How to beat procrastination and start and a productive life each day? – Misha Sakharoff

How to beat procrastination and start and a productive life each day?

Procrastination is hard to beat. And laziness is a psychosomatic symptom of a healthy mechanism. It is about intuitive recognition of the meaninglessness of work, generated over the years of evolution…

Ok, now I’m serious 🙂 I can give you a couple of practical solutions to beat procrastination.

The first practical solution starts with accepting the simple fact of your mind is trying to force you to do something that you deep inside is not willing to. Don’t try to apply brute force here! Instead break your big targets into VERY small and highly doable tasks. It’s called Kaizen process philosophy.

Example. If you know that you need to work with your finances/economy but you really hate this idea, do the following:
Day 1 – collect the bills.. Ummm nice, highly doable. Now do something you love 🙂
Day 2 – collect the invoices. Go for a walk 🙂
Day 3 – put it in the sheets. Get a nice bulltproof coffee <3
Day 4 – make the calculation. Play guitar!!!!
Day 5 – send it to the tax office. Hug your girlfriend + more..

I work with 1-pointed attention with roots from Samurai tradition in order to get strong centering. This gives procrastination deadly knock-down..

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