To Patrick Mouratoglou – Misha Sakharoff

To Patrick Mouratoglou

Dear Patrick,

I’m a 56 health professional – and an avid tennis player since the age of 14.
A Dane myself, I have been following my compatriot Holger Rune with his unique explosive style and his dedication.

I got inspired seeing your video with training of Holger.
Being your fan for years, I after this very lively video I decided to contact you 🙂 

My wish is to work with dedicated tennis professionals. The need for mental and physical resilience is specially high in top tennis.
Combining my daily work as breathing optimisation professional with avid everyday tennis training, I tailored a strong breathing resilience system specially for top tennis athletes.

My system can help tennis pros to strengthen mental and physical resilience in the way that is not seen before.
It can give tennis pros a Unique Competitive Advantage (UCA). I have analysed many players in the TOP50 over the last 10 years and I still find very few that are likely to have some knowledge in the direction of the UCA I’m talking about.

The UCA can be trained through my program that I call “Tsunami Breathing” – or simply The Tool. It combines the areas of focus and breathing – that is my specialist area that I have studied for a couple of decades and what I’m known for.

My program

My “Tsunami Breathing” program combines latest knowledge on the field of human breathing physiology with quintessential distillate of centering techniques from inner martial arts and Samurai legacy. The result of this unique combination is breathing patterns specially tailored to allow tennis pros to:

– optimize energy expenditure during the match,

– minimize deviations in movement leading to errors,

– improve timing by tying breathing patterns to the opponent’s movement,

– maintain mental focus through the match as close as possible to 100%.

My approach

My approach to mental and physical resilience in tennis is unique and combines following:

  1. Breathing: optimization of automatical breathing patterns that helped soviet astronauts optimise their space journey and many russian athletes win gold medals. 
  2. Centering: focus training based on Aikido and Samurai techniques, which is also called Living Silence or Stillness in Action. We work with focus and defocus techniques, both sight-based and mental.
  3. Stroke specific approach: Breathing patterns training for every stroke type and all situations both on-court and off-court, during the match and for breaks.

Practical implementation

The aforementioned UCA is implemented through a very concrete, learnable instrument that I can teach slowly – and without disrupting the training by the main tennis coach.

  • The training program will consist of short Videos and Audios for an intensive and enjoyable everyday learning process.
  • The content is pushed to the player every morning in the app on his or her phone (the app is tested on many clients).
  • Player’s breathing will be registered in the app – and analysed on our weekly live Q&As to refine the training routine.

About me



Scientific publications on integrative health

I live at Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast and would be delighted to visit you at your academy in the near future.

To start with I would like to propose to arrange a meeting on ZOOM call to present my ideas for you and discuss possibilities.

My vision is to give workshops for your students – both live with on location workshops and remote.

I felt love for this sport for more than 40 years. I have a very specific and unique experience that I want to be available for your students. My tool will help your pros to have a smile inside in the uneasy situations where they need to break a downfall – because they have The Tool, that I believe will make a difference.


Misha Sakharoff
Integrative Health Engineer, M.Sc, IPMA, MBPI, MBBEA L5 Buteyko trainer
Educator, public speaker

mob: +45 2073 5306

skype: misha.sakharoff