Meet The Sakharoff Team

Misha Sakharoff, 52 – My interest is to provide people with the optimal health by promoting a deeper understanding of human physiology and helping them to establish a strong and steady lifechanging process.

As an engineer I’m combining the best health practices in a single integrative approach to human health. My common sense protocol does not include medicine, supplementation or any kind of new age practice.

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Carsten Legaard, 67 – My interest originates from ecological lifestyle and its effect on health.

My area of responsibility in this company is to produce the course videos, PR and journalism.

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Meet The Sakharoff Protocol Practitioners 2018

Sakharoff Team

Katrine Flindt MD

Katrine Flindt, 46 – MD, Medical Director of IOM Clinic, a functional medical clinic in Denmark.

The aggressive brain tumors are considered almost impossible to cure. Very few patients survive. Even the best neurosurgeons and oncological teams have low survival rates. The Sakharoff Protocol is an attempt to change the paradigm. Misha Sakharoff and his team introduce a whole new range of interventions, that have never been used in such a comprehensive setting – and which are simultaneously totally non-toxic.

I work together with Misha, because I see The Sakharoff Protocol as the first attempt to integrate interdependencies of cellular and mitochondrial metabolism with lifestyle, behaviour and training routines. My area of responsibility in this company as a medical doctor is to provide Misha with daily sparring on connecting the science with practical strategies of healing support.

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Anne Bay – Myofacial Therapist

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Katja Meyendorff, physiotherapist 

Katja Meyendorff -Physiotherapist

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