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Take responsibility in health and life

T-cells taking responsibility for killing cancer

The Global Consciousness is facing COLLAPSE?

NO. I don’t think so.

That’s what happens when the energy balance has been wrong for too long time.

Years of living with sub-optimal status-quo in a world system with corrupted politicians, starting wars resulted in this. Call it revolution or evolution. The easiest parallel to draw is with our own body where exactly the same thing happens.

Years of living with sub-optimal status-quo in the body results in the *sudden* outburst of chronic disease. Cancer cell accumulate over 10-25 years. Cancer is not a disease – it’s a metabolic survival mechanism the body cells use to avoid death. They stop normal breathing that doesn’t work in the stressful environment – and shift into pre-historic simple survival mode using sugar fermentation. The same mechanism the simplest forms of life in the early days on this planet.

Taking Personal Responsibility

You can call it protest or fear. But what this seemingly awful thing really is.. It’s just a sign of the general need for the PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY to take over because the system as it is failed big time.

If you ask me, the strategy is the same as with cancer. Taking PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY and take it from there. Live inside the system, but stop RELYING on it 100%. That’s the one of the main ideas that helped psychiatrist Victor Frankl to survive holocaust by helping other prisoners around him to survive every single day.

If you don’t take responsibility – you are a VICTIM.

“And this is not good for your health”, as Osho would say. Whether if you are a cancer survivor or US citizen today November 9th 2016.

I just had a little talk about it on my weekly Facebook LIVE today.

Taking personal responsibility in health and life

Posted by Misha Sakharoff on Wednesday, 9 November 2016

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