Breathing For Running


Are you fit but not healthy?
Or healthy but not fit?

For consistent athletic performance
you should be both fit and healthy.

Health issues detract
from peak fitness.



Stronger Energy > Stronger Focus > Stronger Resilience
+ Optimal Health:

Embark on our 50-weeks course
and get the competitive edge

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Are you a marathon runner, trail runner, ultra runner – or jogger who have great intentions?
As a competitive athlete, you’re always looking for an extra competitive edge.
You will be stronger, be able to run faster, jump higher and have a better mental and physical endurance than your competitors. That’s why you train many hours every week, every month, every year.

Would you like to get rid of being out of breath, get more profits and more enjoyment from your running workout?
Want to learn about the latest physiological research on breathing?
Did you know that physiological breathing optimization make you a more efficient runner?

The BREATHINGforRUNNING course will lead you to better results, less stress – and more pleasure from your running!





Are you breathing for running? Then this course is for you!
The first 3 weeks of our 50-week course incl. video, audio, live sessions is FREE TRIAL.
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Aerobic or anaerobic BREATH?

If you switch to anaerobic respiration early in a race, you will feel fatigue faster, and your ability to maintain the pace will take a nosedive. Lactate will pick up in your muscles, and you will have to carry out a deceleration to get your body back in an aerobic condition. Your performance is coming out of the window, and already halfway over, you think that it’s not fun anymore.
For those who run the marathon, it is crucial to learn the difference between aerobic and anaerobic performance. On this course you will learn how to with specialized aerobic exercise workout to stay in predominantly aerobic respiration all the way to the goal – and feel like a true Tarahumara ultra runner.


When you work to optimize your breathing, you can achieve the same effect as altitude training. When elite athletes looking to improve their performance, doing the aerobic training in high altitude areas. When they get back to sea level, providing the much stronger, faster and has greater endurance. If you are serious about your functional training you can achieve the following benefits of the course: More efficient oxygen intake, optimized energy production, increased mental focus and physical endurance, Less strain on the heart, Reduction of stress-related asthma.


Endurance during physical activity such as running is imperative for your mental strength. Physiology connects body and mind. Streamlining of breathing patterns leads to less fatigue and greater stamina – both physical and mental. In this course “Physiology Respiratory Optimization for Runners” you will learn the physiological context and let the knowledge support your quick jogging!


Have you experienced hitting the wall going hypoglycemic and does not seem that it is particularly funny? Did you know that LHCf / ketogenic diet which stops the body’s dependence on glucose in daily life – also used to great advantage of elite endurance athletes around the world? And if you combine breathing optimization with optimized nutrition so you can achieve great benefits not only to your sport but also for your health? Learn more about the benefits of ketogenic nutrition and get initial help to smooth transition.


Emotional neutrality on the run is inextricably linked to physical and mental balance. Learn to remain emotionally neutral without noting positive and negative aspects of your performance. It will maintain your focus, centering and balance and have a direct effect on your physical stamina and mental resilience. And we train using breathing!


I teach with inspiration from samurai sword arts and Aikido. For a samurai a single misstep could mean death. You can learn to run with one-pointed attention as one of the martial arts called “living silence” or “silence in action”. By improving the concentration of active relaxation you can complete your run with greater efficiency.


Training of breathing has a fantastic side effect – the risk of damage occurring due to bad centering and balance decreases as training. Research shows that micro-fiber damage heals better and is not major damage when bleeding and lymfeomløb improved due to more efficient blood flow and muscle relaxation. The course teaches you to use it in practice.


