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How to boost athletic performance with breathing and nutrition

Are you interested in boosting your athletic performance? Listen to this podcast where I’m interviewed for a British cycling team Velocast CC. We are talking about‪#‎Buteyko‬ ‪#‎breathing‬, ‪#‎ketogenic‬ diet, multipurpose exercise and their role in optimisation of physical and ‪#‎mental‬ resilience for athletes ‪#‎velocast‬‪#‎cyclesystems‬ ‪#‎immunity‬ ‪#‎ketogenicdiet‬.

Q&A examples:

  • Nutrition – is the aim here to stay fat-fuelled up to lactate threshold?
    • Lactate threshold is only problem for high carb!
    • Fat-adaptation is a huge paradigm shift! Lactate is much lower and used better!
  • Nutrition – Before a 300 km cycling race, carbs are good?
    • Carb-loading is a concept for endurance athletes with low fat oxidation.
    • After full fat adaptation you won’t be needing it!
    • After adaptation you have 20-40.000 kCal of adipose fat = Never hypoglycemic again
  • Optimised breathing – what is the strongest advice to start with?
    • You start by never opening your mouth while biking.
    • Mouth is for eating, kissing and communicating. Definitely not for breathing!

Listen to the podcast here!





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