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Cycling – I’m with a group and these are rollers. It’s hard to have a slower pace to practice correct breathing.

Two possibilities here: 1. Bite your pride and shift gradually to lower gear keeping your mouth shut. Then evaluate your aerobic capacity after 1 or 2 weeks of doing so. 2. Shift to mouth breathing only

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Cycling – I am out of shape, and to reach respectable average speed, I was gasping for air on every little hill. Should I be trying to force myself to inhale through the nose?

Yes, the best would be switch totally away from the “winning attitude” and shift gradually to the lowest gear instead. Slowly but steady uphill – with closed nose, definitely. If you

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Lifting weights – Should I still breath on each repetition?

Yes I would do it on each repetition to start with. But ALWAYS with closed mouth – also on exhale. You are making a lot more CO2 during the big physical strain as weightlifting. Don’t bother

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Why is it so important to rise CO2 levels by breathing optimisation?

Breathing pure oxygen kills you because it destroys the normal gas balance with CO2 (carbon dioxide) in the lungs required for effective oxygenation on the cellular level. That’s why the most modern

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