Stop Alzheimers without medicine – Week 1 – Misha Sakharoff

Stop Alzheimers without medicine – Week 1

Welcome to our course
Hello and welcome to our 8-weeks course about stopping cognitive decline and reversing Alzheimer’s disease.

My name is Misha Sakharoff and I am an integrative health engineer. I’m working with 1:1 clients and I’m also making the online courses. On this 8-week course I’m going to be the main teacher, presenter and I’m going to talk about the latest science in metabolic cures for neurodegenerative disease. We are only using science, no new age practices.

I’m looking forward to present all the background knowledge that will make you understand that you are able to take responsibility for your health in your own hands. This course is both for you that is newly diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, but also for your relatives. It’s also a course for people that have genetic predisposition making it highly probable to get Alzheimer’s later in life.

Different concepts of disease
To get a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s it’s like to get a verdict. Because what the Alzheimer’s community says, and the medical system says right now, is that Alzheimer’s disease is incurable. So the only thing you can get right now is medicine to make the cognitive decline slower. But you cannot stop the disease, you cannot reverse the disease.

Our vision is different. Our vision is to bring you all the latest knowledge that is widely unknown. This knowledge is not brought in the media, and the very few people talk about this. That there are possible metabolic cures and there’s a scientific research that gives you actually a possibility to take your health and your cure in your own hands. This is 10 to 15 years of the latest science that working both with the genetics and with epi-genetics. It’s like dealing with the symptoms or working with the causes.

Genetics or lifestyle?
You see, the most of the science that happens in the area of Alzheimer’s disease is on the premise that it is a genetic disease. So they are trying to find a magic pill, that will work on a genetic level and stop the genes, some particular genes, from working. So in this way they hope it will be possible to stop cognitive decline or reverse Alzheimer’s.

But this is actually not a cause, It’s like working with symptoms. Because the real cause is lifestyle. And like all lifestyle diseases… and Alzheimer’s is a lifestyle disease, we need to shift metabolism in order to stop the genes from expressing themselves…  if you have the gene that is called Apoe4 or some other genes that can trigger Alzheimer’s, to stop them from expressing themselves, to stop them from working.

That’s lifestyle, it’s actually not working on the genetical level, but changing the lifestyle. So the lifestyle will not trigger the genes that can trigger the disease. We are stopping the chain, the reaction chain. But we are stopping not on the symptom level we are stopping much much before that, we are stopping on a causation level, the cause of the disease.

Symptoms or causes?
We can talk about it like genetic and epigenetic, or we can talk about working with symptoms or walking which causes. We want to work with causes. And it’s called metabolic cure. And what does it mean, metabolic cure?

Metabolic cure that’s the cure where we with very small steps and in different areas, with different factors, we slowly slowly establish a profound and very strong change in your lifestyle, that will normalize the way your metabolism work. And metabolism is breathing, nutrition, is how you digest and you ingest micronutrients and macro nutrients, how you get energy on the cellular level, and the level of mitochondria. We can optimize all that actually.

Optimizing the body
Through optimizing breathing, through optimizing nutrition how we get energy from the environment. And then we can optimize how this energy is used in our body. And in my protocol of metabolic work with health, I call it ‘resilience triangle’. And we have three factors here. We have mental resilience, physical resilience and immune resilience. All of those things we can work with, but here in the eight weeks I will give you the understanding that it is actually both possible to establish a process and have an awareness and understanding of physiology. Because we need both things in order to take responsibility for our health in our own hands and be able to reverse the condition. Reverse your disease. In your case we start with stopping the progression of cognitive decline. If we succeed with that we can actually reverse the course of the disease and it means reversing Alzheimer’s.

Adopt, adapt, adept
And it is based on the premise that we have to learn, have awareness, we have to integrate what we have learned into our life. And then we will become masters, and it will be a part of our life. That’s a real lifestyle change, and I call it ‘adopt, adapt, adept’. You need to learn it as newly diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Your family members or your friends have to learn it, because there have to be somebody to help you in that. In this course is also for them.

