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Misha Sakharoff
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Health Paradox and Paradigm – Question of Responsibility

Today we are talking about Health Paradox and Paradigm. The Health is a Question of Responsibility.

Who is responsible for your health the doctor, the health care system or yourself?
Is this question hard to answer? Let’s talk about it!

It is important that you follow the correct order – there is an important detail that cannot be skipped!

1. Start by watching the GENERAL DISCOURSE to get an insight into this week’s subject – approx. 17 min.:

2. When you have completed this, you can proceed to PHYSIOLOGY – approx. 23 min.:

3. Today Steve have some valuable words to add to my presentation – approx. 5 min.:

For details look at the whiteboard picture with greater resolution: Whiteboard – Week 36: Health Paradox and Paradigm – Question of Responsibility

4. And so on to TRAINING. Today we are repeating the exercise from week 16, I think these techniques can be useful to handle the real life situations that can arise from the discrepancy between your own understanding of responsibility for your own health and the conventional world around you – approx. 5 min.:

NB! It is important to view the videos in the correct order – there are details that must not be overlooked!

Good training!
Misha Sakharoff

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