Asthma is common among Olympic athletes! – but WHY? – Misha Sakharoff
Misha Sakharoff
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Asthma is common among Olympic athletes! – but WHY?

Just read an article this morning saying that the big part of the modern top athletes have asthma. Article quotes that more than 20 percent of the U.S. Olympic team competing in the 1996 Atlanta Summer Games reportedly had asthma. During the 2008 Beijing games, there were more than 1,000 applications for asthma drug use approved for asthmatics from very different kinds of sports like cycling, swimming, mountain biking, running and others.

Doctors aren’t quite sure why so many athletes have asthma. Some of them point on several causes could possibly induce athlete’s asthma, among them – cold, dry air in the winter, dehydration of airways, pollution, pollen in the summer.

But I’m not surprised at all – despite high asthma rates among elite athletes they are still representing normal population. According to many sources up to 15-20 percent of population (USA, Australia, Denmark etc) suffer of lung diseases as asthma, KOL, rhinitis  and allergies. And this number continues to grow. But who’s to blame?

According to breathing normalisation method invented in Russia by prof. Buteyko some 60 years ago, mouth breathing and chronic hyperventilation are to blame. Both are induced mostly by chronic stress as well as other environmental causes as over-eating, over-heating, toxic stress from food and environment, as well as propaganda of deep breathing. All this results in Chronic HyperVentilation Syndrome (CHVS) – a diagnosis begging for recognition among modern doctors. The worst thing that CHVS can trigger is SAD – Sudden Athlete Death.

The bad news is – that both mouth breathing and chronic hyperventilation are still predominant in the most part of the modern “civilized” world – and are still largely stress induced.

The good news is – both can be cured! Buteyko breathing normalization method stops hyperventilation by slowly reprogramming the automatic breathing pattern back to the physiological norm.

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