“One of the biggest eye openers for me was that breathing can make such a big difference … I have experienced 5 years ago that I was I the marathon in Berlin. I was out running and completed, but in a very little time – and I was injured. Since then I have not been able to run. I started pulling gone through the methods Misha has. Relative shortly after, in fact, a week after I started to breathe in a different way, I’ve been able to run – and ever since I have not had problems. ”
“I’ve always had problems with my heart, it has tightened when I have moved me too much. This makes it no longer – I feel effortless when I run. It has done that I have become aware of how important breathing is – not only in theory but also in practice … I’ve tried it on my own body and see that I was calmer, and my heart actually works optimally now. My knee has for the first time in five years has been able to ‘take me on a little journey’. A clear recommendation for Misha here. ”
It is relatively quick effect you can experience if you take it to you. Misha is very grounded in theory and it also makes you understand the ‘why’ that one must do such and what it actually means in the body. ”
Testimonial – Thomas Thor, trainer / BSc sport psychology (in Danish) from Misha Sakharoff on Vimeo.


Trainers with many years of experience. My own peak performance system Dancing Word is based on the close relationship between the body’s physiology and psyche has created good and lasting results both for many elite athletes, professional artists and business people.

My work is inspired by Russian physician Dr.Buteyko which has optimized Soviet kosmonauters energy to achieve twice as long stay in space as the American astronauts. He has also trained Soviet athletes – among them several Olympic medalists. Use of the respiratory optimization can effectively increase the body’s physiological performance by optimizing the oxygen consumption at the cellular level by up to 40%. Which can lead to 30% reduction in resting heart rate and 40% increase in heart rate decrease (recovery heart rate). Result – calm breathing through the nose with mouth closed even at high physical loads.
Inspiration for my work comes from experience as a mental coach, breathing instructor, parent of an elite athlete, a soldier in the Russian army engineer. My approach to personal development are inspired by multiple angles as music, tennis, Zen Buddhism and martial arts as kung-fu, tai chi, aikido, todo.
If you ask me it is a weekend course is not enough – no matter what you are learning! A long course is important as you get to practice new habits and optimize your old routines with new patterns. I have many years of experience with the type of education which relate to the natural process-inspired development and has achieved great results with my students and students!
Slow Education – because learning takes time.




Are you breathing for running? Then this course is for you!
The first 3 weeks of our 50-week course incl. video, audio, live sessions is FREE TRIAL.
You can easily unsubscribe at any point!

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About The Educator

My name is Misha Sakharoff. I’m Integrative Health Engineer with ardent interest in human physiology, martial arts, performance optimisation and self-healing.

My personal and professional quest is to provide answers to following questions. Is it possible to:

– Optimise performance and self-healing by connecting old traditions with modern science and physiology in a clear and understandable way?
– Create self-healing synergy by combining modern physiological research on breathing and nutrition with martial arts tradition of Samurai and Aikido?
– Fight chronic diseases by gently bringing all body systems in strong natural balance – Physiological Equilibrium?
– Strengthen mental, physical and immune resilience from the same single healing point – One-Pointed-Attention?

Answering these questions inspired me to create my own method, integrating different techniques for strong healing synergy.
My own “Sakharoff resilience and health recovery protocol” serves as basis for this course.

About Ki-Kaizen

Ki-Kaizen Energy Process inspires you with small everyday steps and lifestyle changes to rebuild your physical, mental and immune resilience. Ki-Kaizen Energy Process is based on pure physiology – SAKHAROFF RESILIENCE & HEALTH RECOVERY PROTOCOL.

This training protocol is based on pure physiology. It is universal, targeting ill-health individuals as well as top performers in sports, arts and business with tailored programmes. This protocol introduces fully measurable multi-purpose training and life changes, that create strong synergetic effect – optimising and merging 5 basic areas towards health and resilience:

1 – Buteyko breathing
2 – Ketogenic IF/CR nutrition

3 – Mental resilience
4 – Physical resilience
5 – Immune resilience

My Background:

M.Sc. in Telecommunication Engineering, IPMA in project management.
Integrative Health Engineer, Author of Ki-Kaizen Energy Process and Sakharoff Resilience & Health Recovery Protocol:
Converted engineering career to educational-inspirational work:
Certified Buteyko breathing instructor, MBPI, MBBEA:
Peak performance trainer with over 6.000 hrs of consulting/ coaching experience:
Founder of resilience training program for tennis athletes:

Public speaker, influencer, blogger, musician, performer. I enjoy my life.