Intro session is the best way to get acquainted with my method incl. daily training and follow-up.
1. 1st intro session (1.5 hr)
2. 1 week support by phone, SMS, Skype (daily – when you need my help)
3. 2nd follow-up session (1.5 hr).

Book your intro session here
Pay here – Intro session incl. 1 week fee: 400 EUR



My 1:1 session includes a week of support and a follow-up session. It will help you to connect all the areas of your health into one strong personal transformation process.

Intro-session inclusive an intro-week is a must – if you want me to help you to reverse the disease/condition and regain good health. The intro-week consists of following elements:

  1. First intro session (1.5 hr) where we disentangle your health story and find a personal tailored strategy for you matching your profile (existing and past conditions, sleep quality, stress levels, degree of gut-related problems). We identify strategic areas to start with to obtain best possible progress in breathing/movement, nutrition/immunity, mental/ process. You’ll get an initial to-do list for a week.
  2. 1 week full support by phone, SMS, Skype, WhatsUp, GoogleHangouts, Zoom. You can contact me on a daily basis – when you need my help. I answer you as fast as I can – always the same day. If you need me urgently I will try return my call right away.
  3. Second follow-up session (1.5 hr) after 3-5 days to identify strategic areas of your personal health-related effort. You’ll get my feedback on your training and adjustments to your training regimen. We find out how to proceed – if you want to continue with a 1:1 client process. Here I must mention that I can not proceed with every person. Only if you showed considerable amount of work, responsiveness and if we have good mutual cooperation-communication.



  • 1- Intensive monthly 1:1: we continue an intensive personal 1:1 course – just as this INTRO-week with 2 weekly online meetings of 1.5 hrs and possibility for daily support by SMS, mail, phone. Monthly cost: 1600 EUR, with manual monthly payment from month to month in advance.
  • 2- Online course: including weekly online sessions with physiology, training, weekly 45-min Q&A online sessions and daily audio nudging files/ mental training. Monthly cost: 89 EUR.




My 1:1 clients get access to the following online documents starting from the first intro session:

  1. Online session notes (secured encrypted Google-Docs) with notes/ minutes and to-do list of our 1:1 sessions.

  2. Online session recordings (secured encrypted Dropbox) with audio/video recordings of our 1:1 sessions.

  3. Online measurement sheet (secured encrypted Google-Sheets) with results of your daily measurements and my comments on your progress. All your collected health data will show graphs reflecting your healing ang strengthening process through weekly averages. This sheet is available ONLY if we choose to continue 1:1 work after the intro-week:


INTENSIVE 1:1 – EXISTING 1-1 clients:

You have already been through the intro-week.
Pay for the next month
here – Monthly fee: 1600 EUR


FAMILY SUPPORT – work with 2-3 family members:

I can work personally with 2-3 family members at once.
To start please book the intro session first.
Pay for the next month here – Monthly fee: 2000 EUR