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Extended Water Fasting – Why and How?

In this video I’m talking about my own experience with extended water fasts. It’s 25 min video, so I’m talking about many different aspects of fasting. The aspects below are not an ‘executive

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Testimonial - My Most Authentic Marathon! Nana Sefeld Dalby, MSc in Food Innovation and Health

Testimonial – My Most Authentic Marathon!

I am 35 years old, have asthma and PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome). Besides, I love running and have run 5 marathons so far. I learned the breathing techniques that Misha is teaching, eight years ago,

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Why do the medical oncological professionals continue to promote and protect the practice of chemotherapy?

Why do medical professionals promote chemotherapy?

INVASIVE vs. NON-INVASIVE Because that’s the best, they actually can offer. The medical oncological professionals are not taught any other ways to treat cancer that the invasive therapies – chemotherapy,

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New opportunities for Treatment of Alzheimer's - if you are newly diagnosed

New treatment opportunities for newly diagnosed Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s disease is feared. With good reason. For the affected, the disease is debilitating and unfortunately without the prospect of healing. For the relative, it’s almost worse because

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control lifestyle diseases

Learn how to control lifestyle diseases

“When do I draw the short straw in the lifestyle diseases lottery?” This question is put wrong. The right question should be, “What can I do to keep myself healthy?” We cannot

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khash - armenian ketogenic bone broth

Khash – ketogenic bone broth from Armenia that stops joint inflammation

Growing up in Moscow I learned that all the good stuff is in the bones. My father and I used to make funny symphonic sounds sucking the bones in Khash, the most delightful Armenian bone broth, making

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Training One-Pointed Attention with Sakharoff Protocol

Training One-Pointed Attention with Sakharoff Protocol

In the Sakharoff Protocol One-Pointed Attention is a practical way to get “now” into our everyday lives. It is a way to put a damper on stress and get us to relax and enjoy life much more. One-Pointed

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atrial fibrillation patient Per Larsen, Denmark

Atrial fibrillation patient after 19 weeks of exercise: A significant difference

Per Larsen now characterizes himself as a former atrial fibrillation patient. Per lives in Århus, Denmark,  and has worked as an educator for his entire life, the last 25 years leading a school-based

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Drug-free Metabolic Therapies and The Big Pharma - Impossible love.

Drug-free Metabolic Therapies and The Big Pharma – Impossible love.

We need the paradigm shift where the industry will slowly shift to education instead of medication. Non-invasive metabolic therapies – instead of constantly finding new genetic pathways to create

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Willpower – A Killer Concept

Today I’m talking about willpower and I call it ‘a killer concept’. What do you think – is it positive or negative? People say “You lack willpower, that’s why you cannot

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