Which aspects are important when we change our sleep habits? – Misha Sakharoff

Which aspects are important when we change our sleep habits?

Your sleep hacking process has to be based on gradual life style change. Because there is absolutely no point in changing the sleep patterns unless they are good for your overall health and resilience.

Among many aspects that can help it:
– the length and the timing of the day’s last meal in your nutritional window
– the timing of your water drinking habits in relation to the meals (before and after)
– air quality and temperature in the bedroom, carpets in the room
– sleeping position (to prevent nightly hyperventilation)
– type of bed and bed angle (inclined)
– type of diet
– timing of last meal of the day,
– room temperature, amount of physical exercise previous day
… and many others.

Quality of sleep is one of the major drivers promoting your physical and mental resilience, selfhealing of our body optimising cellular regeneration during the night.

And remember it’s not about the duration of sleep – it’s about quality.
You change the duration of sleep by naturally or organically building up a slow process in parallel with gradual life style change. Otherwise you will eventually harm yourself – this is called simple sleep deprivation.

Naturally shorter sleep as a result of sleep hacking and lifestyle change has nothing to do with sleep deprivation!

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