Stay & Learn 1:1 with Misha – Misha Sakharoff

Stay & Learn 1:1 with Misha

Do you have a lifestyle disease or progressive chronic condition that have worsened over time? It could be cancer, diabetes, asthma, neurodegenerative or cardiovascular disease etc. Have you tried different therapeutic approaches but without success?

Do not give up. There’s a chance that you can stop the progression of your disease by implementing an integrative approach into your daily life. An integrative approach that have proven to be effective in:
– reversing lifestyle disease in ill-health individuals and
– optimising physical/ mental resilience and overall health of elite and recreational athletes


It’s Not Either-Or’ but Both-And…

It’s not working with EITHER nutrition OR breathing OR mental OR physical OR immunity aspects of your health. You need to learn to connect ALL of these aspects TOGETHER to activate the synergetic effects of organic healing. If you are fighting cancer it means that you have to take particular steps to resurrect your immunity destroyed after the invasive therapies as chemotherapy and radiation. Only then you will be able to use the strength of your body’s internal systems and reestablish the normal balance of your system.


The Art of Process

And it’s not WHAT you practice – it’s both WHAT and HOW. It is not only knowledge – but it’s always a combination of both your knowledge and your ability to practically implement it daily and consistently over longer time.

The latter applies to all lifestyle diseases accumulated over longer time mistreatment of the body – by sub-optimal nutrition, breathing and movement patterns. To reverse the lifestyle disease you need to integrate the range of drug-free metabolic therapies into your daily life and practice it consistently over longer time.

That’s how real healing works. It’s the Art of Process.


You Have To Do The Work Yourself – There Is No Magic Pill

All lifestyle diseases are systemic diseases – with an array of interconnected and interdependent factors! Tumours or abnormal cells are symptoms of a biochemical imbalance in the body, and that imbalance can be corrected with a well-designed, individualised metabolic program. Building up a non-toxic, biologically sound program, focusing on the whole body and not just the tumour, we can provide all the materials and conditions necessary to reverse and beat cancer and other lifestyle diseases, restoring normal health.

It’s a different concept of cancer and chronic degenerative conditions than one promoted by conventional medicine. There is no magic bullet, no miracle drug or botanical ingredient, that heals. You have to take full responsibility for your healing process – no pill or doctor will do it for you.

It means basically that you have to do the work yourself. And that’s an uneasy part.


Get Help With Implementing The Change into Your Life RIGHT NOW

I can help you to learn how to implement the change you need to kickstart the healing process into your daily life. I can help you by giving you the tools, the understanding and providing you with daily nudging and hands-on support.

You have to learn how to make your body’s immunity as strong and inhospitable to disease as possible. To reach a strong synergetic healing effect we will combine the following:

  • Smooth guided transition to a healthy lifestyle that includes breathing optimisation, structured movement, mental resilience, stress management and immunity work.
  • Smooth guided transition to optimal daily nutrition through a healthy, cancer-fighting, and immune-boosting diet while avoiding unhealthy foods. The dietary regimen has drastically lower body glucose under the levels that do not promote chronic inflammation, which correlates with cancer proliferation, metastatic activity and other lifestyle disease.
  • Paying special attention to sleep optimisation for eliminating toxins from your body by cleansing/detoxing, restoring, and protecting your body cells on a daily basis, including three pathways of cellular autophagy.
  • Building up your vital immune system through structured daily exercise, activating the cascading effect of venous and lymphatic valve/ pump functions, starting from the plantar venous lymph pump in the feet and all the way upwards to the heart.
  • Helping you to avoid procrastination by weekly nudging and practical daily application of psycho-physiological mental training techniques based on martial arts.


Active Learning With Me by Your Side 

Come and train with me during 1 or 2 weeks of personal ‘Stay & Learn with Misha’ at my house in Northern Sealand, Denmark. I live in beautiful surroundings in the “North Zealand of the Kings” National Park, just besides the woods and lake Esrum. It’s a perfect place to get help to change the course of your life and kick-start the process of reversal of your chronic condition.

It’s much easier to learn the process of life-change directly with me at your side, as your instructor. Whether you want help to go through extended water fast, learn breathing techniques with a certified therapist at your side or learn to make easy ketogenic food that retain all the micronutrients and their maximum bio-availability, or all of the above – the ‘Stay & Learn’ will give you the best value possible.

You train together with me for one or two whole weeks. We work together minimum 2 hours every day and I give you daily tasks to work with besides that. 


Sakharoff Protocol

My Sakharoff Protocol has helped many of my clients to reverse their chronic health conditions by restoring the interplay between immune system and other body systems. My work makes a difference by integrating 5 areas of human health into one life-changing process. This universal training protocol introduces fully measurable multi-purpose training and life changes, that create strong synergetic effect – optimising and merging 5 basic areas towards health and resilience.


How Do You Maintain What You Have Learned?

It can be easy to learn helped by a trainer by your side. But it’s hard to do the training when you return back to your environment without me by your side. How do you maintain what you have learned when you come home? 

After the intensive 1 or 2 weeks of ‘Stay & Learn with Misha’ I can provide you with weekly support for 50 weeks with my online program and personalised 1:1 sessions every week.


Do You Want to Start? – Book an Intro Session Now

This reservation is preliminary. I need to be sure that we can work together in a close team. To be sure we need to have a week of online training and learn to know each other. Only after that I can confirm your booking, so you can come and train with me at my house in Northern Denmark, 40 km up north from Copenhagen. You will receive a confirmation mail with payment link after the initial 1.5 hr intro session and the following 5 days of training. Book your 1.5 hr intro session first and then make the payment (400 EUR) to complete the booking.


Availability – contact me

There’s several weeks available during Autumn and Winter of 2017/2018.
Contact me:       mobile: +45 2073 5306       mail: 


Cost all inclusive – payment

The cost of ‘Stay & Learn with Misha’ is 4.000 EUR per week. Included: accommodation in your own room, food, training, daily nudging. We buy and make food together, I show you how to make the right food choices in the supermarket.


Check in

Sunday 12.00-18.00. I will pick you up at the Copenhagen Airport.


My house 

My house is a Norwegian style log house situated just 50 m from the entrance to the Gribskov forest and 5 min walk through the woods from Esrum lake.

My Norwegian style log house

Deer grassing on the lawn early morning

You enter the woods 50 m from the house

Plenty of blackberries and raspberries in the forest

View from the garden

My sweet labrador Teddy

The lake is 3 min walk from the house

Pick up mushrooms – here a beautiful porcini


Beautiful nature

Nødebo is located in the middle of the natural beauty of North Zealand. Beyond the natural beauty North Zealand is full of notable attractions. Copenhagen is only 40 km away.

Experience the National Park “Kongernes Nordsjælland” – “North Zealand of the Kings” National Park – where one can visit the Danish Queen’s summer residence Fredensborg Palace, Frederiksborg Castle and last but not least Kronborg Castle, the world famous setting for Shakespeare’s play Hamlet. White sandy beaches along the North Zealand Riviera stretch out for nearly 100 km (62mi) through idyllic seaside towns and make North Zealand a fantastic experience.

Along the northern coast of North Zealand, you will find wonderful beaches and in seaports like Hundested, Gilleleje and Hornbæk.


If You Need Help, Act Now – Do Not Postpone The Decision

Do not postpone the decision. What we postpone to tomorrow is often forgotten before it’s evening. Simply because we live busy lives that are crowded with information. If you really need help you do not want to miss the knowledge you can get here. Book your 1.5 hr intro session NOW.