And this course is also for you who has high probability of having Alzheimer’s later in your life. Maybe you have these double APOE4 gene with two alleles which gives you 90% probability of getting Alzheimer’s later in life. Maybe you have only one of those two alleles, and then it will be about 15% probability. If you don’t have these gene you maybe have only 2% probability. In all those situations it doesn’t matter which genes you might have, this awareness will give you the keys to your own health. To be able actually to be on the path of reversing your condition, if you have a condition, or just get better health.

Is there a magic pill?
So our course here, the eight weeks course is made on the premise that you cannot get a magic pill for Alzheimer’s disease. Why? Simply because Alzheimer’s disease is a multi-factorial disease. Alzheimer’s disease is a disease of lifestyle, Alzheimer’s disease is a disease of chronic inflammation. All of those things are triggered by multiple factors and one pill can simply not cure a multi-factorial disease. And if you have two pills or three pills it creates a symptom tree of multiple symptoms.

Then you have to have more and more pills to patch those holes in the roof. It’s like having a roof with 50 holes and then you want to patch them all at the same time but it’s simply not possible for you. You need to patch one, then two and three and you have more and more problems. But what we want we want to patch all of those holes in the roof in an integrative organic way – covering them all at the same time. And why 50? Because according to the new science there is about 50 different pathways that trigger Alzheimer’s. And to cover these 50 pathways we need to working metabolically, acknowledging that the Alzheimer’s is a multi-factorial disease.

The power of changing the environment
And all of those different pathways, they are interconnected and interdependent. When we start working with the environment instead of the symptoms. When we address all of them, each of them with targeted therapy – there is no way, it can not happen. We can only work metabolically, working with environment, changing the environment changing the causes of the disease. Not the symptoms.

That’s why the scientists that are working in this way, with metabolic cures… Dale Bredesen is one of them. I’m going to present his studies next week. He says, he calls it ‘the game of throwns’. Not thrones where you sit on the throne, but when you throw something out. It has been thrown so many millions or billions of dollars on getting magic pills for Alzheimer’s. All of them, all of those projects are stopped, and they are still trying. There goes billions of dollars on this genetic pills, on those targeted therapies. Hence, ‘the game of throwns’.

The game of throwns
We are not playing this game. In the eight weeks course this is the first week. The next week I’m going to tell you about a very interesting science, scientific research from Dale Bredesen from UCLA in the field of reversing of newly diagnosed Alzheimer’s. In the 9 out of 10 newly diagnosed patients the cognitive decline and Alzheimers disease was reversed. It’s a very good reversal rate don’t you think so? I’m going to present it to you next week.

And then we will have five weeks going through the five factors, the five main areas of health that we are going to work with. Mental side, mental resilience. We’re going to work with physical resilience. We’re going to work with immunity. We’re going to tell you what kind of studies are connected to these areas. We’re going to work with nutrition. We are going to work with breathing.

Why that? Because we are going to work with multifactorial protocol. I’m going to give you the understanding how the different kinds of scientific research are connecting with each other and give you the understanding that it is possible to reverse Alzheimer’s disease if you optimize breathing, if you optimize nutrition, if you optimize the mental side. We are working with mental training through physical work actually, working with relaxation. What we call progressive active relaxation protocol. It’s a physical work with muscles.

Taking responsibility for your own health
We are working with moderate physical activity, moderate physical exercise. We are working with promoting lymph flow, promoting immunity. There is a lot of different scientific articles about that, research studies about that. And I’m going to make it available for you, so you get a background, an awareness to understand that it’s possible to stop cognitive decline. If you take responsibility for your health it’s possible actually also to reverse Alzheimer’s. Through knowledge, through implementation of this knowledge in your life it will give you a possibility to become a master. Adopt, adapt, adept.

So we want to obtain a strong synergetic effect of combining working in different areas of health, using different factors of reversing Alzheimer’s. Altogether to get a very strong effect of synergy. That will give you a possibility to stop the decline, to reverse Alzheimer’s, or to avoid Alzheimer’s if you are in a group of 90, 15 or 2% risk of getting Alzheimer’s later in your life. And you must be able to see it in your family history. I am really looking forward to having you on the course and see you next week.

We are going to talk about Dale Bredesen study. As I said, he reversed the progression of cognitive decline and reversed Alzheimer’s in 9 out of 10 cases. How was it possible? Let’s talk about it later.

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