Monthly Payment

– for ongoing Daily Self-healing Support by Misha Sakharoff

ENGLISH: Ongoing agreement concerning support for self-healing includes one weekly session at the fixed time slot in Hillerød or on Skype and daily personal follow-up/ support by telephone and via the secured intraNET. Through your personal intraNET site we work everyday. I will follow, review and comment the results of your daily training every day. You will get the daily tasks and all the support that is needed. You also get access to all my teaching materials incl. video and audio to ensure optimal support for your recovery process.

The amount is transferred monthly in advance to 1st. of the month – if the first monthly support period started in the middle of the month, eg. 10th or 20th – then the payment is due to this date every month. This payment procedure lasts as long as you need my personalised support. In case  as long as you need my personalised support. In case Payment by bank transfer (Denmark) or credit card – via the button below.

DANISH: Løbende aftale vedr. støtte til selvhelbredelse inkluderer 1 ugentlig session på et fast aftalt tidspunkt i Hillerød eller på Skype – samt daglig personlig opfølgning og support telefonisk og via vores lukkede intraNET site. På din personlige intraNET side arbejder vi dagligt. Jeg gennemser, kommenterer og dine træningsresultater dagligt. Du får daglige opgaver og support. Du får desuden adgang til alt mit undervisningsmateriale inkl. video og lydfiler for at sikre optimal støtte til din helbredelsesproces.

Beløb overføres hver måned til d.1. i måneden forud – eller vis forløbet startede midt i måneden, f.eks. 10. eller 20. – forfalder beløbet hver måned til denne dato. Denne betalingsprocedure følges så længe du har behov for min personlige support. Betaling sker via overførsel eller kreditkort – se nedenfor.

Monthly fee: 800 EUR

Den Danske Bank: 3543-10831466 – or/ eller:
NOTE: credit card payment below is a manual payment and must be used every month as long as you need my personal support. In other words, there will NOT be automatically created monthly transfer.

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