BEAT BRAIN TUMOR – Intro week – Wednesday

Today we are addressing another one of the most crucial components to kick-start healing of the brain tumor.
I’m talking about optimization of oxygenation on the cellular level. It’s very important to tae daily steps in this direction to ensure healing of helper cells in the brain – glia, astrocytes that


This video introduces you to main practical breathing optimization concepts we are going to work with – starting today.

1. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT that you START BY WATCHING THE VIDEO BELOW to get an insight into this week’s work – 42 min.:

Это видео знакомит вас с основными практическими концепциями оптимизации дыхания, с которыми мы будем работать, начиная с сегодняшнего дня.

1. ОЧЕНЬ ВАЖНО , чтобы вы ПРОСМОТРЕЛИ ЭТО ВИДЕО , чтобы получить представление о нашей работе на этой неделе – 35 мин .:


0 – Introduction to physiology of breathing – How does it work to reverse tumor

8.55 – Diminished breathing exercise – Adult version (Horse Rider)

20.39 – Diminished breathing exercise – Children version (Little Mouse)

25.45 – Measurement of breathing effectivity – Control Pause (CP)

32.02 – Using online log to write daily CP measurements

33.02 – Using physical devices – Train breathing in movement



Open your online sheet that I shared with you online on GoogleSheets:
It is named DAILY LOG – YOURNAME. Open the cyan-blue-coloured DAILY LOG sheet tab.
Contact me please if you did not received mail with the link or can not find it in your GoogleSheets online file folder.

Be aware that:
– your evening CP (eCP) is from the previous day. Just like your morning CP (mCP), it also defines how this particular day is going to be started after the night sleep
– for example if you are writing measurements for 21-Oct as in the example in the last line with SAMPLE VALUES  below – you need to write the eCP from the evening of the previous day 20-Oct – IN THE SAME LINE for 21-Oct
– WHY? Because in this way we can see and analyse the whole night sleep IN THE SAME LINE – instead of in two separate lines

I will answer all your possible questions on our Q&A.



Cross trainer / Elliptical trainer
We need to distribute lymph drain pumping function evenly between the upper and lower parts of the body. It will create a strong synergy together with optimal pH regulation from reaching high CP.  Used right, Cross trainer / Elliptical trainer can a strong extra device for reversal of cancer/ brain tumor. When you choose your device, pay special attention to the following requirements for the smooth training:

– electromechanical load is a must
– pulse measurement possibility with ear clip – or pulse directly on the moving handles
– do not buy a device with pulse measurement through unmovable handles only


Good training!
Misha Sakharoff


Remember to be inquisitive and ask questions! Ask directly at the bottom of the page under Leave a Comment.
I will answer as soon as possible, often the same day.



Remember that we are meeting online every day for 1 hr online Q&A every day from Monday to Friday:
All family members should plot this time in their calendars to ensure good team work and knowledge sharing – to ensure a strong process and the healing of the brain tumor happen. 

Press here to connect – 5 minutes before the start: 

1 pm Copenhagen time – Q&A
For participants in BEAT BRAIN TUMOR Intensive Bootcamps

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