Week 1: Introduction – Breathing for Resilience – Misha Sakharoff

Week 1: Introduction – Breathing for Resilience

Welcome to our POWER OF MODERATION bootcamp!

It is very important to me that you do not get overwhelmed. Therefore all teaching – and all learning takes place with small steps.
The process design reflects this 100%. You get information in small doses – but every day. Along with nudging to sustain and encourage the process. From today and as long as you need my help.

Every Monday we introduce a new week – and a new area that connects your metabolism and our ability to influence it through structured training and lifestyle change. This Week 1 is about the relationship between breathing and the three kinds of resilience.

You can watch ‘Monday morning video’ as an overall introduction to the week’s topic.
In the video below I also relate to the next video package that you will get later this morning.
It will starts our work on breath optimization.

Why POWER OF MODERATION? – Let me explain!

Good learning 🙂
Misha Sakharoff

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