Drug-free Metabolic Therapies and The Big Pharma – Impossible love. – Misha Sakharoff
Misha Sakharoff
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Drug-free Metabolic Therapies and The Big Pharma – Impossible love.

Drug-free Metabolic Therapies and The Big Pharma - Impossible love.

Drug-free Metabolic Therapies and Big Pharma

Have you ever had an impossible love? I don’t mean a relationship that went sour, a divorce, or a crush that went ignored. I mean something major, that never had any hope of becoming a reality…

It reminds me of the relationship between Drug-free Metabolic Therapies and Big Pharma. Except that there has never been any love to start with.

I’m writing this because I’m tired of hearing this phrase said about metabolic drug-free therapies:

– There is no sufficient evidence of a beneficial effect in humans.
– We need randomized placebo-controlled clinical trials for that.

Why some trials fail?

Randomized placebo-controlled clinical trials? Are you ready to wait until they will be made – including a PROPER SETUP? … then I’m afraid you are going to have to wait a very long time…

I’m afraid that there will never any properly set-up clinical trials made. Simply because the established medical system, as it is now, is not interested in letting people know about the strength of the metabolic theory of lifestyle diseases.

And if the industry would do it, then they would probably make a highly erroneous study set-up. Just as we have often seen with the “clinical trials” of drug-free metabolic therapies, such as Buteyko and ketogenic. Many of those studies appear to be organised specifically to give negative results. Thus proving that metabolic therapies are non-effective. This is in order to get more grants to create new drugs…

There is no money in promoting metabolic therapies, Such as low-carb LCHF, ketogenic regimen and normalisation of cellular oxygenation through the Buteyko technique. Simply because they work without the need for pills, radiation and surgery – and the industry knows it too well.

Back to real life

I just had a session with one of my cancer clients with CLL leukaemia, who has been on ketogenic and trained breathing and other drug-free techniques for 2 years now. This is according to my integrative health protocol.

His chronic inflammation levels are fallen down to CR-P < 1 mg/L – which means NO CHRONIC INFLAMMATION.
His fasting glucose is almost lowest possible 4-4.5 mmol/L – which means he is an optimised fat-burner – which means STABLE HIGH ENERGY.

My client’s nutritional window is 6 hours – GOOD SLEEP AND NORMAL RESTITUTION.

His BREATHING IS NORMALISED with control and maximum pause the last 16 months at CP/MCP – 60/90 sec. This maximum pause is easy for him – he can make absolute maximum pause of 2.5 minutes if he wants to. His initial starting weight of 90 kg, after an initial fall to 70 kg, is now stabilised at 75 kg. This correlates 100% with PHYSIOLOGICALLY NORMAL METABOLISM.

Stopping lifestyle disease without drugs

I just came from the “Low Carb 2017” conference in Denver, USA. I met about 80 MDs and medical researchers from around the world there. They were there to present their clinical evidence. This is that low plasma fasting glucose levels correlate 100% with the absence of chronic lifestyle diseases. And we are talking exactly the same levels that my client has every morning – 4-4.5 mmol/L.

It takes these MDs normally about 3-4 months to stop Diabetes 2 with nutritional lifestyle change ONLY. That’s why adding optimisation of breathing and other domains of human health creates such a strong healing effect – with NO MEDICINE.

Who rules the world?

And now let me ask you. Why are there studies published all the time that try to prove the contrary? Who pays for those studies? How are they set-up, with the result that give different results than practical experience shows?

Screenshot 2017-04-12 00.42.55

The drug industry is the most powerful industry in this world. In fact, the 10 biggest medical companies in the world’s largest 500 companies have revenues that are larger then the other 490 companies together. This includes the automobile, construction and weapon industries… Think about it.

You know what? I really feel sorry for this world.

Right now, the industry does not accept our human right to take responsibility for our own health. Right now, it believes that highly invasive therapies using chemical drugs, radiation and surgery are the only way.

Need for paradigm shift

I hope that the paradigm shift will come one day where the industry will make a slow shift towards education – instead of medication. Non-invasive metabolic therapies – instead of constantly finding new genetic pathways to create new highly invasive chemical drugs that sell for billions. One day the industry will empower us to enjoy our right to take responsibility for our health back in to our own hands – through education. Just like in the old Chinese model of medicine. Here, doctors were rewarded for their success in keeping their patients healthy. The doctors were not paid for trying to heal them when they were sick.

But we can do something while we are waiting for the industry to change. It’s a tough job but somebody has to do it…

Let’s make the change together

I’m writing this blog to inspire you, my reader, to take responsibility and change your life. To improve your health in small and easy steps. My job is to educate for change.

I put all the experience I have from helping my 1:1 clients into my online 50-weeks course. Together with my team, I have been working on creating this course for the last 4 years. I look forward to meet you online in our LIVE Q&A sessions that are a part of our course.

PS: If you have friends or family that could benefit from this, please share this link.

Let’s change this world together.

Misha Sakharoff

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