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Die young:

Danish woman drops dead
after 101 years of perfect health!

There was a woman who lived in Denmark, 101 years old.

She was extremely healthy and was a so called ‘Viking’ swimmer.
Which meant that every day, regardless of the weather and the temperature,
she went swimming in the sea.

One day, she told her colleagues in the Viking club that she would not to be
coming the next day,as she did not feel she could.
The others were very surprised.

And after 2 days in which she did not come they visited her and found she was lying in bed.
Next day she was dead. She simply fell asleep and did not wake up.



Stop the clock:

Train to be 119 years old!

Chinese martial arts master Lou Zijian was asked at his 114 birthday,

“How did you manage to be in perfect health on your 114th birthday?”

One of the oldest citizens in the world answered the interviewer:
“This is simple. It is training. Every day. The last 100 years.”

Lou Zijian died in 2012 (after falling down some stairs) surrounded by his family and
closest friends,
one month before his 119th anniversary. On his death bed, he said,
“I have done all that I have to do in this world”.


Nobody could ever guarantee that you would live over 100. But could the painless death and the peaceful last words also hint at one of the biggest secrets to a long and prosperous life?  It’s interesting to note that in the West, we’re often taught to believe that aging is something that must be “beaten” with high tech infrared devices and state of the art medication.

We all know that we are going to die. That is a certainty. But isn’t the above story about how we would ideally go out of this world? Of course it is. Is it possible to live a full and active life right up to the end where we simply die of old age? We definitely think so! It is just a case of adopting a lifestyle that promotes normal health for as long as our bodies are capable of supporting life.

As we get older we have a tendency to naturally believe that our bodies and mental states are in decline. We look around and see that incidence of lifestyle diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, alzheimers and even cancer are getting to epidemic proportions. So we tend to believe that decline is inevitable. However, there is a different mindset we can adopt. We can not turn the clock back. But we can aim to regain the vitality that we had at a younger age. And therefore at least maintain a stable condition. But also enjoy significant improvements from our starting point.



Statistics can be without mercy


Practically every other person in Europe will experience cancer at some point in their lifetime.
Every fifth person will develop diabetes.

Similar prognosis may be observed for asthma, allergies, cardio-vascular disease,
auto-immune disease and neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.





Is this normal?

These facts can be judged in relation to the expected life expectancy for Danish men (78 years) and Danish women (82 years).
What is the point of living 80+ years when every other person will be suffering a difficult and invalidating illness in the latter years?

How did we end up in this dead-end? Despite medical and technological scientific advances in treatment, it could be said that the current generation is the weakest of Homo Sapiens ever.

How can this be?




Who is responsible for your health?

Is it your familily and friends?
Is it your doctor?
Is it the pharmaceutical industry?
Is it the food and agriculture industry?
Is it your Government?





No, it is


  • You have the ability to listen to and understand signals from your own body
  • You decide what you put in your mouth
  • You find the motivation to set your body in motion
  • You and only you can make the changes in your life
  • Improvement or decay – there is no status quo when it comes to good health


Can we do anything to make our health more resilient?

…it is not the path that the majority choose, but:

Of course we can!


by accepting daily encouragement
by making a structured effort
by adopting and integrative approach
by taking small steps

by understanding human physiology
by using our intelligence
by connecting to our intuition
by understanding the body’s energy turnover

by connecting our everyday routines with training
by training correct breathing with active meditation
by utilizing food as the best medicine
by eliminating toxins every single day


Should everybody do it?


Absolutely not!

This is specifically
for those who want to take
responsibility for their future.




There is no magic pill.
Instead, we would like to offer you our course –

”Sakharoff Lifesaver – 50 Weeks to Renewed Vitality,
One Step at a Time”


The Sakharoff Livesaver course is about saving your life! You have probably come to this site because you feel that your health is not optimal. That may be true, but the situation is possibly much worse – you have been shortening your natural life-span!

There are so many aspects of our lifestyle today which simply do not fit the way our bodies were designed: Our diet, our breathing, our movement, our stress and our immunology. All are under constant bombardment and we feel it! But we cannot tackle the problem and restore our bodies and minds to normality unless we take the integrative approach.

Over the years, Misha Sakharoff has been helping those with life-threatening disease to return to perfect, and in some cases more resilient health than before they became ill, and now he wants to share the multi-discipline protocol with YOU.

Yes, you can adopt the protocol used to eradicate life-style diseases to prevent yourself to falling victim to the ‘altered state’ of mankind in the 21st Century!

Lifesaver? Yes, when you have completed the 50-week course, I guaranty that you will look back at the starting point and agree that the course has been an absolute LIFESAVER!

