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Week 35: WELD week 4 – Alzheimers & Neurodegenerative Diseases

Last week was about core strength and mobility. This is very crucial to know the difference between sick and healthy kinds of fitness. It’s not just simple mechanics and it’s not about pumping

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Positivity, Process and Neuroplasticity.

This week is about Positivity, Process and Neuroplasticity. How are those seemingly differing terms are interconnected. We are going to repeat one of our exercise videos from week 14 – you will

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Oral hygiene – Mouth & Body

Today’s learning is crucial for our understanding of the normal functionality of mouth cavity – and it’s connects with mutual dependance of normal function of other parts of the body.

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Gut Health and Normal Elimination

Today we are talking about gut health and normal elimination, which is the most scientific word I could find instead of pooping. The normal functioning of our body depends on gut health and the quality

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Integrative week no.3 – Connecting Mental & Physical

This week is our Third Integrative week. And we are connecting Mental and Physical aspects together. There’s a lot of interdependencies there that can help us to higher resilience against stress. It

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Cholesterol Myths & Facts

Today we talk about Cholesterol myths, misconceptions – and Cholesterol Facts. There’s a lot of misunderstandings about it that really need clarification! It is important that you follow the

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Keto Practical

This week is about Practical Keto. We call it Ketogenic Lifestyle Without a Divorce 😉 It is important that you follow the correct order – there is an important detail that cannot be skipped! 1.

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Keto Myths & Misconceptions

Today we talk about Keto Myths & Misconceptions. It can be an uneasy task to slowly implement a new life style. This change takes time and you can encounter lots of a hardships, because we break

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Intermittent Fasting

Today we talk about Intermittent Fasting and its benefits, as well as practical ways to implement it into our daily life. 1. GENERAL DISCOURSE – approx. 8 min.: 2. PHYSIOLOGY – approx. 12 min.: 3.

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Integrative week no.2 – Connecting Mental & Immunity

This integrative week no.2 is about connecting immunity with the mental side. We are integrating different aspects of Sakharoff Lifesaver protocol into 10 unique pairs. Today the pair no.2 – Immunity

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