, and I will support you by giving you tools and providing you with daily support.

You have to learn how to make your body’s immunity as strong and inhospitable to cancer as possible. To reach a strong synergetic healing effect you have to combine the following:

  • Smooth transition to a healthy lifestyle that includes breathing optimisation, structured movement, mental resilience, stress management and immunity work.
  • Smooth transition to optimal daily nutrition through a healthy, cancer-fighting, and immune-boosting diet while avoiding unhealthy foods. The dietary regimen has drastically lower body glucose under the levels that do not promote chronic inflammation, that correlates with cancer proliferation and metastatic activity.
  • Paying special attention to sleep optimisation for eliminating toxins from your body by cleansing/detoxing, restoring, and protecting your body cells on a daily basis, including three pathways of cellular autophagy.
  • Building up your vital immune system through structured daily exercise, activating the cascading effect of venous and lymphatic valve/ pump functions, starting from the plantar venous lymph pump in the feet and all the way upwards to the heart.
  • Helping you to avoid procrastination by weekly nudging and practical daily application of psycho-physiological mental training techniques based on martial arts – instead of psychotherapy as we know it.
  • Helping your partners, friends and family to show empathy and understanding for your situation and what you are doing about it by including them into the weekly work sessions.


By the way, sometimes I also work with dog /canine cancer using the same human grade metabolic therapies. The dogs I have worked with until now showed very high chance for recovery from cancer. Why?

  • Because dog and human cancer share the same overall physiology and thus can be applied strong and well researched human grade non-invasive metabolic therapies. There are some differences though, e.g., the rate of occurrence of the different type of cancers can be different for dogs and humans. Eg. Myocardial/ heart tumours like Hemangiosarcoma are very frequent in dogs and rare in humans.
  • The strongest drug-free metabolic regimens for cancer reversal are non-invasive and can be practised without chemotherapy, radiation and surgery.
  • Procrastination and ignorance can not be practised by dogs – only by humans. When the dog is prescribed a metabolic regimen, it is practised and implemented 100% by the dog’s owner.

Dogs can do that, simply because they are 100% controlled by their human owners and do not have the right to choose otherwise. The humans have. And that’s why procrastination and ignorance (or another way around) are most often the real killers – not cancer itself.


Because it’s not WHAT you practice – it’s both WHAT and HOW. It is not only knowledge – but it’s always a combination of both your knowledge and your ability to practically implement it daily and consistently over longer time.

The latter applies to all lifestyle diseases accumulated over longer time mistreatment of the body – by sub-optimal nutrition, breathing and movement patterns. To reverse the lifestyle disease you need to integrate the range of drug-free metabolic therapies into your daily life and practice it consistently over longer time.

That’s how real healing works. It’s the Art of Process.


Health paradox: Take Responsibility for your Health
Beat Brain Tumor Intensive Bootcamp: https://sakharoff.com/gbm_2018/


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