Week 4: Monday Introduction – Breathing and Cancer – Misha Sakharoff

Week 4: Monday Introduction – Breathing and Cancer

The idea of our bootcamp is to give you a concrete opportunity to take over responsibility to stop the development of your illness. Instead of trying to affect the cancer’s symptoms with medicine, we go directly for the causes of cancer.

TURNING OFF CANCER relates to the ability to influence the cancer disease via its metabolism – in other words to go directly after the causes of the disease. Therefore, when we say TURN OFF CANCER – we mean that we slowly learn to TURN OFF CANCER METABOLISM, as a direct cause. We use only methods derived from modern research.

We are working with cell biology

Each week of our course is about a particular area where you can directly influence your illness – through structured exercise and lifestyle change.

It is very important to me that you do not get overwhelmed. Therefore all teaching – and all learning takes place with small steps. The process design reflects this 100%. You get information in small doses – but every day. Along with nudging to sustain and encourage the process. From today and as long as you need my help.

This ‘Monday morning video’ below is about relationship between cancer and breathing. You can watch ‘Monday morning video’ as an overall introduction to the week’s topic. This week is about the connection between cancer and breathing. In the video below I also relate to the next video package that you will get later this morning. It will starts our work on breath optimization.

Today, the process starts where you slowly take responsibility for your health.
Today, you start learning to switch off the metabolism of cancer – through optimization of breath.

The method is universal and applies to all types of cancer.
The differences can be divided into three aspects:
1. Type of cancer (different genetics and metabolic challenges)
2. Disease stage and spread (the course is most effective for those newly diagnosed, however, my intensive 1: 1 course can also address advanced disease)
3. The effectiveness and intensity of the training

The last aspect I can assist you in this course is through structured daily efforts. The effectiveness and intensity of the training depends on your understanding of physiological reasons, your learning ability, your curiosity and your ability to ask questions.

Why TURN OFF CANCER? – Let me explain!

Go0d learning 🙂
Misha Sakharoff

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