This course is integrative

This course sets itself apart from other courses because it integrates several principles combining them in simple steps. We use engineering principles and apply the results of the latest medical research in the fields of nutrition, breathing optimisation, physical exercise, immunology, energy distribution, mindfulness and stress management.

By following this course, you will unlock the secrets of successful and sustainable lifestyle change. By applying the same principles used in successful cases dealing with lifestyle diseases, we have developed this course to strengthen resilience to avoid suffering the fates of millions of people around the world who make up the morbid disease statistics.

Even if you are in perfect health we will provide the tools for you to remain in that condition as you get older.


Course Programme – Click on one of the titles below for detailed information

The Biggest Change Possible is the Inner Change – Rooted Deep in your Physiology

The course will give you a lot of useful physiological knowledge. During the workshop you will learn specific exercises towards significant improvement of your health. Our body is strong. I believe that it is possible to help our body to restore its strong natural balance. The strong Physiological Equilibrium. To achieve lasting results it is important to understand and accept the following fact: The depth of our process will require progressive lifestyle change – gradual change of small daily habits. Only this way the change will be strong and everlasting. I will help you to connect all 5 areas listed below in one strong flow. Kaizen process philosophy is to take one small step at a time. This way will keep you going strong – always on track. Change takes time. We work for 10 weeks with 5 areas interconnected with each other.

Buteyko breathing optimization

Are there breathing exercises that can optimize your breathing all hours of the day ? Exercises that can optimize your automatic breathing patterns? Even when you are not aware of your breathing? Can you improve oxygenation of all your body cells 24/7? The answer is YES! Learn Buteyko technique created by Russian physiologist MD, PhD, Konstantin Buteyko. It is about drug free treatment and prevention of chronic diseases. It is about normalization of the metabolism and energy through optimization of breathing patterns. This method is deep because of its strong base in human physiology. It has shown significant results working with wast array of modern chronic lifestyle diseases. It activates the body’s natural production of hormones/ chemical substances. Same chemicals used by the pharmaceutical industry in the production of modern medicinal drugs. It can help you strengthen your heart, lungs. It can help you on the way to greater endurance and improved night’s sleep.

Ketogenic diet

There are lots of different ways to eat – and hundreds of different types of diet. But none of them change the fact that the main source of energy for all our cells is sugar, or glucose. At least it is what we know in our society from the mainstream medical society and the media. But the modern scientific research reveals the downside of our addiction to sugar. Sugar (glucose) is the main source of inflammation. Sugar (glucose) is the preferred energy source for cancer cells and candida fungus. Is it possible to switch the body’s cells switch to thrive on other than glucose? Will it enable us to become healthy from the inside? The answer is YES! Learn about the physiology and the research behind the Ketogenic Diet. Hear about the experience on the normalization of the body’s metabolism. Learn about the treatment of chronic inflammation, epilepsy, obesity, diabetes, cancer. The workshop will give you knowledge to an easy start with Keto. The course will give you support to continue and thrive. Let us be healthy from the inside!

Mental resilence

The head is the traditional area for work with Mental Strength and Stress Resilience. We use our head to change our thought patterns. We use our heart to work with emotions and traumas. But Albert Einstein said once something useful. “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them”. Can we strengthen our Mental Strength and Stress Resilience via our physical body? Instead of solving the stress related problems the same place were they originated? Can we work with thoughts and emotions through the lower belly? Learn to create the strongest Body-Mind synergy by Hara-centering and active relaxation. We combine the ancient knowledge of Samurai with modern Aikido. We learn from the latest physiological stress research on optimization of breathing. We train to maintain One-Pointed-Attention, focusing in center of the body Hara. We learn to combine physical and mental activity moving with open eyes. We train to use Active Meditation techniques during all your daily activities. Samurai called it Stillness in Action.

Physical resilience

Physical exercise optimized to benefit all important parts of the mind-body coherence. The exercises stabilize the bone structure, strengthen the body balance and improve mobility. They revamp the body’s joints and cartilage – and restore of the lymphatic flow. 3D Circular Joint Motion is a Multiple Purpose Exercise. Inspired by an ancient Indian health system Dharma Marga. All physical exercises performed from Hara – One-Pointed-Attention. To promote greatest healing potential – inspired by Samurai legacy.

