March 26

Now blogging for a leading online tennis-magazine – on physical and mental resilience for tennis

Yesss! Now blogging for Danish online tennis-magazine. Yes, for the LEADING.. one 😉

My topics at will be about physical and mental resilience for tennis players.

Yes. I’m gonna blog with closed mouth… <3

About my posts

I work with mental and psychological aspects of the game – inspired by martial arts like aikido and kendo / samurai.

It is also what I want to write about – to inspire both amateurs and our Danish elite players.
I will contribute with 1 post per week.

Topics I’m passionate about:

– Connection between breathing and reduction of unforced errors,

– Reducing the number of double faults via active relaxation,

– Inspiration for application of advanced samurai techniques like focus and defocus for tennis,

– Extending the on court training time – with daily training outside the court?

– Improving stroke techniques using advanced breathing techniques?

– Tips for mental strength and top performance on court,

– Psychological and physiological resilience,

– Connection between body position and stress tolerance,

– Deeper philosophical understanding of the differences between process and result-oriented training,

– Info for better understanding of stress physiology,

– Tips for improving training efficiency.

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Original article in Danish:


My tennis background

– Played in Fredensborg and Lyngby. The last 6 years in Hillerød Tennis Club – the place for Davis Cup tournaments in Denmark.
– Absolutely mad with tennis, playing 4-5 times a week – twice a week with coach, and 2-3 matches.
– Have an ambition of playing more tournaments. And start winning. Slowly, and sometimes ugly.
– My psycho-physiological training for tennis players: (in danish). English site in 3Q 2015.
– Im working on establishing contacts to high ranked players on ATP and WTA to present my psycho-physiological training programme for tennis players. Contact me if you know someone over there – and can help me with this! 




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