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Misha Sakharoff
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Buteyko breathing normalization with Ketogenic nutrition


Testimonial – Buteyko breathing normalisation and Ketogenic nutrition for Sleep apnea, extreme tiredness, fatty liver grade 3, extracted gall bladder, high triglycerides, Nahum 52 yo.

This is a testimonial with one of my clients that I worked with through Skype during the last 6 months. We got through the whole program to reach strong synergetic effect of multifunctional therapy. We were combining several therapies in one process of self-healing. Buteyko breathing normalisation, ketogenic nutrition, intermittent fasting, caloric restriction, physical exercise and training of hara – inner focus, that has a strong positive effect on physiological stress response.

The process

We had a support agreement with one weekly Skype session at the fixed time slot where I taught techniques and assigned weekly tasks and directions. Besides that we had daily personal contact during the week with follow-up/ support by telephone and via the personal secured intraNET. I followed, reviewed and commented the results of his daily training. My client had access to my teaching materials incl. video and PDF to ensure optimal support for his recovery process. This way we established a personal life style change process with strong continuity.

After the first 6 months of work we are satisfied with the preliminary results 🙂

Buteyko breathing normalisation

The control pause/CP and the maximum pause/MP measured in seconds are central measurements in Buteyko breathing normalisation. CP and MP are correlated to CO2 % in the alveoli – and thus to the level of cellular oxygenation (Bohr’s law of respiration).

This interdependence is defined in the Buteyko Table of Health consisting of 12 zones. Zones are ranging from 5th degree of disease (3.5 % aCO2 – alveolar carbon dioxide), to normal health (6.5 % aCO2) and up to 5th degree of super health (7.5 % aCO2).

Training raises the CP/MP levels and reverse the disease by normalising cellular oxygenation. Can you normalise your health after 6 months of intense training?
You can judge yourself:

The initial values: CP 20 sec/MP 40 sec
– ca. 4.5 % aCO2 – 4th level of DISEASE

Values after 6 months: CP 50 sec/MP 110 sec
– ca. 6.5 % aCO2 – NORMAL level !

What is my client saying?

“After 6 months work with Misha my digestion is normalised, I have normal triglycerides, well controlled sugar levels. Fatty liver is almost fully normalised now. Apnea and snoring are completely gone, I feel completely rested after my night sleep. For me these techniques are more than a revelation – to regain control over myself and my body. It’s nice to see how my body is changed, and even more… It’s incredible, I feel much more energetic! I never experienced a change like that, and I will keep on doing my training.”

Watch this video and hear my client’s full personal story:






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