5 changes you need to implement this week – Misha Sakharoff
Misha Sakharoff
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5 changes you need to implement this week

Most health programmes focus on diet change anticipating we become what we eat. As this is partly true, it is also a huge understatement.

In the Metabolic Health Program, you will be guided to work synergetically with five essential pillows of health: Breathing, Nutrition, Immunity, Physical exercise and mental resilience.

This implies a lot of change in daily habits and lifestyle. We will introduce these changes one step at a time and thoroughly explain both the science behind and the practical implications.

The purpose and outcome of our program is to slowly build superhealth.

Why superhealth?

Because you need superhealth to support you 

  • while dealing with disease
  • while living in a modern society with loads of stress and toxicity
  • while trying to support ill members of your family

For most people it takes at least 3-4 months to develop a state anywhere near superhealth.

Often the process meets obstacles and thus gets prolonged.

In order to establish solid and lasting super health you will need to practice steadily and stubborn each day for 10-12 months.

Start here

For a start we would like you to make a few changes to your daily habits without even asking why.

Feel safe. You will have the whole story unfolded during the first ten to twelve weeks.

1 Diminish your nutritional window

We assume you are already familiar with the basic principles of the ketogenic diet and we assume that you practice the diet in your own household. Do you also practice intermittent fasting? 

Whatever the case we want you to cut off two hours immediately.

Tomorrow you will have your first meal of the day one hour later and your last meal of the day one hour earlier.

2 Tape your mouth at night 

If there’s one single factor to deteriate our health, it is hyperventilation during sleep. That is why people striving for superhealth tape the mouth at night. 

You can find it at the pharmacy, at the health food store, at the sports store or in several webshops.

As it will be scary for many to use the tape horizontally let me tell you it is sufficient to use it vertically.

For those with a beard it might be a good idea to find a shaver now.

3 Keep your mouth closed all day

Many also hyperventilates at daytime, often without knowing. In one of our lectures you will learn how our nose cavity is naturally designed as a first line of immunity to protect us from particles and viruses, while the mouth is designed for eating only. For now just try to be aware that your immunity depends not only on DNA. It firstmost depends on your ability to keep the mouth closed for longest possible time and only breath – in and out – through the nose.

4 Move lightly

If you practice sport, fitness or weightlifting you are familiar with the urge to improve all the time – speed, distance, time, units …

Now we want you to stop that. Immediately. We want you to unlearn and relearn your favorite sport and all your daily exercises.

If you don’t do exercises at all we want you to unlearn that too.

We want you to let go of all control and let the body do the exercise for you. Be your own body’s passenger.

Make every step or stroke or lift as slow and light as possible and let your body take over from that point. Be as relaxed as you can while your body works. Just be there and observe what happens. 

5 Release your belly

Our strongest mental tool does not reside in the brain. It resides in the belly. Did you know that? This insight is a fundamental understanding beneath all the lifestyle changes you are going to face during this course. Whenever something hurts you throughout the day, i.e. somebody insults you. You reach alarm mode preparing to scold the aggressor – Stop!
Breath. Release your belly. Relax. Smile. 

What really happened was this: Somebody aired a problem that was his, not yours. You did not take action. You just sent him an encouraging smile.

Be prepared for errors. This is the toughest one. That is why you will come back to these five health aspects again and again while slowly raising the bar and gradually achieving stronger health.