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Can we use night time to recover and rejuvenate on the cellular level?

When we work with ketogenic nutrition our sleeping habits get better – and we start using the night to recover and not to just sleeping. This week we go in depth into different aspects of sleeping. From sleep stages to cellular cleansing mechanisms – from physiology to practice!

It is important that you follow the correct order – there is an important detail that cannot be skipped!

1. Start by watching the GENERAL DISCOURSE to get an insight into this week’s subject – approx. 17 min.:

2. When you have completed this, you can proceed to PHYSIOLOGY – approx. 17 min.:

3. And so on to TRAINING – approx. 7 min.:

NB! It is important to view the videos in the correct order – there are details that must not be overlooked!

Good training!
Misha Sakharoff

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