Immune resilience

Our body has two main general defense systems, also called responses. Fight-Flight-Freeze or Stress Response is directed against external stressors / external enemies. While Relaxation Response targets inner stressors / internal enemies as viruses, bacteries, fungi and parasites. Relaxation Response triggers your inner mechanisms activating the immune system. Training One-Pointed-Attention keeps you in Relaxation Response throughout the day. Which strengthens your immune system on daily basis establishing stable self-healing process. Trim your immune system with a multidisciplinary approach that involves: 1. Improved oxygenation at the cellular level through optimization of automatic breathing patterns 24/7 2. Restoration of lymphatic flow through physical exercise 3. Maintaining relaxation response 4. Epi-genetic feedback, as the highest level of synergetic effect



Subscribe now!
”Sakharoff Lifesaver – 50 Weeks to Renewed Vitality.
One Step at a Time”


You receive every week for 50 weeks:

  • Monday evening 20:00 CET – on-line open session
  1. Online video Q&On-line video Q & A session – where you can get answers to your questions stemming from the previous weeks’ training.
  • Tuesday morning 05:00 CET – you receive this week’s video package:
    1. Video – General discourse on a specific health issue. (approx. 15 min.)
    2. Video – Physiology explained on the whiteboard (approx. 10 min.)
    3. Video – Training video (approx. 5 min.)
  • Thursday morning 05:00 CET – short audio file with weekly inspiration:
    • Connect with joy in living,
    • Rediscover visions in life,
    • Help with creating a strong process,
    • Receive positive tips on lifestyle change,
    • Dealing with procrastination.


How much does it cost?

The course cost is 79 GBP monthly in 12 months.
And you can easily unsubscribe at any point.


Why 50 weeks?

50 weeks sounds long time. But compared to the rest of your life it is not. In any case, we have optimised the course over 50 weeks because we believe in the principle of small steps (Kaizen) and slow learning.

Changing the habits of a lifetime is a process which requires engagement and above all, encouragement.

We provide that encouragement which is reinforced by inviting you to join a community of like-minded individuals.

In other words, we believe that it takes 50 weeks to make a sustainable life-style and habit change to optimise your health.



What my course participants say:


I’m a dentist MD, 53 years old. I suffer from the Type 1 Diabetes (juvenile Diabetes) from the age of 13. I inject insulin 4 times a day.

I met Misha Sakharoff through a friend of mine, doctor Michael Gorbonos. We started working together and Misha presented for me his program for life style change. The program included breathing exercise inspired from Buteyko system, ketogenic diet and physical exercise. He also introduced me to intermittent fasting.

We worked together for 4 months and the results were amazing. I lost weight, though not on purpose – 15 kilos. I’ve became totally balanced with my diabetes issue. Before I used to take medicine for blood pressure and now I stopped since my blood pressure is in order, even a bit low. My pulse dropped with 15 points. I feel lots of energy and I work 14 hours a day, I train 1,5 hour a day.

I feel great and I’m recommending Misha to everyone. I already recommended him to many of my friends. Some of them unfortunately are cancer patients that approached Misha. I believe that he is an amazing man and he follows the program very strictly. It takes time and effort but the results are definitely worth it. Thank you and I’m recommending Misha from all my heart!”

Dr. Igal Balan,  MD


I’m 52 years old. At the time when I joined one of Misha’s workshop I had a bouquet of conditions like sleep apnea, extreme tiredness, fatty liver grade 3, high triglycerides. Plus I have extracted gall bladder.

After 6 months work with Misha my digestion is normalised, I have normal triglycerides, well controlled sugar levels. Fatty liver is almost fully normalised now. Apnea and snoring are completely gone, I feel completely rested after my night sleep.

For me these techniques are more than a revelation – to regain control over myself and my body. It’s nice to see how my body is changed, and even more – it’s incredible, I feel much more energetic! I never experienced something like that, and I will keep on doing my training.”

Nahum Rozen,  Engineer, Sr. Manager


My name is Christian Hermann and I am a Medical Doctor. What I think has been exciting and especially exciting for me with my medical background is that Misha is really good at explaining physiological function in a way that allows you to focus and concentrate on it. And that is funny, because he can, with his non-medical background, illustrate the physiological mechanisms that do not fall through, but support the work that we do. The importance of breathing comes to mind. The importance of relaxation and grounding.

To be able to put things in connection with each other, where they can be used, in the right context as it is called, in my opinion it is tremendously rewarding. And, considering I use half of my working life coaching and teaching at the university, I can see that how good he is at using his own examples. He is really good at using his own examples. On a busy everyday – focus and tell what a particular mechanism is and how it functions. In this way we go hand in hand and move forward. He is unique in doing this – purely educational. I must give him that!”

Christian Hermann,  MD. PhD


One of the biggest eye-openers for me was that breathing can make such a big change… 5 years ago, I experienced something while running a marathon in Berlin. I ran it and completed it, but my time was really bad – and I was injured. Since then, I have been unable to run. I began to breathe using Misha’s method. Shortly after, actually, a week after I began to breathe in a different way, I was able to run again – and since then have not had problems..

