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Misha Sakharoff
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Khash – ketogenic bone broth from Armenia that stops joint inflammation

khash - armenian ketogenic bone broth

Growing up in Moscow I learned that all the good stuff is in the bones. My father and I used to make funny symphonic sounds sucking the bones in Khash, the most delightful Armenian bone broth, making my mom smile and shout shut-the-f-up-now-please!

This is one of the first articles I wrote when I started blogging for 15 years ago. It is also the only article I kept updating ever since 😉 This recipe is from my mother’s Armenian girlfriend. The memory of this special aroma from the kitchen sits somewhere deep in my brain and keeps on triggering childhood memories. Every time I cook it.. Enjoy

What is Khash?

Khash is an ancient type of bone broth from Armenia, which is consumed widely throughout the Caucasus region. The word Khash means something like a decoction. It is a strong and tasty bone broth that is rich in flavor – and is probably one of the dishes in the world that is most rich in natural collagen and elastin, substances that can help to rebuild our worn-out joints. This means that it should help people with arthritis, joint problems, bad knees and so on. In many places in the Caucasus and in Russia Khash is used to speed up restitution by professional athletes – and to simultaneously strengthen joints and cartilage in the long term.

Beef bones and collagen

ketogenic bone brothStart by ordering 10 kg of beef bones from the butcher, they need not necessarily be with meat on them. Get them sawn into small pieces, about 10 cm each. Place them in a large pot, so they take up as little as possible in height, so the soup will be as powerful as possible. Fill with water so that it just covers the upper bones. Cook it for 6-10 hours, start in the evening, get it to a boil and turn down to the lowest setting, so it just simmers – check out a few times before you go to bed. It should simmer – do not waste cook.

If you put the soup at 6pm the first part will be finished when you get up in the morning. If you cool it now it will result in a 1-2 cm thick yellow layer of white and yellow fat on top. This is one of the best sources of pure energy. Saturated fats are the most stable kind of fat that is also the best for your health in the long run. But don’t cool it down yet.

Cartilage and marrow

Now comes the most important part – cartilage must be scraped and chopped fine. Take the marrow out of the bones with a thin fork or a knife. Chop it if you want. Then add cartilage and marrow back into the broth. Once all the bones are scraped clean they must be disposed of or given to the dog, that has probably been waiting or this moment for a while. Though I always prefer giving my dog fresh bones only – not the cooked ones. Because I love my dog and want it to live until 25. Just as I have plans for myself – to be come an active super-centenarian one day 🙂

And then we spice it up

Wash thoroughly and finely chop two large bunches of parsley and two, three large bunches of coriander. Here you must not compromise – just as in the rest of the soup, coriander is a very important component. Chop 2-3 large garlic – and I think the whole heads garlic, not just cloves. Add all the chopped stuff to the soup, warm it up and turn off the heat before it starts cooking. Now, it should be salted. The bone broth should have the right salty taste, so no compromises here.

This is the basic recipe to inspire you. From here you have the right to experiment with spices – I have the right to remain silent!

Ketogenic bone broth

The recipe is higly ketogenic. It means that eating that bone broth will most probably prime your body cells to start burning your body fat already after 1 week – called nutritional ketosis.

There is also a possibility to make this recipe strict ‘zero-carb’ if you omit coriander and parsley. If you are ‘zero-carb’ but still want to enjoy the specific aroma of the soup you can avoid chopping them, but just take them out of the soup and dispose after cooking.

I use it a lot for my clients as a part of ketogenic nutrition – also called keto. Keto stops systemic inflammation, and is a part of my multifunctional protocol for combatting cancer, diabetes 1, 2 and 3 (Alzheimers) and a whole range of lifestyle disease. We are working a lot with ketogenic cooking in our 50-weeks courses.

Bon appetit
Misha Sakharoff


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