There are so many aspects of our modern lifestyle that do not match the way our body is designed. This applies to both our diet, our breathing, our movement patterns, our stress response and our immune system.

Have you been overloading your body and challenging your health for long time – and do you now feel symptoms of it? Treating the symptoms does not help in the long run – but you probably understand that by now. To create stable changes, I suggest to start dealing with the causes. Properly designed healing process begins only when you handle all the causes of your weakened health. I call this multifunctional approach “Integrative Health”.

Over the past few years, I have helped people suffering from various life-threatening diseases to regain their good health with my integrative method. In many cases, they got better health than before they became ill – actually often better than they have ever experienced in their lives. I can help you with the method I’ve used to help them – my integrative protocol for health. I have documented my method and published it as a research article for Elsevier Publishers – one of the world’s leading in medical research. I’m also co-author of the book “Understanding Your Lifestyle Disease – Practical, Evidence-Based Guide to Self-Help” that focuses on lifestyle diseases and what it takes to avoid these diseases – without medication and invasive medical therapies.



To understand our health, we must look at the full picture and not just fragments. In the west we have a scientific tradition for specialists. If you need a breathing specialist, you go to a respiratory therapist. Have you broken a foot, you go to an orthopedic. If you have problems with your eyes, you go to an ophthalmologist. If you have muscle tension, you go to a physiotherapist. If you need a diet change, you go to a dietitian. Every time you refer to a specialist, you only get a narrow perspective on your overall state.

We look at health in a broader perspective and with whole-istic approach. We work with normalization of body functions: normalization of breathing, normalization of the immune system, normalization of nutrition. We must have a normalization of the entire body function, so we have the opportunity to live abnormally long and abnormally healthy. That’s what I see as a vision for my clients.

The researchers have long agreed that all lifestyle diseases per definition is triggered by the same factors – chronic stress and chronic inflammation. The genetic disposition we each have for the various diseases is therefore secondary. We need to understand that if we are to survive the chronic lifestyle diseases, we must look for the causes – instead of treating the symptoms.

All that talk about bad genes – isn’t it just a bad excuse?


INTRO WEEK – incl. 2 sessions

Intro session is the best way to get acquainted with my method incl. daily training and follow-up.
1. 1st intro session (1.5 hr)
2. 1 week support by phone, SMS, Skype (daily – when you need my help)
3. 2nd follow-up session (1.5 hr).

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Pay here – Intro session incl. 1 week fee: 800 EUR



My 1:1 session includes a week of support and a follow-up session. It will help you to connect all the areas of your health into one strong personal transformation process.

Intro-session inclusive an intro-week is a must – if you want me to help you to reverse the disease/condition and regain good health. The intro-week consists of following elements:

  1. First intro session (1.5 hr) where we disentangle your health story and find a personal tailored strategy for you matching your profile (existing and past conditions, sleep quality, stress levels, degree of gut-related problems). We identify strategic areas to start with to obtain best possible progress in breathing/movement, nutrition/immunity, mental/ process. You’ll get an initial to-do list for a week.
  2. 1 week full support by phone, SMS, Skype, WhatsUp, GoogleHangouts, Zoom. You can contact me on a daily basis – when you need my help. I answer you as fast as I can – always the same day. If you need me urgently I will try return my call right away.
  3. Second follow-up session (1.5 hr) after 3-5 days to identify strategic areas of your personal health-related effort. You’ll get my feedback on your training and adjustments to your training regimen. We find out how to proceed – if you want to continue with an Online Intensive Bootcamp. Here I must mention that I can not proceed with every person. Only if you showed considerable amount of work, responsiveness and if we have good mutual cooperation-communication.




My 1:1 clients get access to the following online documents starting from the first intro session:

  1. Online session notes (secured encrypted Google-Docs) with notes/ minutes and to-do list of our 1:1 sessions.

  2. Online session recordings (secured encrypted Dropbox) with audio/video recordings of our 1:1 sessions.

  3. Online measurement sheet (secured encrypted Google-Sheets) with results of your daily measurements and my comments on your progress. All your collected health data will show graphs reflecting your healing ang strengthening process through weekly averages. This sheet is also available if we choose to continue with an Intensive Bootcamp after the intro-week: