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Atrial fibrillation patient after 19 weeks of exercise: A significant difference

Per Larsen now characterizes himself as a former atrial fibrillation patient. Per lives in Århus, Denmark,  and has worked as an educator for his entire life, the last 25 years leading a school-based leisure scheme with 300 children. He retired in 2015. Per tells:

“Throughout my upbringing and my adult life I have always been overweight. I have tried many times to get my weight down. But many good apologies, including work pressure, made me simply live wrong.

In 2011, I began to have heart rhythm disorders, atrial fibrillation, and my overweight also led to sleep apnea.

In the fall of 2016, I encountered Misha’s name in a Facebook group for people with heart rhythm disturbances. I investigated the matter and decided to go ahead with the lifestyle change that Misha offers a course in. “


8 kilos lighter in five months

“It has meant a lot to me that I have changed my lifestyle. I have started eating differently and thus in five months I have lost 8 kilos. 

It’s actually really easy to follow the keto cure, where you can eat all the fat that you have always been told you can’t eat.

In addition to lifestyle change with the diet, Misha’s course has helped me to completely change my breath. This has led me to control and the realisation that I can do something for my health.

The periods in which I have had heart rhythm disturbances have affected me psychologically, so I have become introverted and self-centered and really difficult to be living with for my wife. But now I am optimistic. Now I think it’s me who controls my health, and I can do a lot of different things with my breath if I’m afraid of having a heart rhythm disturbance. Or if I wake up at night and feel that I have high blood pressure, I can use the techniques that Misha has taught me. “


No need for sleep apnea device

“I have also been able to change my sleep apnea by using breathing techniques. I have returned my sleep apnea device, a CPAP machine, to the hospital. Via a smartphone app that measures the sounds during my sleep continuously, I can see that I sleep fine now without sleep apnea. 

I’m now 19 weeks in the process and I’m very excited about the way the course works, because it’s all repeated and picked up and seen in perspective – how to help yourself.”


Former atrial fibrillation patient  in full vigor

“Then the course also supports my desire to live an active and healthy life and my joy of moving. I move every day. Either I ride or I go or practice fitness. Some days it may be just a museum tour, but it will always be at least a couple of kilometers walk, and often five or ten kilometers. My bicycle tours are from 20 to 35 kilometers at the moment. I expect to develop now when I get my racer bike out after having used my winter bike until now. “


Lower blood pressure through the breath

“I was operated in August. From that time until November 14 I had some heart failure periods, which lasted for a whole day. When I have atrial fibrillation, I can clearly feel a murmur in my body. It’s not that it’s painful, but it’s physical discomfort, it’s like your body bubbles, like the blood bubbles in your body. And I’m very sensitive about it, for example, I can feel if my blood pressure has risen. 

But via the breathing techniques that I use now, I can reduce my blood pressure. I can reduce my heart rate. I can reduce my high blood pressure by 10 to 20 units. It is measured in my blood pressure device. And when my heart is as sensible as it is, it makes a significant difference in my life.”

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