How to come back to normal life after cancer – Misha Sakharoff
Misha Sakharoff
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How to come back to normal life after cancer

Testimonial - back to life after chemotherapy, radiation and surgery-


Cancer survivor testimonial

My name is Elizabeth Thrane-Carlsen and I live in Copenhagen. I have been on the course for 27 weeks, which means that I am a bit more than half-way.
I was diagnosed with cancer in 2015, March, and I was treated throughout March and April. I thought it was more sophisticated than basically, smashing up the body, and hoping that it would repair itself without the cancer cells. I lost 26 kilos and I was so exhausted and so weak that I couldn’t contemplate doing anything.

Looking for integrative approach to health

I did physical rehabilitation with the council and the hospital for eight months. So in March 2016, I was looking for something a little more integrative, in the sense that I wanted to know more about general health. It’s not a small thing to admit – I am, after all, a nutritional therapist, as well as a sports coach. So I do have a substantial amount of knowledge about these things, but I really needed somebody to hold the reins of me getting back to health on a completely different level than I was prior to my illness.


50-weeks ThrivePostCancer course

When my friend told me that Misha was starting this course I grabbed it with both hands. What I like most about it and what it has given me is basically, the way that it all ties together, all the explanations. I get all the science: it is there – I get it repeatedly – how to do it, how to make small changes, how to make changes that last. Because I am a pretty normal woman, which means I tried any fad, any hype going when it comes to health and fitness. Looking beautiful, being supposedly healthy – but actually making a life change that would make a foundation for having a really healthy life. Yeah, I couldn’t connect the dots myself.

Connecting the dots – integrative engineering for health

It is a joy to work with Misha because he knows where I’m at. When I ask a question, say, I lack knowledge here, he usually have it or, if not, he will find out. We have some really interesting discussions about health and pick up on subjects that is normally not connected to what we are doing. That is the bless about it – he really goes very very deep down and find out how it’s all connected. Because the problem in the system right now is that, most people are terribly specialised. Having somebody to connect it, is not normal.

Recovering after cancer therapy

So, I have that now and I’m making strides. I am really recovering and just learning to breathe was a completely new stage. You would think at the age of 50 that I could breathe, but apparently not. The Buteyko breathing method has really given me a lot more energy. The changes in diet. Doing exercises that are not strenuous but just really using my body in a completely different way, has given me a new momentum and a new hope for achieving even higher levels. Getting back to a normal level without the usual – how should I put it? – You come to expect that there are certain ailments coming up at a certain age, but I have found out – via Misha – that it doesn’t need to be, it doesn’t have to be like that.

Getting my health back

So it has basically given me my life back. I was looking for something that could assist me in getting my health back. And I actually found it, so it’s something I have continued to do. What else can I say, Misha? What I really enjoy about our collaboration is your approach to the science.  It’s just no nonsense, straightforward. So even I can understand it. So thank you for that and see you on Monday (weekly live Q&A session for the 50-week course).


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