I have always had problems with my heart, I get a tightness after a lot of motion. It does not affect me anymore – I do not feel bothered by it when I run. What I have learned has opened my eyes to how important correct breathing is – not only theoretically but in practice… I have now tried it on my own body and experience that I am more relaxed, my heart functioning optimally now. For the first time in 5 years, my knee has been able to ”take me on a little journey”. I can really recommend Misha.

You can experience a relatively quick effect if you adopt the system.. Misha knows his theory and is good at explaining ”why” one has to do things a certain way and what that means for the body..”

Thomas Thor,  Trainer, B.Sc. Sport Psychology


One year ago I had never heard of the Sakharoff Lifesaver course. I was 61 and believed in the inevitable decline in my health. I heard about Misha in connection with a friend’s cancer treatment and figured that by adopting this protocol I could improve my health. I was amazed by the results! I lost 15 kg and am now at the weight I was in my early 20’s. I am no longer using medication for acid reflux problems – something I have had my entire adult life. I have more vitality. My blood pressure is normal. My resting heart beat is in the mid-40s. I am not claiming it has turned the clock back, but it feels that way.

It is hard to attribute this improvement to one thing, so I believe it is the combination of all aspects. Understanding the physiology helps tremendously and I know that I only have to ask to get the information I require and the references to the latest research. Changing your lifestyle can be a lonely journey without support and encouragement!”

Steve Pickering,  Business Consultant


I’m 55 years old. I had the pleasure of joining Misha’s course in breathing methods, physiological understanding of the human body, and healthy cost routines. As a normal, slightly overweight middelaged man, I started the ten week course in quite a bad shape and a resting pulse well above 62.

Misha’s thorough insights of the physiological facts of the body and the connection between breathing and a healthier body and mind, was a true eye-opener for me. After ten weeks and no overwhelming efforts from my side, I reduced my resting pulse to 52, my control pause improved from start twenties til mid thirties. Which resulted in dramatical reduction of my regular headaches and to increase of my energy level. All in all, I have simply improved the quality of my life through Misha’s insights, methods and positivity.”

Klaus Jacobsen,  Business Strategist



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Be inspired!


It is the regularity that produces a powerful effect that increases with time.

And also connecting different angles together as breathing and diet, creates powerful synergetic effect. That is the main secret of my workflow. And that is why it gives so stable powerful results.

Every one of my clients works daily together with me. This creates strong cooperative drive through controlling the daily results, answering the questions and nudging. All of this overtime transformes into a strong stable personal process.



About The Educator

My name is Misha Sakharoff. I’m Integrative Health Engineer with ardent interest in human physiology, martial arts, performance optimisation and self-healing.

My personal and professional quest is to provide answers to following questions. Is it possible to:

– Optimise performance and self-healing by connecting old traditions with modern science and physiology in a clear and understandable way?
– Create self-healing synergy by combining modern physiological research on breathing and nutrition with martial arts tradition of Samurai and Aikido?
– Fight chronic diseases by gently bringing all body systems in strong natural balance – Physiological Equilibrium?
– Strengthen mental, physical and immune resilience from the same single healing point – One-Pointed-Attention?

Answering these questions inspired me to create my own method, integrating different techniques for strong healing synergy.
My own “Sakharoff resilience and health recovery protocol” serves as basis for this course.

About Ki-Kaizen

Ki-Kaizen Energy Process inspires you with small everyday steps and lifestyle changes to rebuild your physical, mental and immune resilience. Ki-Kaizen Energy Process is based on pure physiology – SAKHAROFF RESILIENCE & HEALTH RECOVERY PROTOCOL.

This training protocol is based on pure physiology. It is universal, targeting ill-health individuals as well as top performers in sports, arts and business with tailored programmes. This protocol introduces fully measurable multi-purpose training and life changes, that create strong synergetic effect – optimising and merging 5 basic areas towards health and resilience:

1 – Buteyko breathing
2 – Ketogenic IF/CR nutrition

3 – Mental resilience
4 – Physical resilience
5 – Immune resilience

My Background:

M.Sc. in Telecommunication Engineering, IPMA in project management.
Integrative Health Engineer, Author of Ki-Kaizen Energy Process and Sakharoff Resilience & Health Recovery Protocol:
Converted engineering career to educational-inspirational work:
Certified Buteyko breathing instructor, MBPI, MBBEA:
Peak performance trainer with over 6.000 hrs of consulting/ coaching experience:
Founder of resilience training program for tennis athletes:

Public speaker, influencer, blogger, musician, performer. I enjoy my life.