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Alzheimers, Parkinsons and other neurodegenerative diseases

How do I use Sakharoff Protocol to work with Alzheimers, Parkinsons and other neurodegenerative diseases?


Neurodegenerative Diseases seen with the eyes of an engineer

I look at Neurodegenerative Diseases with the eyes of an engineer. For me it’s about a number of different degenerative changes in the brain’s nerve cells. These changes are conditioned both by personal genetic setup as well as by some aspects of lifestyle and environment that can trigger this genetic setup – or not. This is called epi-genetics.


Why do the cells degenerate?

The degenerative changes in the brain cells emerge and develop in general through the following:

  • Gradual accumulation of toxins,
  • Gradual accumulation of protein fragments,
  • Increasing shortage of hormones and neurotransmitters,
  • Different genes express themselves (or remain “dormant”) depending on the stress type and degree.
  • … and other aspects
All these aspects apply generally to all kinds of dementias.

We work with the causes – not with the symptoms

I do not work with the symptoms, but with the causes of every illness or condition – until the symptoms gradually disappear.
The main areas of work with neurodegenerative diseases are:
  • Normalization of immunity
  • Activation of Glymphatic and Lymphatic flow
  • Slow decrease and stop of chronic inflammation
  • Normalization of metabolism and oxygenation at the cellular level
  • Structured movement
  • … and other aspects

Newest studies show that it’s possible to reverse neurodegenerative diseases 

My program for Neurodegenerative diseases is very similar to the protocol used in the latest study from Dale Bredesen:

He has managed for the first time to stop and reverse the relatively newly diagnosed Alzheimer’s patients with very high success rate. Working with Parkinson will be the same as the question is only about the location of cell-degenerative processes in the brain – in Parkinson’s it’s Substantia Nigra.

Sakharoff Protocol for Alzheimers, Parkinsons and other neurodegenerative diseases 

 I dare to say that I have more integrative aspects in my own protocol which will give the opportunity to replicate his results. Here you get a little insight into my way of working with Alzheimers, Parkinsons and other neurodegenerative diseases:

How do we start?

I work in form of 1:1 sessions online – where the 50-weeks video course is complementary (included in the price).
To start, please find a closest free time-slot that fits in your calendar and book an online intro session:



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