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I can help you beat cancer and return to normal life

If you want to beat cancer

If you have cancer and you are looking for alternative cancer cure that actually works and not necessarily involves chemotherapy and radiation, then this information can be valuable for you. If you train breathing optimisation until you reach a stable state where your first desire to breathe appears 60 seconds after a normal exhalation and a breath hold then your cancer cells will revert back to normal cell state or die.

This information is based on the last 60 years of experience of a large group of Russian medical doctors and applies to approximately 200 lifestyle diseases and conditions out of a large list of approximately 35.000 described by modern medicine. This 200 diseases and conditions are all connected to chronic hyperventilation and include asthma, diabetes, hypertension – and cancer. All of these diseases and conditions can be reverted if or when you reach 60 seconds of control pause as I previously described.

How easy is it to reverse and beat cancer?

Now your next question will probably be – how complicated is this and how long time will this training take until it works? The short answer is – it’s simple but not easy. This technique called Buteyko method involves gradual lifestyle changes and requires daily training under supervision of a certified therapist.
To reverse cancer can take everything from three months to one year of daily training – depending on type of cancer, the severity of condition and your power of will and most of all perseverance of your daily training.

Protocol to beat cancer

To create powerful synergy with breathing retraining I created my own unique universal Sakharoff Protocol . It introduces fully measurable multi-purpose training and life changes, that create strong synergetic effect – merging 5 basic areas towards health and resilience:


If you’re interested to learn more please watch the video and contact me.

About the Author Misha Sakharoff

My burning interest in human physiology is rooted in far-different areas of expertise such as martial arts, music and long professional career. My core competency lies in the combination of physiological knowledge regarding stress mechanisms and their close relationship with respiration, muscular tension and body balance.

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