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How to Heal Cancer Naturally with Sleep Hacking

It may be hard to believe, but look at the anonymised screenshot I took yesterday of one of my clients’ daily log.


The picture above shows 20 weeks of work with Glioblastoma Multiforme – The King Tumor. This brain tumor is called recurrent cancer of the brain. Glioblastoma is incurable by conventional medicine because it almost always grows back. Sometimes it regrows to the previous state in just several months or even weeks after the brain surgery. Thats why the patients with Glioblastoma go through surgery, radiation and chemotherapy several times.

This client contacted me 1 month after the second surgery when the scan showed rapid growth of the brain tumor. I told him about my method and we started working right away.

Buteyko method and sleep hacking

One of the components of my protocol is Buteyko method of breathing retraining. One of the major areas of importance in this method is optimization of sleep patterns. Various sleep hacking methods boost oxygenation on the cells during the night time. This strenghtens immunity and helps cure the cancer.

Measuring your healthButeyko table of health zones

One of the unique aspects of the method is that we see how breathing retraining
strengthens our health. Buteyko method has a way to estimate the progress of
your state of health by measuring breath holding time – a control pause (CP).

The measuring of CP is easy with a simple stopwatch. You start by breath holding
after a normal exhalation and stop when you feel the first desire to breathe.
CP have the normal value of 40 seconds. Cancer clients have impaired
immune function and CP of 5-15 seconds.

Measuring quality of sleep

CP measurement can also be used to measure the quality of sleep. It is of great importance that your morning CP is always higher that your evening CP. This relationship ensures that your body cells are actually regenerating during the night. Which helps to cure cancer.

Control pause and cancer

Experience from Buteyko method shows that raising your CP all the way to 60 sec can help cure cancer. The bad news is that it is not easy and requires daily work and supervision of a specialist. The good news is that this actually works. There is a huge body of evidence in the last 60 years proving that cancer can not exist with CP of 60 seconds. In the picture above you can see the weekly CP gain during the last 20 weeks. I programmed the client log software to change colour according to the amount of weekly gain in seconds. Green is good, blue is satisfying, red is not good. The red numbers show that in the last 10 weeks we experienced the plateau in the rise of CP. It’s normal at the high CP levels. But on the moment of writing this article (week 36) it looks like we are over the plateau and the CP is rising again towards the 1st level of Super Endurance – 80 sec!

Can Sleep Hacking Help Healing Cancer Naturally

The pulse and the sleep hacking

When you optimise your breathing your CP grows and your pulse always goes down. It is of great importance that your morning pulse is always lower than in the evening. It shows that you are not hyperventilating during the night. Which most of the people with cancer do. Stopping night hyperventilation with sleep hacking methods helps to cure cancer.

In the picture above at the top you can see the good trend in quality of sleep. The pulse lowers during the night because of improved sleep. In the picture you can see that the morning pulse (red line) become lower and lower. The evening pulse (blue line) is getting lower after initial rise – showing a good trend. The rise was due to gradual adaptation to the new ketogenic diet, which is normal.

Good results of hard work

Now we have worked through 20 weeks.The first week my client had a CP of 17 seconds. Already during the second week we experienced the raise in the weekly CP average. We experienced ups and downs on the way. But in the table you can see how the average weekly CP rose from 17 to 64 in 20 weeks. As you can see in the picture the last 11 weeks my client was in the strong healing zone over 60 sec CP. Which heals the cancer, according to the vast amount of evidence from Buteyko method.

Brain tumor is shrinking

The last scans show steady reduction of the brain tumor with about 15% each time. Which means that our team is winning! Exactly the same happened with my first Glioblastoma 4 client that is cancer free now. Read his story in this article. And see his testimonial.

Dr.Buteyko was right

I wanted to show the connection between quality of sleep that I see in my cancer clients with their survival. Quality of sleep is one of the major drivers promoting selfhealing of our body. It depends on many factors as: type of diet, timing of last meal of the day, room temperature, amount of physical exercise previous day, the sleep position, type of bed, carpets in the room and many others.





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