Stay & Learn 1:1 with Misha

1 or 2 weeks of personal Stay & Learn 1:1 with Misha together with me at my house in Northern Sealand, Denmark. Beauutiful surroundings, just besides the woods and lake.

It’s much easier to learn the process of life-change directly with me at your side, as your instructor. Whether you want help to go through extended water fast, learn breathing techniques with a certified therapist at your side or learn to make easy ketogenic food that retain all the micronutrients and their maximum bio-availability – the Stay & Learn 1:1 with Misha will give you the best value possible.

You train together with me for one or two whole weeks. We work together 2 hours every day and I give you daily tasks to work with. 

RESERVATION: This reservation is preliminary. I need to be sure that we can work together in a close team. To be sure we need to have a week of online training and learn to know each other. Only after that I can confirm your booking, so you can train with me in my house. You will receive a confirmation mail with payment link after the initial 1.5 hr intro session and the following 5 days of training.

PAYMENT: The cost is 15.000 DKK pr. week. Included: accommodation in your own room, food, training, daily nudging and 2 months follow-up video course. We buy food together, I show you how to make the right food choices in the supermarket.

CHECK-IN: Sunday 16.00. You will receive the payment link after the confirmation of your reservation – 5 days after the 1.5 hr intro session.

PS: It is mandatory to book an initial 1.5 hr intro session prior to Stay & Learn 1:1 with Misha and has to be booked at least 10 days before the start of Stay & Learn 1:1. Book your 1.5 hr intro session now by following this link.